What Can Trigger Flesh Tags In Humans?

What Can Trigger Flesh Tags In Humans?

A skin tag is actually a benign growth which usually resembles a hanging piece of flesh. It may grow everywhere but is normally found in places where your skin layer creases just like the underarms and neck. These vary in proportions from about the size of a grain of rice to as long as one half inch. Skin tags are quite regular, with a yearly incidence of 46 % reported in the general human population. Although a common condition, little is known as to what causes skin tags.

A skin tag is benign, does not grow gradually and generally does not pose a danger to the health of an individual, but you still may want to study how to remove skin tags. The exact system as to what results in skin tags remains under study. But this much is known – it can be found found even in healthy and balanced people but is much more common among over-weight, those who have diabetes and pregnant women; both males and females can have skin tags; there are people who are genetically susceptible to developing skin tags and 60 % of the population is expected to have skin tags when they make it to 65.

Diabetes, obesity and pregnancy involved in a wide range of physiological changes in the body. These changes are considered to be related to the development of skin tags. The rubbing of skin together, usually common in overweight and obese people, can cause distress that may increase the risk of finding skin tags. The hpv and the use of steroids are contributing factors. The number of skin tags rises with progressing age and high fasting blood glucose level. Skin tags are even becoming considered as a marker for diabetes. Skin tags are also associated with other diseases such as acromegaly and colonic polyps. These associations are not yet fully established. It is suggested to go and see a doctor to try to determine what causes skin tags when there are unusually numerous skin tags in your body to see if these are indicative of another condition.

If the skin tags are few and in several locations only, it is far from necessary to determine what causes skin tags. As mentioned formerly, the presence of skin tags should not be a cause of alarm. Some people opt to have their skin tags removed either for cosmetic purposes or convenience or they learn how to remove skin tags. Just about the most common ways on how to overcome skin tags are cauterization, freezing or surgical excision.

These techniques may be pricey and not covered by insurance. Because of this some people try to do away with the skin tags by themselves. This includes the slicing of the skin tag with a nail clipper, tying the base of the skin tag with a thread and wrapping the skin tag with band-aid or duct tape. Natural concoctions can also be used to eradicate skin tags. These methods may require more patience but are safer, inexpensive and pain- free.

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