Geo-tagging Twitter Tools For Mobile Phones

Geo-tagging Twitter Tools For Mobile Phones
Geo-tagging is a popular activity, especially with the use of a mobile phone. You can share your exact location with friends and give shout-outs to businesses you may want to support. There is a lot more to tweeting where youre at than Im at Mels. Here are seven great mobile phone apps for sharing your location.

GeoTweeter adds a link to your tweets. Friends can instantly pinpoint where you are. You can add a photo and a star rating to give your tweet more personality. GeoTweeter also offers city guides and widgets for your blog or web site.

Locify has partnered with SmartMaps to create a useful mobile phone app using GPS technology. This toolnot only tells your friends where to find you, it can map your route as you go and then save it. There is a built in navigation function and even a compass. You can find events by location and participate in geocaching activities.

Loopt has just been ranked in the top 100 iPhone applications. It is an easy way to find your friends nearby. Just announce what you are up to and Loopt will add a location ping. You can post directly to Twitter and Facebook and this tool also has a feature they call Loopt Mix. You can create and publish a profile to find new friends who are interested in the same things you are.
Map My Tracks Location tracking is more than a toy; it can be a useful tool. Map My Tracks was designed to share information about training and sporting events. You can add a map to an event youre promoting or use it as a personal training log. The GPS feature provides in-depth data on the course you have completed. Let your friends know where to find you.

FourSquare offers a unique way to explore your surroundings. Tens of thousands of businesses are registered with Foursquare, allowing you the opportunity to share and comment on your location. Many businesses provide perks for their loyal FourSquare users; you can even become the mayor of a business.

UrbanKite is another ingenious way to discover interesting places close to home. Users tweet about their experiences in restaurants, theatres, and more. Share your insights and your favorite places and get an honest appraisal of the venues you are interested in from those who have been there.

Antengo takes classified ads in a whole new direction. Whether its tickets to a show or announcing an open house, when you put the offer out there, Antengo geo-tags it so you can connect with people nearby. Because the platform is built on Twitter, you can communicate directly with prospective customers.

If you want your friends to be able to find you, a geo-tagging mobile phone app is the way to go. Using these applications makes it easy. Participate in geocaching, or just let your friends know where you are or where youve been. Most are available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Remember that these tools are for adults; children and teenagers should not be attaching a location to any public information.

Discover the many different Twitter applications available at My Twitter Toolbox and learn more about how to use Twitter for better productivity. See more information about how to Twitter effectively and improve your life.

Why Mlm Success Tools Are Important To Your Online Business

Why Mlm Success Tools Are Important To Your Online Business
The MLM buzz word is on everyone’s lips nowadays. Multi-level marketing or MLM basically involves the outsourcing of a company’s marketers from outside. These marketers will in turn recruit other marketers and collectively, they sell the products of the company. For the best results, key MLM success tools should be employed.

Affiliates will not be full-time staff members of the company, but rather they work at their own pace and time. They will be entitled to a portion of the sales that they can make for the affiliate company. Some personal appeal will also be called for in their quest to induce their friends and family to join the team.

In addition to your personal appeal, you will also need a way to organize and schedule your work. Perhaps the basic requirement that you cannot do without is an Internet enabled computer so that you can communicate with your fellow affiliates and clients across the world. This will be an appropriate addition to your personal appeal. Then your business can really take off.

So what is in it for you? Well, there are two main ways that earnings are structured. There is a nominal amount that you will be paid for introducing people to the network. You will also make money from the sales that you can make directly as well as a portion of those of the people below you. Find out how many levels your company is willing to pay. Some may offer to pay you for more levels than others.

For a large base, get people who are as enthusiastic as you are. That way, your own personal network will grow at a faster rate. Your income will also increase proportionately. If you an assist them to do the same it will be for your benefit. That is the good thing about MLM marketing. Everybody’s effort also benefits someone else. So do not feel you are wasting your time by assisting others to market their products.

Nowadays, any people have decided to go into the marketing business and let go f the traditional jobs. This is because they have found that if they invest more time developing their business, they can make adequate returns. This can happen for you as well if you put your heart into it.

So try getting it right the first time by making the necessary plans and investments. If you invest properly in your MLM success tools and success will definitely be yours. Put your best foot forward.

When it comes to MLM marketing and learning the basics, you should take our marketing MLM training advice. You also can see our MLM Blog full of helpful ideas.

