The Effects of Skin Tags and How You Can Get Rid of It

The Effects of Skin Tags and How You Can Get Rid of It

Skin tags is a skin problem that can be incredibly debilitating. These small skin growths are mostly harmless and non-cancerous, but the effects of skin tags can have severe mental affects. Most people who suffer from this skin condition are very self conscious about it – always trying to hide it and always trying to cover it up.

These tags can be uncomfortable since it mostly forms on areas of the body where there is a lot of abrasion. Areas like the neck, underarms and eye lids are very common. Friction with clothing can cause the tags to be itching and scratching them can lead to severe bleeding and even infections. If you are constantly having bleeding skin tags you have to get them removed to avoid infections and potential malignant growths.

The problem is very common on eye lids and apart from looking horrible it can be very uncomfortable – feeling like there’s something on your eye at all times. The problem with removing skin tags on your eye lids is that the skin on your eye lids is so sensitive that abrasive chemicals can be very dangerous. It’s probably best to see a doctor before you even consider any treatments.

Skin tag removal in areas like the neck is most common since it’s most effected. It’s not uncommon to have dense outbreaks of skin tags around the neck. For women who like to wear low cut clothing this can be a real problem and always covering up the neck might seem lie the only solution. Removing skin tags in large areas can leave scarring and most treatments don’t get rid of them permanently.

You have a few options for skin tag removal. The most popular and most common are minor surgeries where the skin tags will be burnt off or frozen off under a local anesthetic. There are also a few over-the-counter products you can use, but you need to take extreme care when using these. Natural skin tag removal has become very popular lately since it’s completely safe and leaves no scarring. It’s also proven to be a more long term solution and well worth investigating.

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