How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

Yes, well here we go again, another one of those, I’ve got  a list of over “9,000? Twitter followers so I’m a social media expert marketing forms has hit my desk today. Come along it says, “to my affiliate marketing driven roadshow and in 4 hours I’ll make you the expert, but there’s more, if you sign away your hard earned money right now, i have an e-book special for you, yes just for you, an E-Book that I didn’t write by the way,but I’ll pretend its mine, and all it will cost you is $ 89.00.”


I get emails like this every day, offering free product that I can sell or give away as my own, I get E-Books, money making ideas and lots of materials that I can re-brand, that’s not being an expert, that’s a faker.


These so called experts all have massive numbers of followers on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook and of course Twitter, and they fool you to part with your money.


Well don’t fall for it, because I’m going to tell you how to fake it, and then you too can be the instant social media expert, you know, the one who can’t get a job selling real estate so they opt for this easy money.


Ok this is how you do it, On MySpace and Facebook, you find as many people with similar names or interests as you and then send them friend requests, a lot will decline but you would be surprised at the number that actually come back and accept you, that way you build up your following very quickly, they never do anything with you but hey it builds your numbers. Next Twitter, there are a number of programs that will show you how to build big follower numbers and it’s funny but it’s nearly always around the 9000 mark. You can do the same with Twitter as you do with MySpace and Facebook, that is follow large numbers of people and I’ll guarantee you a fair number will follow you back, and you know the dead giveaway? look at the follower number next to the following number, that they can’t hide.


I know of one expert that actually sends out his flyers with “I have 9000 followers on twitter” so I must be good, well one thing he doesn’t tell you is he follows over 10,500. If you really want to get serious with this, have a look at the Twitter accounts with large followings, 99% of them are well known actors, celebrities or business people, so what does that tell you.


I have always taken the tack that to build a social media following you should earn it, build it on providing good quality information and advice and create the “Expert” tag through experience and generate your followers organically not by underhand means and faking it.


There are so many “snake oil” sales people out there you really need to hang on to your wallet.


So next time you get a flyer or an invite, stop and do some research first, the web and Google are a great place to find out information on your expert. How many articles have they had published?, where do they rank on Google?, What recommendations do they have and what companies have they worked with in designing and integrating a social media strategy. For example, I’ve just done a search on social media experts, and this person I’m telling you about doesn’t even rank on the top 20 pages.


Is this sour grapes? no, I just don’t like rip off artists who pray on people like you.


Mike Andrew owns and operates an Internet Marketing Consultancy on the Gold Coast in Queensland. To read more articles and get tips and advice on Internet Marketing visit

Does Social Media Affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Does Social Media Affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Yes, yes and yes. Social media is just another way to generate backlinks  to your site, which might help you rank higher –depending on what people are saying about your business.

With the popularity of social media rising, specifically Facebook well over 500 million users and growing, it’s a market you can’t afford to ignore. That’s thousands of potential leads, customers and contacts for your business. Additionally Facebook has its own pay per click campaigns so you can reach out to even more users, specifically by their interests, age and gender if necessary. Facebook has also recently introduced a whole new level of ecommerce on their site, so all your business has to do is tap into it.

Twitter is another major social media player that you really shouldn’t ignore. Twitter works by giving users bits of quick hit information. Your business can use this to its advantage by offering Twitter only coupons, a behind the scenes look at your company, previews of upcoming promotions, and more. Twitter also helps you rank higher on Google as people re-tweet you and your company name shows up more and more often. . This practice leads to  higher visibility, and pushes you up as a trusted or recognized authority on the topic in organic search.

Social media can also help you to connect with your clients in a way that wasn’t possible before. You can get to know who they are, what their needs are, and most importantly what they are saying about your business as a whole. This helps you see a direct correlation between how you’re operating, how effectively your marketing dollars are being spent and what you can do to make improvements. And all of this straight from the horse’s mouth, not from a focus group or third party survey company.

So, why wouldn’t your company jump on the social media bandwagon? Well, there are a few reasons some businesses are dragging their feet. One is fear of the unknown. New technology always presents a certain amount of uncertainty. However, as a leader in your industry don’t be afraid to jump into this market with both feet. Unless you participate in a pay per click campaign, the only thing it’s going to cost you to get your social media visibility going is man hours, so you really don’t have much to lose here.

The bottom line is if you don’t jump into the social media world, your competition will. Then they will have access to the hundreds of millions of users you passed on. You might as well just hand your business over to your competition if you choose to ignore this growing market. So, play your cards right, and accept the fact that social media does affect SEO. The conversations between people online and user generated content  matters to Google and they include it in their SEO algorithm.