Cut Roofs: Top Utility Tools To Work With

Cut Roofs: Top Utility Tools To Work With

Top Bolted Truss Roofs London tips

Utility Knife
This tool will go a long way to help you cut roofs. Professionals rely on this tool to get the desired trussed rafter roofs London. You need to go with a model that facilitates you to change blades at the fastest pace without the requirement for any specialized tools. Try getting a tool that has a fixed blade. This will help a great deal because mechanisms of retractable blade tend to get attached with roofing tar. You would definitely want something that can fit in to your hand naturally. This is the best way to cut roofs and make the blade function at a proficient angle. You need to get in to some serious research to get the best utility knife model. Straight blades are capable of cutting efficiently on the back of the shingles. If you want to ensure efficient cut on the front of the roof, go for hook blades. This means that you need to be equipped with two knives in the tool belt. Try keeping both the blades ready to switch as per the requirements to cut roofs. This will save a lot of time during the whole process. Another important thing you can do is to keep some of hook and straight blades in utility knife. This will really help if you happen to misplace one of the knives. This is also quite an easy task to undertake.

Tin Snips
Most of the experienced bolted truss roofs London experts rely on this tool when it comes to cut roofs efficiently and as desired. Tin snips would perform for you in a surprising way. It will definitely impress you in every way. These are also easier and quicker to use especially when cutting roughly vents and pipes. They work better than knives. These also work well for cutting valleys of shingle. Gritty shingles can get really tough to cut on edges. Also try recycled tin snips. They work better than new ones. Tinners usually use dedicated snips for both right and left cuts.

This is a wonderful tool. However you would be using it only a few times when cutting roofs. This tool has a striking similarity with a paper cutter that is made of guillotine-type material. The basic difference here is that this tool is heavy duty. This is an easier and efficient option to cut roofs. The best part is that the tool can be used to cut any roof easily to just about any angle. This tool is specially designed to give you easy and efficient straight cuts. It easily cuts shingle shears to square as well as to the exact length required.

Morgan Contractors specialize in construction, renovation and refurbishment of residential Cut Roofs and commercial properties

