Can You Still Make Money Through Yahoo Answers?

Can You Still Make Money Through Yahoo Answers?

A few years ago, one of the best link building and traffic building methods on the Internet that was being used by creative Internet marketers was the Yahoo Answers system. It was used as a source of Internet money generation, and also as a means to help build backlinks. However, recent changes to the Yahoo Answers system has marketers concerned that the system is no longer a valid place to help earn additional traffic and cash for your business. What’s the truth and current status with Yahoo Answers?

First of all, you must understand why help trying to build backlinks is so important. Internet money doesn’t just grow on trees after all, you have to earn it through commitment and dedication. The more backlinks you have leading to your website, and the better those backlinks are, meaning they come from reputable sites, the more highly your website will be displayed in the search engine results.

Additionally, by displaying your knowledge by answering questions on a niche subject related to your website or product, you will draw people into clicking on your links. Therefore you will be leading to a direct flow of increased traffic and revenue that you can use to build your email list, sell products or more.

Considering that Yahoo Answers was a completely free way to build backlinks and help grow your Internet money generation, it became very popular very quickly. However, the system has now be tweaked a bit to make it harder for marketers to take advantage of. If you’re only a “Level 1” user on the website, your links won’t be accepted and your account could even be banned. This means that before you really build backlinks on the site, you’re going to have to build up some credibility with the site.

You can do this by interacting with other members and making helpful answers without including any of your links. Then, once you get upgraded to a Level 2 user or higher, you will be able to include some of your links. Therefore, if you take the time to carefully apply this new strategy to build backlinks, it actually can be successful. Additionally, with this new barrier in place, fewer marketers are taking advantage of the system, which means it can be potentially more lucrative for you then before.

Don’t listen to people that say that Yahoo Answers is dead as a means of helping to build backlinks and create Internet money generation. Instead, it just takes a little bit more time and patience to succeed.

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Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Introducing a new product to the market requires you to create appealing presentation materials, such as hang tags. The use of these print materials is actually a usual practice for many businesses. This is especially true if the products or items are apparel or accessories. Hang tags are attached to a product or item for the purpose of providing relevant information. These also contain the brand and logo of the manufacturer.

Usually, hang tags are tied on the products or items for sale. Inside a retail store, you can find different types of hang tags. These come with threading, ribbon, embroidery, yarns, and other accessories that add appeal to hang tags. There are even some hang tags that have big bows which grab the attention of people. If you are looking for understated elegance though, you can always go for simple threading tied to a knot. Your hang tags can also be attached to your products through the use of a safety pin or a tagging gun. You can also tuck a part of your hang tags into the product or item.

Hang tags have a lot of uses. Your hang tags can also be used as invites and discount cards, among others. Here are some uses for these print materials:

–  You can include promo or discount cards on the hang tags to give perks to your clients and customers. These can encourage them to be loyal to your brand.

–  Also, you can put invites on your hang tags if your business is fashion-related. You may have events that would need the participation of your target clients and customers.

–  You can also inform them about schedules for sales. Keep your clients updated. You will have clients lining up during sale season, and these hang tags can help spread the word around.

–  You may also want to include fashion tips on your hang tags. Include some tricks and techniques on how to mix and match the clothes with accessories and other apparel.

–  Do not forget to include your contact information on your prints. Always put the address of your physical store as well as how clients can keep in touch with you. Put your phone numbers, website and email address.
–  Always put your business or company logo to enforce your brand. If you wish to make your company known as well as the principles you uphold, also include your business or company slogan.

–  Add images on your hang tags. Make sure though that the images you use are striking and that these are a good representation of your products. Otherwise, your clients will associate your business with the low-quality images you use.

If your goal is to develop your fashion brand or want to improve your business image, invest on high quality as well as visually appealing hang tags. Have the designs custom-made. Get a graphic designer who you can work with. Brainstorm with your graphic designer as to how your design templates would look like. Get inspiration from existing hang tags. You can find design templates over the internet. Also, look for a reputable printing company. You can find local printers in your area or you can avail of services online. If you opt for online printing services, make sure that the one you choose can provide you with quality prints at affordable prices.