At Optimum7, we understand the importance and intricacies of the social media world. Let us help you manage your social media campaign to drive leads and potential clients to your business today! Contact us now and watch your business grow exponentially as a result.

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How to Gain More Followers from Your Social Media Profile

How to Gain More Followers from Your Social Media Profile

Social media marketing is an affordable and effective way of advertising your business to prospective clients. All you have to do is find those who might be interested in your products or services and add them to your network. What better way of building a huge network of potential clients. However, if your social media following isn’t growing as fast as you would like, maybe it’s because something is missing from your social media profile.

Here ATAK Interactive, a Los Angeles SEO company suggest what every social media page should have:

Get a Widget

One great tool to use is a widget that can be added to any online published blog post or article. Simply add this online tool to your web articles and blog posts and if your readers enjoy reading your post, they can link it to their own web page. When their site visitors see their page and click on to the link where your content exists, this is how more visitors start to trickle in to your site. Many businesses have gained a following of hundreds of new visitors just by adding widgets to their websites.

‘Completely’ Fill Out Your Social Media Profile

Many social media users fail to fill out their profile to its entirety. Remember, if you want to gain more followers, you have to make your profile interesting. Simply placing the product or service you’re promoting is not enough. People want to know more about you ‘the person’ first then more about your business. First impressions count, especially when it comes to social media advertising. If you don’t immediately capture the attention of your audience, they will get bored and leave your page.

Add Your Bio

When some people sign up for social media sites they become so anxious to post new content that they neglect posting a complete bio. You don’t have to post your entire professional resume; at least post detailed information about yourself. It doesn’t hurt to post a little info about your personal life as well. For example, you can post something about your hobbies or what you like to do when you’re not at work. If you like camping and hiking with your family, mention that on your profile page. You’d be surprise how many people will be interested in hearing about what you do when you’re offline. Don’t forget, the bio section of a social media page is usually the first page that people read. Make sure you include either a photo or a company logo to your profile page.

Other Important Things to Add to Your Profile…

Make sure you include your location. This will help people to easily locate you. To increase traffic to your official website(s) make sure you include relevant links. If you want to really impress your social media fans, add videos of your business to your website.

Although it is highly suggested to post personal information about yourself, don’t reveal too much information. Posting last Friday’s happy hour photos is not a good idea. You want to present professionalism on your social media site(s) …you don’t want to be viewed as a party animal.

Building your social media profile will help you to build credibility among your followers and it shows that you are an expert on what you’re trying to promote.

Here the author David Ephraim from Ecommerce Web Design company, explains how to make your social media profile more profitable. To learn more about social media and SEO visit ATAK Interactive, a Los Angeles SEO company.

Social Media Recruitment: Obtain Alot Of Followers On Social Networking Web sites

Social Media Recruitment: Obtain Alot Of Followers On Social Networking Web sites

Top-of-the-line methods to get recruitment in the present day is through social networking websites like twitter. There are studies that clearly present that numerous highschool students comply with twitter extra for getting summer season jobs. Even professional like MBA students have started relying on Linked in and twitter for getting recruited.
These social networking sites have change into so widespread that the businesses have began looking for recent expertise via these sites. For example LinkedIn is an international and world social networking website for professionals. Here one can be buddy another skilled and can also form communities if they have common working background and therefore varied corporations have started posting ads for vacancies on these sites to tab actual talent.
Immediately internet is in every single place and other people have started leading a virtual life. people from all over the world have began spending a variety of time on these social networking sites and have befriended online buddies everywhere in the world who share similar interest and profession aspirations.
Research has confirmed that e – recruitment has become an necessary campaigns and essential agenda for a lot of the multinational companies and banks. It seems everyone seems to be a member of social networking websites and have formed communities and boards where they will share their ideas and views and may get worthwhile inputs on career moves from the buddies of the community. Many of the schools have their online presence and are additionally there on these networking websites and lately e- recruitment has grow to be as important as campus recruitment. If a particular company is interested on hiring young expertise from a particular sector then they just must put up on these college communities and might get immense response in no time.
Social media recruitment is a fast rising sector and now you may get information in your palm as most of the cell networking providers have the internet stay option in them.
Rhonda F. Mcfarlain

If you want further facts with respect to social media recruitment pay a visit to the Author’s web site directly!