Circular Saw – China Automotive Lockout Tools – Auto Lockout Tools Manufacturer

Circular Saw – China Automotive Lockout Tools – Auto Lockout Tools Manufacturer
Typically, the material to be cut is securely clamped or held in a vise, and the saw is advanced slowly across it. In variants such as the table saw, the saw is fixed and the material to be cut is slowly moved into the saw blade. As each tooth in the blade strikes the material, it makes a small chip. The teeth guide the chip out of the workpiece, preventing it from binding the blade.
Cutting is by teeth on the edge of a thin blade
The cut has narrow kerf and good surface finish
Cuts are straight and relatively accurate
The saw usually leaves burrs on the cut edge
Saw setting should be done geomatrically.
Various claims have been made as to who invented the circular saw:
A common claim is for a little known sailmaker named Samuel Miller of Southampton, England who obtained a patent in 1777 for a saw windmill. However the specification for this only mentions the form of the saw incidentally, probably indicating that it was not his invention.
Gervinus of Germany is often credited with inventing the circular saw in 1780
Walter Taylor of Southampton had the blockmaking contract for Portsmouth Dockyard. In about 1762 he built a saw mill where he roughed out the blocks. This was replaced by another mill in 1781. Descriptions of his machinery there in the 1790s show that he had circular saws. Taylor patented two other improvements to blockmaking but not the circular saw. This suggests either that he did not invent it or that he published his invention without patenting it (which would mean it was no longer patentable).
Another claim is that it originated in Holland in the sixteenth or seventeenth century. This may be correct, but nothing more precise is known.
The use of a large circular saw in a saw mill is said to have been invented in 1813 by Tabitha Babbit, a Shaker spinster, who sought to ease the labour of the male sawyers in her community.
The Barringer, Manners and Wallis factory in Rock Valley Mansfield, Nottinghamshire also claims to be the site of the invention.
Types of circular saw
Allis-Chalmers B with a portable sawmill setup
In addition to hand-held circular saws (see below), different saws that use circular saw blades include:
Miter saws (or Chop saw or Cut-off saw)
Radial arm saws
Saw mills
Table saws
Panel saws
Biscuit joiners
Pendulum saw
Cold saws
Flip Over Saws (the Combination of a Compound Miter and Table saw)
Sawmill blades
Portable sawmill circular saw blade about 2 foot diameter.
Originally, circular saws in mills had smaller blades and were used to resaw lumber after it passed through an “up and down” (muley or sash) saw leaving both vertical and circular saw marks on different sides of the same piece. These saws made it more efficient to cut small pieces such as lath. After 1813 or 1822 saw mills use large circular saws, up to nine feet (2.97 m) in diameter. Large saws demand more power than up-and-down saws and did not become practical for sawing timbers until they were powered by steam engines. They are either left or right-handed, depending on which side of the blade the plank falls away from. Benching determines which hand the saw is. Saws of this size typically have a shear pin hole, off axis, that breaks if the saw is overloaded and allows the saw to spin free. The most common version is the ITCO (insert tooth cut-off) which has replaceable teeth. Sawmill blades are also used as an alternative to a radial arm saw.
Cordwood saws
Cordwood saws, also called buzz saws in some locales, use blade of a similar size to sawmills. Where a sawmill rips (cuts with the grain) a cordwood saw crosscuts (cuts across the grain). Cordwood saws can have a blade from 20 to more than 36 inches (910 mm) diameter depending on the power source and intended purpose. Buzz saws are used to cut long logs (cordwood) and slabs (sawmill waste) into pieces suitable for home heating (firewood).
Most cordwood saws consist of a frame, blade, mandrel, cradle, and power source. The cradle is a tilting or sliding guide that holds logs during the cutting process. Some cordwood saws are run from a belt from a farm tractor power takeoff pulley. Others are equipped with small gasoline engines or even large electric motors as power sources. The mandrel is a shaft and set of bearings that support and transfer power to the blade. The frame is a structure that supports the cradle and blade at a convenient working height.
Cordwood saws were once very popular in rural America. They were used to cut smaller wood into firewood in an era when hand powered saws were the only other option. Logs too large for a cordwood saw were still cut by hand. Chainsaws have largely replaced cordwood saws for firewood preparation today. Still, some commercial firewood processors and others use cordwood saws to save wear and tear on their chainsaws. Most people consider cordwood saws unsafe and outdated technology.
Hand-held circular saws
The term circular saw is most commonly used to refer to a hand-held electric circular saw designed for cutting wood, which may be used less optimally for cutting other materials with the exchange of specific blades. Circular saws can be either left or right-handed, depending on the side of the blade where the motor sits and which hand the operator uses when holding a saw.
Blades for timber are almost universally tungsten carbide tipped (TCT). High speed steel (HSS) blades are also available. The saw base can be adjusted for depth of cut. Adjusting the depth of cut helps minimize kickback. The saw base can also be adjusted to tilt up to 50 degrees in relation to the blade.
The saw can be designed for the blade to mount directly to the motor’s driveshaft (known colloquially as a sidewinder), or be driven indirectly by a perpendicularly-mounted motor via worm gears, garnering considerably higher torque (Worm-drive saws).
The worm-drive portable circular saw was invented in 1923 by Edmond Michel. In 1924 Michel formed a partnership with Joseph Sullivan, and together they started the Michel Electric Handsaw Company, with the sole purpose of manufacturing and marketing the saw invented by Michel. The company later renamed itself Skilsaw Inc., which today is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Portable circular saws are often still called Skilsaws or Skil saws. Its successor is still sold by Skil as the model 77. To get around the Skil patents, Art Emmons of Porter-Cable invented the direct-drive sidewinder saw in 1928. Recently smaller cordless circular saws with rechargeable batteries have become popular.
Cold saw
Main article: Cold saw
Cold saw(ing) machines are circular saws that are used in many metal cutting operations. The saw blades used are quite large in diameter and operate at low rotational speeds, and linear feeds. There are three common types of blades used in circular saws; solid-tooth, segmental tooth, and the carbide inserted-tooth. The circular saw is typically fed into the workpiece horizontally, and as the saw advances into the material, it severs the material by producing narrow slots. The material is usually held in place during the cutting operation by means of a vice. The chips produced by cutting are carried away from the material by both the teeth of the blade as well as the coolant or other cutting fluid used.
^ Todd, Robert; Allen, Dell; Alting Leo (1994). Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide. Industrial Press. p. 28. 
^ English Patent Specification no. 1152 (1777); and see Inventors website
^ Carolyn C. Cooper, “The Portsmouth System of Manufacture” Technology and Culture 25(2) (1984), 182195; C. Singer et al., History of Technology IV (1958), 437; Norman Ball, ‘Circular Saws and the History of Technology’ Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology Vol. 7, No. 3. (1975), pp. 7989.
^ Ball, ‘Circular Saws’ quoting M. Powis Bale, Woodworking Machinery. Its Rise, Progress and Construction.
^ John O. Curtis, “The Introduction of the Circular Saw in the Early 19th Century”. Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology Vol. 5, No. 2 (1973), pp. 162189; also Inventors website and Wood News
External links
History of the portable circular saw
Hand held power saws – Has a section on handling kickback
Circular Saw Safety Procedures
NIOSH Power Tools Sound Pressure and Vibrations Database
New York City Construction Quiet Vendor List
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Powerful Tools For Caregivers

