Skin Tags Natural Remedies That You Can Try At Your Home

Skin Tags Natural Remedies That You Can Try At Your Home

Skin tags are flesh colored or little brownish skin outgrowths. They usually stick out of the skin in the form of stalks or peduncles. They can be of different sizes. Initially they appear as tiny pinhead bumps. Some gradually increase in size. The size of a skin tag ranges from 2 mm to 1 cm in diameter or even as big as 5 cm in diameter. When bunches of collagen fibers and blood vessels get locked up within thicker bits of skin, the result is skin tag. In other words, it is composed of bunches of fibers, ducts, nerve cells, fat cells and a layer of epidermis or outer skin encapsulating all these. It usually come in mid-life and are non-contagious, harmless, and benign in nature.

Obesity, heredity, pregnancy and hormonal imbalance, illegal steroid use, the attack of human papilloma virus are factors that may lead to the formation of skin tags. The surface of a skin tag is usually irregular, soft and fleshy. Some refer to it by the names of skin tabs or barnacles. Besides, it, in medical terminology, is also known by a wide range of names like acrochordon, cutaneous papillpma, cutaneous tag, fibroepithelial polyp, fibroma pendulum, soft fibroma, templeton skin etc. Both males and females are equally susceptible to skin tags. It is otherwise painless, but may cause pain or discomfort when they get twisted, rubbed or snagged by clothing, jewelry, seat belts etc. It is believed that when a part of skin gets rubbed against another skin surface, tags are formed. Therefore it usually occur in the creases and folds of body. The possible areas where it may occur are as follows

1. Neck
2. Armpits
3. Eyelids
4. Upper chest
5. Groin
6. Under the breasts
7. Buttock folds.

Home Remedies

1. One may apply heat compress on the skin tag for about 30 minutes, and then dab the tag with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar for about 15 minutes. This treatment should be repeated frequently until the tag falls off.

2. Fresh slice of potato may be tied to the skin tag with the help of an adhesive bandage. The tag will blacken and fall off.

3. A solution of aspirin and water is very effective in treating this problem. It reduces the size of the tag and finally causes it to disappear.

4. Application of a blend of baking soda and water is an excellent home remedy.

5. A paste made out of baking soda and castor oil is also a beneficial cure.

6. Tea tree oil is rich in anti-bacterial properties, and may be applied on the skin with a cotton plug 2-3 times a day. This treatment will remove the tag.

7. Tying of a dental floss at the base or stalk of a skin tag, shuts down the blood supply to the tag and causes it to get withered and fall off.

8. Juice of figs is an effective home remedy for this problem. It has to be used for 2 weeks at a stretch.

9. Crushed or mashed garlic clove may be placed on the skin tag and attached with the help of band-aid and kept overnight. This is very useful remedy for tag removal from skin.

10. Aloe Vera extracts are very good for treating this problem.

11. A scrapped stem of dandelion may be rubbed against the skin tags frequently. This will cause the tags to disappear in 3-4 weeks.

12. Juice of cauliflower is a good remedy for the removal of tags.

13. Grape fruit seed extracts if applied on the tags daily, will cause them to disappear within few weeks.

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Get Rid of Skin Tags With Effective Home Remedies

Get Rid of Skin Tags With Effective Home Remedies

Skin tag is a growth of skin and looks like a small piece of skin hanging from a narrow stalk. It is also known as Acrochordon. They can occur almost anywhere, but the most common places are the neck, face, underarms, eyelids, breasts and groin. They occur in places of friction and rubbing usually. The size may vary from being tiny or as big as the size of a grape.

It is common in men and women, mostly in adulthood. They are harmless and are benign. They are not cancerous and do not become cancerous if left untreated. A tag becoming cancerous is very rare. They are quite harmless and small ones fall off on their own in some cases. It is not contagious, so does not spread from one person to another by contact. They do not cause any physical pain unless rubbed by clothing or jewellery.

The cause of the growth of a tag could be genetic. If someone close in your family has it, it is likely for you to also have it. It occurs mostly due to rubbing and friction on skin therefore overweight people are prone to having this skin condition due to the skin folds. In pregnancy, the hormone levels increase, making a pregnant woman also prone to this condition. The use of illegal steroids increases the chances of getting tags.

The symptoms are formation of flesh hanging, usually near the eyes, groin or skin folds. There is no pain but rubbing may cause irritation. Apart from causing an unsightly appearance, they do no harm. They can be flesh coloured and some a little darker brown color. The surface may be smooth or irregular, they can occur on the body in clusters too. Tags can be removed by freezing, surgery, cauterizing or burning. Cutting off the blood supply to the tag, makes it fall off. Some may leave behind small marks.

The home remedies for skin tags are known to help get rid of them. However care should be taken not to apply things near the eyes. Some of the home remedies for skin tags are given below. 

Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is used. Soak cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply on it. Be careful not to apply near the eyes. 
Aspirin: Dissolve the aspirin in little water and apply. 
Potato: Cut a fresh potato and put the slice on it. Seal it with a band aid. 
Castor Oil: Mix castor oil with little baking soda to form a paste. Apply this. 
Garlic: Crush garlic and put on the affected area. Seal with a tape. Repeat for 2 days. Do not continue this for long, as it may cause burns. 
Tea Tree Oil: Dip a cotton ball in tea tree oil and apply. It helps to dry it out and fall. 
Bloodroot: Make a paste and apply. It helps to remove the skin tag, but may leave marks. One has to be very careful using Bloodroot as it can damage the skin. It should NOT be taken internally, as it can be poisonous. 
Vitamin E: Break a capsule of vitamin E and apply. Seal with a tape or band aid. 

Often this condition is confused with others like moles and warts. One should be sure of the nature of it. Tags do not ooze any discharge. Avoid cosmetics near the eye if you have tags there. Eat healthy food and avoid junk food and increase intake of vitamin E and zinc in your diet. Drink lots of water everyday to keep your body system clean.

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