How Do I Get Started Selling Avon ? Follow These 7 Steps To Success

How Do I Get Started Selling Avon ? Follow These 7 Steps To Success

Whether you have just started our Avon business or are just looking for ways to get back on track, below are some simple common sense strategies to get you headed in the right direction.  However, just because they are simple, don’t discount their relevance in building the business of our dreams.  Remember, what is easy to do is also easy not to do!

Here we go:

Set your schedule – set a realistic schedule for promoting your business and stick to it.  You must treat your Avon business like the viable business that it is.  Too many people treat it as a hobby and it ends out paying you like a hobby.  If it is 5 hours a week that you can devote to your business – then stick to that.  By remaining consistent in your business you build momentum and that is what grows businesses.

Have a plan – What exactly is your plan?  How much money do you want to make?  In what period of time?  What methods and strategies will you use to achieve these goals?  What is the most efficient and productive use of your time in achieving these goals?  Should you leverage technology multiply your efforts?

Start with a reasonable goal – I have seen too many distributors get caught up in the dream of it all and then have nothing come to fruition.  A good starting point might be to generate enough income to pay for your mortgage each month, and then perhaps add your car once you achieve that goal.  Once you start achieving your goals you will build momentum to reach higher goals.

Have an entrepreneur mentality – not en employee mentality – Too many distributors embark on their entrepreneurial journey and still behave like an employee.  This is your baby and you can do it!  Use your upline as support, but remember that you are the CEO of our company and “if it’s gonna be it’s up to me!”.  The only person you have to answer to is yourself – which is both a blessing and a curse!  For more insight as what an entrepreneur vs. an employee mindset looks like, check out Robert Kiyosaki’s book The Cash Flow Quadrant.

Stay motivated – Ben Franklin was quoted, after being questioned about having failed  over 9,000 times trying to invent the light bulb, “I haven’t failed, I have just discovered 9,000 ways not to invent the light bulb”.  As an entrepreneur, you must fill your mind with positive, motivating material every day.  Make it a point to schedule at least 15 minutes to listen to audios or read books that keep your mind in the right place.  It is easy to get off track and discouraged if things aren’t going quite as planned – but keep with it.  You have the product and you have the demand – just keep at it.

Have realistic expectations – In addition to setting realistic goals, have realistic expectations of yourself.  Starting a new venture, coupled with your already full calendar as a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, grandmother, house maker, friend, fiancé, co-worker (you get the point!) and now CEO can be daunting.  It will take time to improve your learning curve with regard to products and your skill set.  Whether you have chosen the traditional warm marketing strategy or have decided to leverage technology, there will be skills that you need to acquire.  But don’t let that stop you from starting – it will all come with time and consistent attention.

Help a lot of people – Let’s face it – there is a huge demand for beauty products especially anti-aging products.  There are over 76 million baby boomers (people born between 1945 and 1964) that are responsible for all huge trends from the microwave to the mini-van.  Now they don’t want to show their age and are therefore one of the driving forces in the anti-aging industry.   To help a lot of people you  have to reach a lot of people.  The most efficient and productive way to reach this market in online – in-fact the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over the age of 55!

Make sure these strategies become an integral part of your business and you will experience the success you dream of.  And even better, teach your downline these strategies for exponential success.

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