Do You Need a Virtual Assistant? Ask Yourself These Questions

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant? Ask Yourself These Questions

Outsourcing is the number one way to build backlinks throughout the world. GetaFreelancer, Scriptlance and RentaCoder are three of the top bidding websites and any listing for building backlinks is sure to get quite a few hits within the first minutes on the Internet. There has been some concern, however, about building backlinks too quickly with the use of teams working on one project at a time. Thousands of backlinks can be established every day, but how are those backlinks verified and do they really look good to the search engines? A more viable option may be the personal virtual assistant.

A virtual personal assistant is someone who works with a person or business for a set number of hours per week. This person can perform many duties, but building backlinks is one of the most popular next to SEO. The virtual assistant can be located anywhere in the world as long as language barriers are obsolete and the time zone issue can be solved. What does a personal virtual assistant offer?

Taking into consideration that quality is more important than quantity, the virtual assistant can work within a set of guidelines to build links back to a website’s home and deep pages. The assistant reports directly to one person and simply will not be able to create the sheer number of links an outsourced team can provide, and this is a good thing. Communication between the contact and the virtual assistant is the key to a great relationship with both the business and the search engines.

If the virtual assistant has a question about a certain site or a backlink, they can ask their contact and the situation is immediately resolved. The backlink building team may not make that connection and once a link is published on the web, there is no taking it back. Questions are good!

On the flip side of the coin, the virtual assistant will cost more than a trusted backlink service. The difference in price could mean fewer links and less bang for the marketing buck. Many companies working with website promotion will offer a variety of productive campaigns that have been tested with other companies. The virtual assistant may not have that experience and if they do, will surely be far too expensive for the smaller online companies. So, what do you do?

If your company needs more than just backlinking, let’s say SEO and keyword research, having someone on the payroll could be beneficial. If backlinks are the only duty, a service that believes in taking their time and asking questions first, could be a better choice.

Backlinks are the heart of Internet popularity with both people and search engines. Building a strong online presence does not require a virtual assistant, just an attention to detail, need for results and search engine driven knowledge. Variety is the best choice and if you do not have the time to push backlink variety, there are people out there willing and trained to help.

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Are You Sitting on an Idea? Quotes and Coaching Questions to Get You Moving

Are You Sitting on an Idea? Quotes and Coaching Questions to Get You Moving

“In action lies wisdom and confidence.” Albert Schweitzer

“…courage is only an accumulation of small steps.” George Konrad

“I’ve never been afraid to step out and to move out in order to make things happen.” Victoria Gray

Thinking it Through…

I love the world of ideas. That pure, perfect energetic world where anything can be created and obstacles are unheard of. I’m good at playing in that world. I love hearing other people’s ideas and I enjoy thinking up my own. There is no argument that the world of ideas is wonderful but taking permanent residence in “idea land” can become a problem. What I have found is that if I stay too long in the “idea stage” the idea becomes stale and bitter causing me to not even want to think about it. The idea that once was energizing becomes an energy drain!

The only cure I have found is to begin the messy work of taking steps to move the idea into reality. It is messy because the minute I take action to create what I have envisioned my “monkey mind” starts chattering. It says “helpful” things like “This will never work.” “I think you can come up with a better idea.” “There are too many problems with this idea.” or the particularly encouraging, “You’re an idiot and all your ideas are doomed for failure!” Taking action is also messy because when I take action that is when I find obstacles and things I need to change. Over time I have learned to hang in there because when I keep taking action a beautiful thing happens…My idea gives me energy again. Even though I come up against problems I feel excited because I am creating and creating is one of the aspects of life that makes it worth living.


1. What idea do you have that has become stale and bitter due to inaction?

2. What small step can you take towards creating this idea?

3. Every day for a week take at least one action step to create your idea. At the end of the week notice how you feel.

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Know If Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You By Answering 3 Questions

Know If Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You By Answering 3 Questions

Do you want to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you? Then perhaps it’s about time you leave the confines of your bedroom and start taking action. There are numerous way to find out whether he still has feelings for you or not.

Read on to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you.

1) Does he compliment you on any new changes?

Many women like to get over a break-up by getting a make-over. They get a new hair cut, go to the gym and even buy new clothes. If you haven’t done this already, then what else are you waiting for?

Not only does this give you a new start, it also paves the way for you to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you. Once he sees you out and about looking better than ever, observe his reaction.

If he compliments you and lets his eyes linger longer than he normally would, then your ex boyfriend might still feel something for you.

2) Does he bring up the subject of your break-up?

When guys bring up the subject of the break-up, it usually means that he might actually be second-guessing how the relationship ended. He might actually be trying to get the idea of the two of you having another try.

Guys, after all, aren’t known for their eagerness to discuss their feelings. If he’s even trying to bring it to the table, then you know that he is seriously considering getting back together.

This is one of the stronger indications you can look out for should you want to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you.

3) Does he hang around still?

Another effective way to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you is if he hangs around the places you usually frequent.

If you think that’s only because you two have always had the same taste, why don’t you try hanging out at a new restaurant or cafĂ©? If he turns up, then he’s probably not that over you yet.

If he makes himself available to you whenever you want, that too is quite telling of his feelings.

These are just some of the ways for you to know if your ex boyfriend still likes you. At the end of the day, it’s still better if you talk to him about what he really wants to do. The only way to know for certain is for you to get the confirmation straight from him.

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