Get The Key To Advertising Success Through Promotional Key Tags

Get The Key To Advertising Success Through Promotional Key Tags
With the advent of promotional items, you now have an option to promote your business without assigning a considerable amount of money. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, it is important to build up your brand. Employing on promotional key chains gives you an affordable alternative for advertising your business. Although it entails trifling costs, key chains are impressive in conveying your advertising message.

Logo printed key tags can be smart and will definitely grab the attention of your customers. You can tweak the design of the item so that it will match your advertising needs. Compared to revealing in newspapers or televisions, it is more helpful as it can double as a can opener, marker, or even flashlight. As a tradeshow premium, it exhibit enough space for you to add your company name or logo.

When it comes to key tags, there are assortments of designs and shapes to choose from. Ensure that you choose an applicable design that will reflect the nature of your business. For example, if you are in the construction industry, hand out keyholders with flashlights or deliberate a keychain shaped like a hammer. Regardless of the nature of your business, you will surely find a product that ensures exposure for your business.

One of the major supremacy of using custom key chains is they are portable. When you dole out these products, you can look forward to continuous exposure as your potential customer can take them wherever they go. Key tags are functional compared to advertising flyers or pamphlets since shoppers can tuck in the keys not only to their automobiles but also to their houses or office drawer.

One relevant factor that you should bear in mind when it comes to customized key holders is substance. In order to sell the item at a easy on the budget price, there are suppliers who compromise the nature of the item. By giving out sub-standard products, you are short changing your customers and this generates a negative encounter on your business. Your recipients will have a view that you are only after the turnout and not concerned with their needs.

For a little less than what you will consume for television or newspaper advertisements, custom logoed key chains can deliver optimal results for your business. If you are raising wealth for your cause or launching a new product, they are effective in bringing the word out to your potential customers.

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How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking was born alongside Web 2.0, also known as interactive, dynamic websites that promote or operate as social networks. It consists of many types of websites-social and dating sites like My Space, interactive sites with games like Facebook, sites for photography and film-lovers such as Flickr, and networking sites like Multiply and Friendster, to name a few.

Social Networking also includes the use of bookmarking sites like, Digg, and Furl, which allow users to share their personal favorites or bookmarks with others. The users then attach tags to the sites that they have bookmarked, making it easy for other users to locate the sites that they would like to visit. All they do is use the tags instead of using search engines.

Other versions of Social Networking include blog sites such as LiveJournal, WordPress, and These sites, among many others, offer a launching pad for bloggers who wish to share their thoughts with the world.

Other sites such as YouTube and BlogTalkRadio offer streaming services for members who wish to share their skills, talents and stories with the world wide web.

How Useful Is Social Networking to Your Business?

Let me sum that up in two words-building networks. Essentially, it means that you can build up a client base simply by signing up for an account in these networks. You meet a lot of people, hobnob with them virtually in cyberspace, you get to develop business contacts and in the long run gain a client base that your competitors would envy, if they still haven’t discovered the many uses of Web 2.0. You get to do all that without leaving the comforts of your home or office.

These days, social and dating sites are no longer limited to personal relationships. Most of the time, people sign up to engage in business affairs and exchange contact details while marketing their respective products or services. People post pictures of their products and company-related brochures. They post videos from their video marketing campaign.

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Express Your Pooch Personality Through Quoted Tees

Express Your Pooch Personality Through Quoted Tees
Your pooches have never really demanded for anything except for food and love but then that does not mean that you do not go out of your way and think something creative enough to do for your dog that sets your pet apart from other pets. Unlike humans, dog breeds seem to look the same. Sure you have dog collars to bring your pooch an individual identity, but it is so old school. Times have changed and sporting dogs with various dog accessories have become a fad with famous people who are always on constant limelight. I mean when a celebritys dog can get a dedicated news space, why shouldnt your pooch get a taste of that celebrity status in your locality. Here we talk about dog apparels that are well in vogue and extremely adorable-looking.

