Role of Server Location in SEO

Role of Server Location in SEO

Hosting a Website is the first step of Online Business as it assists our website to be visible over the internet. The server location has a vital role in the process of Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine especially Google identifies the physical location of the website based on the IP address along with the domain name (, etc.) and so it is always considered good to have the hosting services from the company that provides server location in the particular country where you want to promote your business and website. If your targeted customers are in Singapore, the server must be located in Singapore and if the customers are from USA, then go for the USA server.

Whenever the search is conducted on Google or any other search engine, the results always appear from the database of the particular country/region from where the search has been initiated. A Russian searching for Hosting Companies will get all results of the search based in Russia if he is searching from his country. Even if the search is made with country/place name with the keyword, the result will appear for those companies/websites only that have targeted the particular place/country for visibility. For example, if you are based in Singapore but your major customers are from USA, the server location needs to be in USA for better search result in Google USA.

Knowing these facts, it is important to buy the hosting services from the company that has server in your choice of country. For example, if you are in Singapore, it becomes important to choose your Singapore Web Hosting Provider.

It is quite possible that Hosting Providers have multiple countries’ server if they are promoting themselves globally, so it is also important to confirm the server location before proceeding.

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