Powerful Tools For Caregivers



Old Colony Elder Services’ Family Caregiver Support Program is offering a complimentary six-week educational course for family caregivers entitled “Powerful Tools for Caregivers”.


The Powerful Tools for Caregivers course is designed to help family caregivers take care of themselves while taking care of a relative or friend. Caregivers who are caring for a parent, spouse or friend at home, in a nursing home or even across the country, will benefit from this special class which will teach them ways to reduce stress, communicate more effectively and take care of themselves. Caregivers will also learn how to relax as well as cope with any feelings of guilt, anger and depression. Goal setting and problem-solving will also be covered during the course.


Rochelle Sugarman, who is the Family Caregiver Support Program Supervisor at OCES

will be leading the classes along with Chris McLaren, Care Advisor of the Family Caregiver Support Program at OCES.


The class meets once a week, from 10 a.m. to noon, on Tuesdays, from April 20th to May 25th at Old Colony Elder Services located at 144 Main Street in Brockton.


“We are very much looking forward to bringing this exciting beneficial course to caregivers in our area,” noted Sugarman.

Registration is required by April 13. To register for the program, contact Rochelle Sugarman at OCES, 508-584-1561, extension 312.


About OCES
Incorporated in 1974, Old Colony Elder Services is one of 27 private, non-profit Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

OCES offers a number of programs to serve seniors, individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers such as Family Caregiver; Adult Family Care; Supportive Housing; Nutrition; Money Management; Protective Services; Home Care and more.


OCES offers these programs in the towns of Abington, Avon, Bridgewater, Brockton, Carver, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, Easton, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Kingston, Lakeville, Marshfield, Middleboro, Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Rockland, Stoughton, Wareham, West Bridgewater and Whitman.

The organization’s mission is to provide services that support the dignity and independence of elders by helping them maximize their quality of life; live safely and in good health; and, prevent
unnecessary or premature institutionalization.

In 2009, OCES was honored with the Metro-South Chamber of Commerce’s “Economic Impact Award”. The agency has 140 employees. For more information call (508) 584-1561 or visit the website at

Your Most Powerful Tools

Your Most Powerful Tools

Words are probably the most powerful tools we own. Simple words of praise can change lives. Too many times, though, we choose to use words in ways that hurt rather than build. An experiment done by Japanese Scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto tested the effect words had on the molecular structure of water. Water droplets from water bottles marked with words of thanks and love formed beautiful crystals when frozen. Water droplets from bottles marked with hateful and hurtful words formed very ugly crystals. The human body is made up of about 90% water so think about what words do to people if they have that effect on water.

We affect people around us even when we don’t realize it or intend to. So, do you think about what you say in every situation? I know I try, but, I still slip far too often, even about myself. Sometimes when I am playing golf and make a bad shot I will say something like, “Evan you idiot!” These words do have an effect on my psyche and on those who hear me say it. So, what should we do about it?

First, Positive self talk: Practice praising yourself and focusing on what is good about you instead of what you see as negative, even if you don’t necessarily believe it. If you don’t like anything about yourself, ask some of your friends why they like you and use those statements. The more you use them the more you will begin to see that trait in yourself and begin to believe it.

Second, Find a more positive approach: Think of the glass as half full instead of half empty. Think of monthly payments as monthly investments in yourself. Think about the things you can do instead of focusing on what you can’t do. Think of a go light instead of a stop light.

Third, Be grateful: The attitude of gratitude is probably the most powerful way to think. If we are not grateful for what we do have then why should we receive any more? Sometimes it is hard to be grateful when it seems like your world is coming down around you but there is something to be grateful for. It may just be gratitude for another day of life but think about the alternative to that. I am reminded of this attitude daily by my Dad. My Mom and Dad were in a car accident last year. Mom was killed in the accident and Dad had to have some surgery that caused a little stroke. In spite of his circumstances, Dad always has words of kindness or thanks in everything he does.