Ultra modern dog polo shirts, dog tank tops, dog jackets, dog jeans are some of the many new style apparels that are made available for your canine best buds. Just imagine you hit the beach with a funky looking tee and you are accompanied by your pooch who also adorns an equally cool looking dog tank top or a dog polo shirt and better still the dog tank top or dog polo shirt hones a witty or funny message that is sure to spread an epidemic of laughter and frolic amongst all the onlookers who would adore your dogs style statement. It only actually reflects your attitude but sure does justice to match the same with your pooch as well, making you look good together.

Dog t-shirts are of varied sizes depending on the breed that you own. It is easy to shop for either small dog t-shirts or big dog t-shirts because they generally design and supply clothes exactly that fits your particular pet breed. These jazzy much in vogue dog apparels are the sole factors that would set your pet pooch apart from the other pooches in your locality and help him win a name for himself making him famous in no time. Your pooch is going to love his new look as well and all the attention that he gets as a result. You can mix and match these cool dog tops like dog tank tops with dog pants like dog jeans and may be even dog sunglasses.

You would only be doing your pooch a favor by buying him such body hugging dog t-shirts because it would keep your canine buddies warm in extreme cold climates or during chilly night environments. It would also keep your dog body devoid of dust and grime when you take your dog on walks. These are easily washed and reused just like any other apparel that you would wear. The fabrics used are also generally cozy and soft and has the much needed elasticity for free movement of your pooch.

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How to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization?

How to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization?

How to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization is a question that all entrepreneurs are asking these days. It is called SMO in short and it is gripping over internet marketing slowly and steadily. Many online companies and stores are opting for this kind of internet marketing as they find it a convenient way to communicate with many people at the same time.

SMO has many benefits like using these sites for marketing adds to a massive popularity of any company. Social networking sites like MySpace, You Tube, Orkut, Facebook and Twitter are a hot favorite with people all across the world. Gone are the days of emailing as these sites provide can keep friends and family in constant touch. Nowadays you also have the option of keeping in touch with friends through your cell phone also.

Another thing that helps following this kind of a marketing pattern is that they get a better branding. In short it means it gives you the opportunity of creating brand awareness. Thus you can make your customers brand conscious. Plus you get the facilities of creating buttons, RSS feed and videos for your website. This in turn assists you in getting a lot of back links for your site.

The biggest advantage of using SMO in SEO optimization is that you can use a personal tone while trying to sell your concept. You can be simply communicating with your potential customers. This many a times improves the possibility of a better relationship between you and your potential. You can be simply conversing with your potential and may well succeed in selling your products and services to them.

You may also sponsor some kind of discussion forum to increase the visibility of your company. This can help you in more than obvious ways for sure. In a way it can be said that being active is one way of promoting your products and services in the best possible way.

Using social media optimization to boost your traffic can be done through a different way as well. This is a traditional way of marketing which is called the word of mouth marketing. You can employ your friends, family and acquaintances for this. They can spread a word and your internet business can get some more potential customers this way.

The best thing about trying to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization is that you can be creative. You do not have to stick to orthodox marketing ways. You are free to run your imagination wild and come with new ideas. The freshness of ideas can be a sure shot way to getting more potential customers with an increase in the conversion rates.

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Search Engine Optimization – How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Search Engine Optimization – How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Promoting websites to increase the online sales is as important as promoting your products on TV or other media. The marketers who has experienced the online marketing outcome, they are always up to the industry trends to make up their web products as per on going development.

There are many ways to promote your web products online, like email marketing, CPM marketing (pay per impression, usually you pay for 1000 impression of your ad), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (pay per click, cpm and content marketing), social bookmarking (book marking your important URLs or developing contents like Squidoo Lenses or Amplify or clipmarking and then reciprocating the links), press releases, article submissions, web directory listings, business directories listings.