How SEO and Social Media Marketing Interact

How SEO and Social Media Marketing Interact

Because of how Jon Stewart interacts with the community by advertising a book through a conversation, a relationship builder between vendor and himself for the benefit of potential clientele, he deploys SMM. Social media marketing is the process of creating a back and forth communication and thus a relationship between a vendor and a potential, as well as past, clientele. In the Jon Stewart example, besides it being in the real world and not the virtual world, he deploys indirect social media marketing, SMM, because a potential clientele is not directly speaking, only listening to a non-advertisement with the author, the marketer, and a non-professional. The lack of professionals within an SMM experience is what creates the illusion of trust, networking and consequently conversations, and general attention toward the specified product/service that is being “advertised.”

Again, a non-professional leads the way for communication between potential clientele and a vendor. This way, trust forms; the more trust, the stronger client to vendor connections get, leading to a promotion via word of mouth from one person to another. These indirect networking tactics for a company is becoming more of a necessity than anything else in the online market because of how suspicious users have become when interacting with a “professional” promoter working directly for the marketer and thus towards a vendor’s benefit and not the client’s.

However, to funnel all the new trust toward a specific market and a specific vendor is with usage of SEO; search engine optimization is as the name entails-a systematized order based on keywords typed in by a user.

Through a combination of SEO, search engine optimization, and SMM, social media marketing, a marketer’s product/service can be promoted in indirect, yet “better” ways by means of statistically being more effective profit wise. A perfect online example, unlike the Jon Stewart integration of SMM and, at best, the possible SEO of keywords such as “politics,” “current events,” “comedy,” “farce,” etc., is YouTube. Why? Well, Because of YouTube’s usage of videos and multimedia to advocate for a product, it initiates, as well as inspires, a community reaction; users may comment, and comment on the made comments, all with the vendor’s product/service in mind. This is SMM. The fact that YouTube includes tags for each video so that users may search for them with ease is the definition of SEO.

Rosa is an internet marketing expert. Contact her today for a free marketing review of your website and online marketing campaign. She can be reached at her Florida SEO company, Beachstar, Inc.

The Cost of Social Technology – Part 1 of 2

The Cost of Social Technology – Part 1 of 2

Today, even during a recession we’re pampered with amenities enabling us to keep up to date with each others goings on. Mobile phones adorn almost everyone’s pocket and high speed broadband is the norm in most households. Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace as well as other file sharing websites such as YouTube and Flickr are some of the most visited sites on the net. Now, mobile computing and mobile broadband are becoming a more and more common trend as people want to stay connected whilst they move around. But what’s the real cost of the all?

Did you know: YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine after Google?

Surprisingly, companies such as Facebook and YouTube are set to lose big money this year, the latter an estimated $ 470 million. Companies benefiting from user-created content or Content 2.0 generally look to monetize via advertising, but at the end of the day if you’re on YouTube looking at your Uncle Joe dancing at a wedding party, your not going to be that receptive to ads – and nor are the advertisers, who need their ads targeted to make it worthwhile for them. At the end of the day, that is their true customer and clientele not the visitors. Unhappy advertisers, unhappy balance sheet and unhappy shareholders.

Think of it as a newspaper again. Readers are allowed to comment, post their view, videos and have it distributed to every other reader in the world. The difference is it’s online which although you don’t have to cut down (sorry, recycle) trees, print and distribute the content you do need to be able to stream videos fast to the users which requires a massive bandwidth. This is what costs YouTube the bulk of it’s $ 700 million expenses per annum.

Google, the search engine giant purchase YouTube a few years back, but the investment has yet to do much except give it a half billion dollar whole in the bank every year. So what can they do about it? Well, there are several options:

1) Cut out user generated content, leaving the monetizeable professional content

2) Move to a subscription based service

3) Selling YouTube

The former may well destroy the whole point of YouTube and would create uproar amongst many online communities. Indeed it could simply turn YouTube into one big advertising channel which will probably kill it’s traffic.

The second option does seem to make sense, especially for the members who upload videos. A small membership fee per annum, say $ 2-5 would put YouTube in the black whilst keeping disruption to the minimum. Incidentally, it could also help improve the quality of content since people would think twice before uploading if it cost $ X amount to distribute the content.

The latter doesn’t solve the problem; it merely offloads it to someone else. It is also unlikely to help boost Google’s balance sheet. The value of YouTube has certainly diminished since Google bought it, but depends on what a buyer reckons they can do with it.

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Franchisees Must Employ Social Media To Satisfy Consumers

Franchisees Must Employ Social Media To Satisfy Consumers
Businesses of all sizes are using social media to advance their marketing campaigns and appeal to new audiences, young and old. Franchises are no different – social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and WordPress can help take a franchise opportunity from just getting by to enjoying soaring profits.