Think about what your words are doing to yourself and others you encounter. You are making a difference in someone’s life whether you know it or not. Ask yourself what kind of difference you are making with your words. Find a way to be positive and you will make the world a better place.

Evan Crumpton owns Seeds For Success a business that helps organizations stage great workplaces. Evan believes that Success is neither a destination or a journey, success is an attitude. For more information on Evan visit

Backlink Checker Tools Tell You About Your Visitors

Backlink Checker Tools Tell You About Your Visitors
There are a lot of men and women who go on the net these days and so they do it for several distinct factors. Some would love to complete it in order that they’re able to get some enjoyment and can loosen up. Other individuals go on line so that they can connect with new persons on diverse social networking sites.

And nevertheless others prefer to get some understanding about distinctive topics which may be located online. But the most significant of all of they are these place up the articles as well as other issues on the internet sites. And also to see how lots of individuals have examine individuals articles, you may use a backlink checker device.

Lots of men and women consider to seek out information and facts on the web with the assist of engines like google. And these engines like google give the results depending on the relevancy of each web site. For this reason, it truly is vital to guarantee that you simply obtain methods to immediate more numbers persons in your articles.

You are able to use search engine optimisation approaches to generate positive that your web-site comes from the front page alone. Or you can offer back links in your articles in different forums. Either way, you’ll be able to examine the number of guests using the guide of a backlink checker instrument.

One of the important factors to be noted when writing an article is the audience. You have to make a decision for whom you will be writing this distinct write-up to be able to modify the writing style accordingly. If it is a technical topic, you may need to make a decision if you need persons in that technical discipline to examine the post or if you would like to cater towards the laymen who need to get far more details about that particular topic. Based on whom you would like to focus on, the tone of your write-up would alter. You should first find out who visits your web page using the aid of a backlink checker device.

When you understand who visits your site by far the most, you’d have the ability to determine whom you need to cater to. If laymen will be the ones which might be browsing your site, then you definately should guarantee that your articles don’t have an excessive amount of jargon in them.

But when the visitors are more of technical men and women that are in that specific field, they would prefer to see a lot more technical terms from the articles they examine. So, using the support of your backlink checker tool, you’ll be able to make your mind up what you should have within your articles.

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Business Software and Internet Automation Tools

Business Software and Internet Automation Tools

When it comes to managing a business there are so many things to take into consideration. Certain aspects of a particular business rely on proper monitoring of finances, supplies, projects and several other factors, all of which hold equal amount of importance to the success and development of any business. This is where business software comes into the picture as businesses are continually discovering new and innovative ways in which to make business management more effective, efficient and of course, more convenient. This convenience means that the company also needs to invest in automation and software which is usually very expensive. Nonetheless, these factors are what cut down the need for constant human involvement, bringing it down to a bare minimum.

Initially business software deals with project management and lead generation. With project management there is the creation, maintenance and constant monitoring of projects which the business has to perform. The automation tools necessary for these specific projects varies according to the need and use which therefore makes the automation tools specific to particular tasks. On the other hand, lead generation software and tools involve the use of the internet and its related communication software in order to generate potential clients that will eventually purchase products or services from the company.

Leads are essential to the success of any company as thing bring about the target audience and segregate them into groups according to particular interests. It is based from these interests that businesses are able to define what the client needs and therefore determine ways in which they can improve their products and services, as these clients are separated according to their activity on the internet. This is where marketing intelligence plays a vital role in the internet automation tools. Marketing intelligence tracks the user activity on the internet, noting down the sites visited, links clicked and other activity therefore generating the interests of the users.


To know more about automation, you can search about IC660BBD100 and IC660BBD101 online.

Stock Trading Tools – What Exactly Are the Best Tools For Trading Stocks?

Stock Trading Tools – What Exactly Are the Best Tools For Trading Stocks?

In common with nearly all specialist software applications, stock trading tools have exploded in number and in their capabilities since the early 1990s. What exactly are these tools and which are the best ones for you?

1. Trading platforms and other stockbroker services

These are arguably the tools that have evolved the most quickly and to the greatest extent. Even the original, basic platforms that first appeared in the late 1990s were revolutionary compared to the system we had before – using the telephone to instruct your broker. Now with the latest developments you can enter, amend, or close a trade with just a few mouse clicks, and it’s almost (though not quite, of course) foolproof, with prices being displayed automatically, different colors for buying and selling, and so on.

