How to Optimize your Page Rank

How to Optimize your Page Rank

PageRank (PR) is a number calculated by Google which determines the popularity or reputation of particular web page. Its basic algorithm is known, however, it is not possible to precisely calculate this number with some tool because the details are known only to Google. The basic principle is that the number and the quality of backlinks to particular page define its authority. This authority is in measured by this magic number–PageRank. The same applies to the quality of the backlink–the measure for this is again PageRank. The PR for each page is constantly calculated by Google and it is not know to the public. Few times a year Google releases integer value of this number to the public. It can be accessed with Google toolbar, dedicated websites or widgets.

While this number itself does not guarantee high positions in search results it is still a good measure of the quality of the page. The higher the PR the more useful or respected page it is. Therefore it is a good idea to invest some time and effort to raise PR number as high as possible. Another useful property of this number is that it can serve as a tool to quickly evaluate the quality of any website. If you are purchasing a domain or website then the PR number is the first indication of the quality of the site.

The only way to increase PageRank is by getting as many backlinks as possible. In general, every link counts but you should pay attention to at least two things. The first one is the PageRank of pages where you are trying to get backlinks. The higher the PR the more is link worth. In other words, every page passes its reputation (measured by the PR value) to other pages it links to. Therefore, you should look for link opportunities on pages with high PR. The second important fact is the “nofollow” attribute. Links which are marked with this attribute do not contribute to the PageRank calculation and are, from this point of view, worthless. However, link is a link. It points to your page and visitor can follow it. This means that nofollow links still have some value and should not be discarded. On the other hand, the PR value and the nofollow attribute apply only to Google. Other search engines treat links equally.

The easiest way to optimize PageRank value is to get backlinks from blogs, forums, Web 2.0 sites or web directories. There are forums and blogs for every possible niche. All you have to do is to find them. Try to contribute some useful content, posting backlinks to your website should not be the first priority.


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How to Optimize Your Website With SEO

How to Optimize Your Website With SEO

SEO. Everybody wants to get good at it. Nobody can stop wishing to know more of it. No matter how optimized your site is for the search engines, you need to keep innovating and finding new ways to dominate the rankings. You can always pay for your traffic, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your organic efforts. There are thousands of people who make a lot of money by owning well-optimized websites, and they are not doing anything magical.

To have a well-optimized website for Google, you need to pay attention to on-page and off-page factors. By adopting a multi-faceted strategy, you can reduce your risks and give yourself a better chance to rank well on top search services.

Title tag: your title tag is the most important tag on your page. Don’t forget to use your top keywords here.
Header: header elements are also considered very important by search-engines. Your phrases should be included here as well.
Incoming Anchor Text: if you are building links, you should ask your partners to include your top words in the anchor texts of those links. That way engines rank you higher for those terms (depending on the quality of your partners).
Link Quality: it’s not about quantity. Your quality partners are more important and can determine where your rank.
Age of Site: the older your domain, the better chance you have of getting out of Google’s sandbox faster.
Internal structure: not only you should get others to link to you, you should also link to your own pages. Use the right anchor texts to help sites such as Google figure out why you pages are important.
Content body: you should use your top words on your pages. Your keyword density should be anywhere between 3-5%.
Server Status: if your server goes down and stays down for a long time, Google and other engines may penalize you, so invest in a good hosting to avoid this issue.
New Media: social networking, social bookmarking, and video content are all great ways to get ranked high on search sites these days. That may change, but if you want to create fresh, killer content, make sure you use the social media to go viral.

There is no SEO magic bullet. It takes a lot of hard work and a real strategy to succeed. The above steps should be the basic part of your overall strategy, and they put you on the right track, but they shouldn’t be all you focus on.

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