According to, there are several advantages to using social media: It attracts like-minded consumers, speaks to audiences thousands of miles away, helps tame rumors and start fires, establishes a company as an industry leader, enhances partnerships, collects feedback and exposes owners to new and different ideas.

Additionally, consumers want to be able to connect with companies and their products through social media channels. According to the Cone Business in Social Media Study, 93 percent of social media users think a company should have a presence on such Web sites, with an additional 85 percent believing that a company should not only be present but also interact with its consumers via these channels.

‘The news here is that Americans are eager to deepen their brand relationships through social media,’ explained Mike Hollywood, director of new media for Cone. ‘It isn’t an intrusion into their lives, but rather a welcome channel for discussion.’

It is clear that taking advantage of this channel offers the potential for a massive expansion of clientele for franchisees. However, All Business explained that the secret to mastering communication is not talking, but listening.

‘Great communicators ask a lot of questions. They really listen to what you have to say. They inquire deeply into the answers you provide,’ said the Web site.

Luckily, there are a few tools that will help franchisees get started. Twitter accountholders (which all franchisees should be) can go to Twitter Search and enter their name, their franchise name, any brand names and even competitor’s names. This will build an RSS feed that means owners don’t have to do a search every day. TweetBeep will do the same thing, but send the alerts to a franchisee’s inbox instead.

Another tool, BackType, allows franchisees to monitor blog posts for both positive and negative mentions. Also, if certain users are consistently posting reviews about a particular franchise, the tool will allow the unit owner to set up BackType to track them and their comments.

There is no one way for franchisees to begin using social media. However, before opening an account on any social networking Web site, unit owners should check the company’s policies and whether they already have a social identity in place.

The Liberty Tax Service franchise opportunity is on the “Fastest-Growing Franchise” list of Entrepreneur magazine’s 2010 “Franchise 500.” Our tax franchise is an affordable and viable business choice. Each office provides thorough, computerized tax preparation coupled with superior customer service.

The Htc Wildfire Includes Photo Sharing To Social Networks

The Htc Wildfire Includes Photo Sharing To Social Networks
The HTC Wildfire allows photo sharing to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, as well as video sharing to YouTube respectively. A simple email client and messaging capabilities also allow you to keep up to date with friends. The handset also has impressive video and photo capture with its 5 megapixel camera and location based services with its internal GPS antenna.

The handset offersBluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate (EDR) and offering the wireless stereo protocol A2DP for use with wireless stereo headsets, perfect for use with the preloaded Music application which has cover flow album selection for your music collection. Additionally, there is a 3.5mm jack audio connection for standard headphones, as well as an internal FM radio for live news and music entertainment too. The Photos application allows you to view photos and videos on your phone, while you can also check out the latest videos on YouTube.

The Wildfire offers great social networking features including Friend Stream which lists your fiends Facebook status alongside their contact details, and allows you to quickly and easily comment, as well as being able to easily update your own status form the handset. Twitter users can also benefit from the Peep application which provides the Sense user interface for creating and posting new Tweets. The easy to use email client meanwhile, allows you to configure multiple personal email accounts whether from well-known email service providers such as GMail or Yahoo! Mail, or private domains. Text and multimedia messaging are also catered for in within the intuitive Sense user interface.

The phone has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with flash and up to 32 gigabytes of expandable storage with which to storer photos and videos on, in addition to the 512 megabytes read-only memory. The handset is running the Android 2.1 (Eclair) operating system, supported by the Sense user interface, and powered by 384 megabytes of random access memory in addition to the 528 Megahertz processor, allowing seamlessly movement between the multiple applications which you can run at any time. Further connectivity is provided by the microUSB connector also, with support for USB 2.0 when syncing or file sharing.

The HTC Wildfire is a compact and versatile handset with a 3.2 inch display and touch parameters to a powerful multi-tasking operating system which has many useful pervaded applications. Additionally, the handset also features internal GPS for location based services, and the powerful 5 megapixel camera for photo and video capturing.

HTC Wildfire

HTC Desire

Tourism Social Media – The Need For Experiential Content

Tourism Social Media – The Need For Experiential Content

Tourism is out of the ordinary day activities of normal life. It is saved for, anticipated and remembered for years to come after the holiday is over. But what are they remembering… the hotel, the flight, the airline? Maybe…the experience…definitely. Tourism is experiential based.

So what attracts the potential customer to your product, service or activity? When they visit your website or read your printed marketing material, what is it that sways the decision to use your business over your competitors? The importance of having well designed marketing material, whether online or offline, and a level of integration and synergy between them cannot be argued. However, content is king. What does your content say to your potential customers? Is it generic marketing text that is not targeted to the behaviour and language of the target markets you are attempting to serve?

