You Dominate Your Own Marriage

You Dominate Your Own Marriage

In each marriage begins a romance. The whole world is as small as a house where only you two live together when you are walking hand-in-hand. Looking at him or her, it seems love has no end. Each night before sleep, our mind seems empty except the strong desire to love him or her all.

In each marriage begins a flat stage. When holding her or his hands, it seems like you are holding yours. Looking at her or him, things that go into your mind is to find out what he or she is bad at. During each sex, it is more like a race in which both players want to make it as quick as possible.

Why romantic feelings are gone? Whose fault is it? Such a problem is also one you are facing now.

Seeing him sleep so tight just next to me, your head just could not stop turning to the right one moment or to the left another just like a pendulum clock. Even though there was an evident sign that you could not be asleep, he still did not notice it. The beautiful old days went through your mind just like watching a film time and time again. How can you recover the old days? How can you find him back? How can you save my marriage?

You then realized that passion is the key for a romance. With time passing by, passion fades away as a woman’s skin reduces its flexibility. When it is too late, no skin care product can recover your skin, including the best one in the world. When it comes to a marriage, the result can be even more terrible.

The fact that he is losing his passion for your love could end your marriage. The only way to help you out is to find more passion out of you to offset that part he has lost. Actually, to find out the passion is only a sexy lingerie away. You were a beautiful woman. You are still and will be like that. To arm yourself with a sexy lingerie can finally find your beauty back. Do not give it up when you are five or ten or even twenty years older. You still can find a way to refill your charm and beauty that ever won his heart. The soft, mild and charming side of a woman is the strongest weapon to win a man’s heart. Now it naturally turns into the most effective weapon to save your marriage. Do not hesitate. You know you are attractive. You will know you are more attractive in that sexy lingerie. Perhaps, your husband will be one who loves the sexy lingerie the most. 

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