What Hang Tags Can Do For You

What Hang Tags Can Do For You

What’s in a hang tag? Well, a beautifully designed hang tag can grab anyone’s attention. Many companies use it to ingrain their corporate identity into the public’s consciousness. Others take advantage of its marketing capabilities to promote their brands. For a small piece of print, it does have a lot going for it. Yet, there are still many manufacturers that give little attention to hang tag printing. They treat hang tags as nothing more than just small cards attached to their products, where they can print their logo or company’s name on. For others, printing hang tags are mandatory accessories (the law requires certain businesses to print product details and composition in order to get their license to operate).

Seems like hang tags are just an after-thought for many businesses. But more than being a business name tag, do you know that hang tags have the potential to be extremely useful for your company?

If you think about it, a hang tag is a simple but powerful marketing material. You  promote your company through each tag you attached to your products. Now, what you print on those small spaces should really count – your hang tags can help you position your brand as long as you carefully plan how to take advantage of it. A well-placed logo and slogan can be a great start, especially if you are marketing fashion items and other related products.

Hang tags can also be a great customer assistance tool. Having your website address, toll-free number and other contact information printed on your hang tags is a way for you to let your customers know that you can be accessible any time. And making your company accessible is one significant step towards customer satisfaction. It also contributes to your credibility.

With a little touch of creativity, your hang tags can even help to increase your sales. For example, you can have your tags serve as discount cards – a marketing strategy that will surely get you repeat customers and result in improved sales figures. Another example: if you are planning to sponsor special events or holding one in your store, you may create hang tags that double as invitations. And speaking of events, if you are about to have your next big sale, you can make your customers anticipate it via printing its schedule on your hang tags. Although customers normally throw away these prints after purchase, making your hang tag functional gives it added value. A win-win strategy for you  and your customers.

Subliminally, your hang tags can communicate valuable information about your brand and your company. Make sure that the content reflects your business’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In printing your hang tags, choose a printing company that can meet your demands promptly and provide high-quality prints. Search the Internet for online hang tag printers. You may be surprised that there are a lot of printing companies that offer their services online. Just ensure that you first check each printer’s background and track record before ordering your prints.