The use of images, photos and videos is essential in the tourism industry, where experience is everything. Interactive media formats are the perfect medium for telling the story, rising emotive decision making processes in consumers and creating a virtual sense of demand. The use of colloquial, descriptive, emotional and experiential text is just as important in spurring the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for consumers to purchase your products and services, or at least qualify your offerings to be in the final decision set.

Social media offers all tourism businesses the perfect platform to share and promote the experiential based tourism product through the use of interactive mediums. Image sites such as Flickr and video sites such as YouTube are obvious sites to utilise. Although not considered as a pure social media tool, these sites have developed over the past several years to include interactive and communication capabilities that are conducive to social networking. However, these could be considered the first steps of social media. In comparison to sites such as Twitter or Facebook which require a constant level of activity as far as engaging with the audience, Flickr and Youtube can be used simply as a platform for presenting interactive media about your business, the activities, accommodation, customers enjoying their EXPERIENCE. There is the option to engage with other like mined people and current and potential clients though the joining of groups, engaging with conversations and participating in the community – but it is not as essential in other social media platforms. And for this reason, these platforms are the perfect place to start for the novice, even the sceptical tourism operator to dabble with social media.

Here is a simple example of how an activity based tourism operator could utilise either Flickr or Youtube (or both) to build the visibility of their business, utilise experiential based marketing mediums, create a valued personal level of customer service and engage in a basic level of viral marketing: Let’s take the case of a four-wheel drive motorcycle operation. When the customer purchases or attends the activity, get their email address. Before, during and after the activity, take lots of photos and/or videos (basic digital camera is all that you need). Once the activity has finished for the day, upload the photos/videos from the camera to your Flickr/Youtube site – then email the customer saying thank you for using us and having a great time and inform them that you have posted photos/videos of them enjoying their experience.

This proactive level of customer support will impress the customer, leading to greater levels of satisfaction – developing a brand ambassador who will surely create a level of word of mouth marketing for you. But it doesn’t stop there – the customer will then view their photos/videos on the sites, they will have their experience rekindled and be likely to email and tell their friends of their experiences and direct them to the URL address where the photo is held – your Flickr and Youtube sites. Now you have the start of a viral marketing campaign, where the customer’s friends are viewing the photos/videos and spreading the word about your business.

If you are a tourism operator attempting to gain a greater market share, identifying methods to increase customer satisfaction and support and want to start engaging with social media, implement an experiential and emotional strategy to your online and offline marketing mediums – increase the use of experiential based photos and videos, utilise descriptive text and consider utilising some of the most basic social media tools to promote your business and brand.

Steve Wilson is the Director of Social Eyes Consultancy, a leading New Zealand tourism, internet and social media marketing consultancy. Concurrently completing a PhD in tourism marketing and management, a background in sociology allows him to develop business strategies and marketing activities tailored to the decision making behaviour of a business’s specified target market. Visit to learn more

How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking was born alongside Web 2.0, also known as interactive, dynamic websites that promote or operate as social networks. It consists of many types of websites-social and dating sites like My Space, interactive sites with games like Facebook, sites for photography and film-lovers such as Flickr, and networking sites like Multiply and Friendster, to name a few.

Social Networking also includes the use of bookmarking sites like, Digg, and Furl, which allow users to share their personal favorites or bookmarks with others. The users then attach tags to the sites that they have bookmarked, making it easy for other users to locate the sites that they would like to visit. All they do is use the tags instead of using search engines.

Other versions of Social Networking include blog sites such as LiveJournal, WordPress, and These sites, among many others, offer a launching pad for bloggers who wish to share their thoughts with the world.

Other sites such as YouTube and BlogTalkRadio offer streaming services for members who wish to share their skills, talents and stories with the world wide web.

How Useful Is Social Networking to Your Business?

Let me sum that up in two words-building networks. Essentially, it means that you can build up a client base simply by signing up for an account in these networks. You meet a lot of people, hobnob with them virtually in cyberspace, you get to develop business contacts and in the long run gain a client base that your competitors would envy, if they still haven’t discovered the many uses of Web 2.0. You get to do all that without leaving the comforts of your home or office.

These days, social and dating sites are no longer limited to personal relationships. Most of the time, people sign up to engage in business affairs and exchange contact details while marketing their respective products or services. People post pictures of their products and company-related brochures. They post videos from their video marketing campaign.

Jim Davis Inc offers business owners like you the chance to benefit from the use of Social Networks to boost your business. We make sure your website is right in the middle of the entire Social Networking scene so you and your business won’t get left behind. We don’t just build your website, we promote it as well.