The Supreme Method: How to get twitter followers and develop your list of followers fast

The Supreme Method: How to get twitter followers and develop your list of followers fast

So you want to understand how to get twitter followers huh? Properly you’ve come to the appropriate place. I’m about to show you 1 of the least known techniques to get far more twitter followers than you are able to ever imagine. See I know how unbearably irritating it could be to have to sit there for hours manually clicking the follow button on random men and women just so they can follow you back. Only sometimes, it does not work out that way. Sometimes it is possible to follow hundreds of persons at a time, to come back several days later to find that only 12 people have really followed you back. Or worse, your account got suspended mainly because you had been trying to follow too numerous people at as soon as. I’ve been there, completed that. But enough about all that, you came here mainly because you wanted the secret of how to get twitter followers. Properly my buddy, here it’s.

How to get Twitter Followers: The Ultimate Technique.

1) The 1st factor you’ve to comprehend is the way twitter functions, you ordinarily only get followed once you follow somebody first. (Unless your some kind of celebrity.) So what you would like to complete is get folks to follow you, with out having to follow them. Well here’s the first step.

Visit twittercounter

Once there you will see the Top 100 most followed persons on Twitter. This is incredibly useful facts, you’ll know why in just a little although.

2) Pick a minimum of 10 People in that list that you would like to follow. You can go down the list to see other men and women, but I generally just follow the top 10 men and women in the list. Now here’s the Secret to the ultimate technique of the best way to get twitter followers.

3) Open 10 tabs inside your browser. In each tab have 1 of the profiles that you would like to follow. So for example, in 1 tab 1- have one profile, in tab 2- have yet another profile, and so on.

4) Now follow them all. One by 1, in each tab.

five) Now in 5 minutes, go back and unfollow all of them. And in an additional 5 minutes, follow them once more. Do this continually, following and unfollowing these ten people for at the very least 20-30 minutes. And at the end of it, you will have a minimum of 200-300 new followers that you didn’t need to follow very first.


The secret to the best way to get twitter followers is uncomplicated. The way Twitter functions is that each time you follow an individual your name comes up at the top of their followers list, and is seen on their profile. So whenever somebody follows them, they will see your name and follow you too. But the difficulty is that whenever a person follows them your name and profile get pushed additional down the list, till it’s not visible at all. That’s why you’ve to unfollow and follow again to keep your name visible.

Here’s an example.

Say you choose to follow Obama as 1 of your top ten people today. Whenever you follow Obama, your name and profile gets put on the top of his followers list and is seen on his Profile. So when Sam looks at Obamas profile and desires to follow Obama, he sees your name and profile and follows you too. Nicely when Sam and ten other folks follow Obama, your name gets pushed down the list and is no longer visible. That indicates you have to unfollow Obama then follow him again to obtain put back on the top of his list and get extra follows! That’s the secret to the technique of the best way to get twitter followers.

So that’s it. It can be just a little time consuming but when you desire to know how to get twitter followers automatically for Totally free without having to complete any work at all, then click the link in at the bottom.

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