Apart from the trading platform the main service that such sites provide is up to the minute news and news feeders. Now you have at your disposal all the instant news that the internet provides, all the information bearing on your trading that you could desire. Unless you are a strict technical analyst taking no notice of news or other events that may influence future price movements then you need constantly updated financial and market news.

2, Charts and indicators

These have evolved beyond all recognition as well. Most brokers, and many web sites not linked directly to any individual broker, have charting services available, which invariably include a host of indicators that are customisable to your requirements or those of your trading system.

Now charts are available on any stock, index, commodity, bond or currency traded on any financial market, and in most cases they can go back for ten years or more. In seconds you can load your own simple moving average settings or any other indicator or combination of indicators onto them.

3. Online educational resources

Most stock brokers have their own customised training available to their customers. It’s unwise to rely too much on any such package but nonetheless it is often possible to learn a great deal from these resources. My own preference is for independent coaching from an experienced and successful trader, rather than a broker. You have available online video, DVD video as well as audio and the more basic ebooks, none of which was available to any degree before about 2003.

One most important and significant development is that of the “demo account”. This is without doubt a major breakthrough and valuable asset of the trader, both new and experienced. This account enables you to test strategies and techniques in real time to see if they really work, without risking real money. There’s a temptation to trade recklessly precisely because it’s not real money, but my advice is always to treat is as real money if you really want to learn and to have reliable results, whether good or bad.

4. Trading robots

These are the latest tools to arrive on the financial trading scene. Pioneered in the forex market, they are beginning to establish themselves as mainstream stock trade software. In theory, you set your parameters, e.g. how much of your capital to risk on any one trade, stop loss levels, and load your chosen indicators or “expert advisors”, and the robot will open and close your trades for you, taking away the human emotional element that so often leads to losing trades.

At the present time they don’t seem to be able to take into account the fact that market prices are influenced by humans, with all our emotional baggage. But there’s nothing to say they can’t evolve and improve. In the meantime, if you’re tempted to buy one, test it out thoroughly with a demo account before risking real money with it.

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Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Every home needs hand tools of some kind. You might need a hand tool to put a picture up on your wall, or tighten up a very loose faucet, or possibly put up a garden host hanger outside.

Home power tools: every household should have a basic power drill. You can make holes with the drill. You can screw in screws with the drill. You can remove rust with the drill. You can sand with the drill. You can shape with the drill.

These are handy because they save you time and the job will be better. I will talk about the most basic tools that everyone needs around the house.

Hammer: Everyone needs a hammer. Hammers come in all shapes and sizes and they are used for putting in nails and pulling them out is the most common use. But they also are used for nudging things that are jammed by putting a piece of wood on what you are trying to nudge and then tapping on that Wood with a hammer this will prevent the hammer from denting the actual piece you’re trying to nudge. Also you can use a hammer to straighten out nails for reuse.

Screwdriver: screwdrivers common in three basic shapes, and the shapes are: flat, star shaped (this is called Phillips), square shaped (this is called Robertson) all of these shapes come in three basic sizes. When choosing a size make sure you are using the correct one and not one to small. If you’re using a screwdriver with a head that is one size smaller it still might work but it will ruin the screw head and possibly the screwdriver. Over a period of time using the wrong size screwdriver and screwdriver will eventually not work because it can’t grip the screw properly. So all is make sure that you’re using the correct size screwdriver for your screw.

Pliers: this is also very handy hand tool to grab things with and hold them. You can start with a very basic plier which has a slot at the pivot point of the two handles which is adjustable for smaller or larger objects which you want to grab. At a meeting to this area is a course Knurled roundish section to grab nuts with for a tighter grip such as a rusted nuts on a bolt. further out on the plier is the end use for holding objects such as nuts for tightening, pulling up nails and so forth.

Handsaw: there are many different types of hand saws. Your basic hand saw for general-purpose is used for cutting wood such as wood studs which are 2 x 4 wood, or cutting a piece of plywood, or cutting a broom handle shorter. Hand saws come in fine or course cutting actions going from a slow cut to a fast aggressive cut in this order. The fine cut gives you a better cut edge leaving it splinter free where the coarse cut rips through the wood quickly leaving a jagged edge around the cut. If you find a general-purpose handsaw it will give you the best of both worlds.

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