6 Tips To Find Followers on Twitter Relevant To Your Business

6 Tips To Find Followers on Twitter Relevant To Your Business

If you think you have many followers and you follow many matters, then you are wrong. It really does matters, if your followers are ones who have interest in reading what you post and show interest in your Tweets. It is no point in twitting to folks who are not at all interested in your tweets.

The first and the most important thing – do not to spam using your Twitter account. Do not say to your followers, “Just wanted to say hello” and other stuff like this. Do not try to push your product and say “if you buy this you get this free gift”. Twitter is a nice tool for micro-blogging. One has to use the AIDA principle here – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.
Use the search option on Twitter to follow like-minded people. Check the profile and their messages and if it interests you or your business, then follow them. Follow those who will feel that they have an advantage from you for following as well.
Apart from just following people with an intention that they may follow you back, your own tweets should stay relevant, to have your follower count grow organically. Just do not follow as many people as you like and forgot about tweeting valuable content.
Also, keep a track if the ones you are following are following you or not. In case they have not followed you for some time, unfollow them and click the follow button again. This will send another email to the person, and you may get another chance to tell them about you. May be, they change their mind now. You have to do this for whom you consider are very important to you for them to follow you.
Share good and quality content pertaining to your industry and business. Not only of your own interest, but you need to consider the interest of the ones who follow you.
If your business has different or varied interest, have different Twitter accounts for each interest. Just the way you use text ads and landing pages in PPC. You setup a different adgroup for each set of keywords pertaining to your business. Like-wise set-up different Twitter accounts and mange the accounts by following and have followers which pertains to the same interest.

There are many more tips and ideas to help you out in increasing the followers, but I feel these are the best ones. I would like you to share your best tips and ideas to increase the Tweet followers which can help in one’s business.

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How to Get Followers on Twitter – Being Relevant is the Key to Success

How to Get Followers on Twitter – Being Relevant is the Key to Success

The popularity of Twitter has become, in a word, UNREAL. People “tweet” about waking up in the morning, what they are doing during the day, and what they just ate for breakfast. Others are “tweeting” valuable information and content, linking to articles, and sharing links to music that they enjoy. Then you have “blatant” spammers. Like with any social media site, they are “blasting” their links in hopes of getting their next “sale”. Some of them know better, some don’t, and some could care less.

Either way, the majority of users are wondering how to get followers on Twitter?. It is that magical “mystique” that surrounds the average Twitter user. How is it done? How do these Top Twitterers do it? Is there some type of magical formula on how to get followers on Twitter? Some of these so-called “Gurus” will tell you YES, there is. Follow “my secret system” and get 18,937 Followers in 30-90 Days. But the truth is, that the Top Twitterers don’t do it “magically”, they do it “systematically”.

“Get followers instantly and on auto-pilot” seems to be the trend online marketers are using these days to “hypnotize” people into buying their systems. After all, who wouldn’t want to “easily” learn how to get followers on Twitter ( completely on auto-pilot ) while making an extra $ 200 to $ 1,000? And on top of that, doing it ALL from the comfort of their living room chair while watching the latest episode of their favorite television program. Are you kidding? Sign ME up for that program NOW! But realistically, the pure “hype” of these systems are usually enough to turn the average Twitter user off. When enough people start “over saturating” the market, it begins to become old news. People aren’t “tweeting” anymore, they are just posting self-serving links. This is not the proper way to gather a large following of people, and in most cases, will get you unfollowed.

So what’s the big deal with Twitter anyway? Well, Twitter can be a very valuable business tool if used properly. Dell knows it, and so does CNN. So why is it so hard for the average person to crack the code on how to get followers on Twitter? In one word, RELEVANCY. Learn who your “customer” is. Don’t just spam random links to anyone and everyone in hopes of getting “bites”. Knowing your “customer” and offering them “relevant” information will get you much more Twitter followers than random “spam” techniques. You can read my reviews of the latest Twitter Systems by clicking here: Twitter System Reviews or you can visit the site directly by going here: http://www.twittersystemreviews.com