In general, we used to divide the above activities into two main categories,

“Search Engine Marketing” 
“Search Engine Optimization”

But if you review the various marketing strategies you will find one common thing in all the activities is “Link Building” links pointing towards your own website to increase your keywords Ranking in the various Search Engines.

Various opportunities lies on the web to get the back links as discussed above, the important thing while back linking your website is to use the compelling and to the point associated text or description so that you will get a good Click Through for your overall links on the internet.

Most of the SEOs or the self SEOs they only bother to get maximum links back pointing but they never give importance to the description or the associated text that actually serve to increase the CTR of your links.

Let us take an example of Google AdWords Advertising, Google AdWords places ads on the right side of the page or top of the page of search results, While running an AdWords Advertising campaign you design the campaign in the following manner, select the keywords, write an add, plan your bids or budget, you also plan for countries or locations to display the adds.

While your advertisements are online the most important factors that influence your CTR is “the add placement and the text of the ad”, If your text ad is not perfectly matching with user search query or text ad is some how loose or not grabbing the attention of the user, there are maximum chances that users will not click your ad.

Remember: Internet users are searching for right information and you are the one providing the information to the internet, If your information are not catchy or compelling you will not get any response from the users. While building the links, the most important thing is you have to leave the impression on the users and force them by impressive piece of information or writing to get clicked.

Your back links are an assets and you need to build your assets very carefully. On internet you will have abundant opportunities to build good links but remember don’t loose the opportunity just by writing improper description. Social bookmarking web 2.0 properties are thousands out there to get the back links.

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Lead Generation through Social Media

Lead Generation through Social Media

Change is the only constant factor. As obsolete ways of conducting business gets buried under layers of new, emerging technology, it’s time to think differently as well. When you are embracing new technology, you have to make sure you are mentally attuned to the needs of the technology. Some similar disconnect is being witnessed by lead generation teams using social media marketing. Social media is a relatively new platform. It has its own set of rules, format and ways of functioning. When outbound call center agents use social media to make a promotion, they have to focus on some aspects before they hit the fourth gear.

Social media is different from other forms of media. Here people come to hang out and pass time without feeling a burden. The amateur lead generation team pushes across links to friends and followers randomly added on social media networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They hope that the persons they are sending the link to will click on it and they will be directed to the product/service webpage that they are selling. This is entirely wishful thinking. BPO agents who have done so have realized that things don’t work that way. No random add of significant number can be directed as healthy, productive traffic without a proper plan in place. And that plan is all about understanding the metrics of social media networks.

The first that lead generation executive have to understand is that pushing marketing links on social media is like calling people when they are partying or clubbing. They hate it. There is no dearth of spammers online and you are counted as one. To prevent that tag, your outbound call center agent has to take things easy. Get acquainted with them. Interact with them. Don’t let new additions to your page rot away in oblivion. They are your potential leads, treat them well. Find out about their lives, talk about yours. Just talking about your business products and services will bore them out. In other words, going on an overdrive to sell things will backfire and kill the lead.

Another mistake that lead generation teams make is look for instant results. If you are following the rules of social media marketing, you have to give it time to flourish. Only if you have an offline brand presence can your social media page take off instantly. In other cases, BPO firms have to bide their time. There will be no tangible results if your outbound call center team is just warming up to potential leads. Getting impatient at this stage will push the agent to hurry things. That will undo all the good work done. Admitted that this method is not very cost-effective and the money you spent to get leads may not look favorable in the ledgers. If instant profit is your business motto, better try telemarketing.

Social media creates a brand online. If done the right way, your lead generation team need not touch base with the potential leads on a daily basis. There is every chance to make your online marketing go viral. You may find your business being promoted not by the outbound call center agents you have hired, but by satisfied customers and fans of your social media page. Patience is the key to this wonder-world. Take it or leave it.

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