More Cars Shipped, Means Lower Quote For You

More Cars Shipped, Means Lower Quote For You

Everything seems to be cheaper when you buy in bulk. The same can go for car transport. These days, every dollar counts, and we have to shop around to get the best bargains. This applies to food, consumer products and even some reliable car transportation. You know that when you buy something online from a company, and then perhaps add another thing to the order, they are likely to give you a deal and ship both items for the same charge.

If you have a good broker with a car transport company that wants to work for you, and not against you, and will do their very best to make the deal work for you, then you can look forward to a bargain. The more cars that some brokers can ship at the same time, although dropped off at different locations, means savings passed along to each customer. More cars shipped together on a reliable car transportation rig means less time zipping around for the driver to pick up one here and one there. Less time for the driver and less mileage means savings for all customers using that particular transport route.

I think it’s like getting a baker’s dozen, which is thirteen — one free means less costs when split amongst all. With door to door car transport the cost may run a little more but it’s a lot safer than shipping terminal to terminal. Your car is looked after from the moment it’s loaded onto the car transport rig, to the moment it’s offloaded at your home and you drive it into your garage. A reliable car transportation site will have a means for them to quote you quickly through email, but if you just want to call them up right away and speak to the broker, then they will also have a toll free phone number for their customer’s convenience.

Car transport today is like the cattle drives back in the Old West. Round them on up, load them up, unload them at their destination. Of course, today, the destination may be a garage attached to a home on a cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We should all be so lucky. In the meantime, we can dream about the car about to arrive at our urban curb, all shiny and clean because it was transported in a dealer type covered rig, safe and sound, and if cars could think like their owners, bursting with anticipation at the road ahead.

Susan Hart is a world traveled former literary agent. If you have urgent Car Transport needs and want to save money take a look at the site she visited right away.

Seo – Less Means More

Seo – Less Means More
You wouldn’t think that when it comes to getting traffic that less means more would you? Well, if you are focusing your search engine optimization on the quantity of traffic and not the quality, you are going about it all wrong. Getting all the traffic in the world doesn’t mean a thing if your visitors are just visiting. Keywords are key in search engine optimization.

Keyword Conversions

There is a method to turning keywords into conversions and that is to keep your keywords focused on your niche.

For example, if you are selling a homeopathic remedy to kill lice; the keywords “homeopathic remedies has 1,770,000 search results. Now, if you search for “Homeopathic lice remedies,” the results are only 139,000. As you can see, there is a significant difference and while you will only be targeting people looking for “lice remedies” and not the broader term “homeopathic remedies,” you are focusing on a target audience and isn’t your goal to get people who want to get rid of lice?

Think of how much time and effort it would take trying to optimize your website for “homeopathic remedies.” You will no doubt get more searches, but how many people are searching for something specific and how many people are just looking for information? Not to mention, how much competition would you have with “homeopathic remedies”?

Why less means more

There are two types of people searching the net — buyers and freebie seekers. Buyers, of course, are ready to take action while freebie seekers may just be searching for information. If a person has a problem, they are looking for a solution and if you have the solution, guess what? They’re going to buy from you.

By narrowing down your audience, yes you will get less traffic, but the chances increase that they will buy because you are giving them exactly what they’re looking for.

Finding the right keywords

The key to getting your customers to find you is highly focused keywords that will attract those “buyers” — people who are ready to make a move. There are a few steps you can take to find the right keywords to increase your flow of traffic.

1. Check your server logs to see what keyword phrases people are using to find your site. This works in two ways because you can also see what keywords are turning people away and get rid of those ASAP.

2. Look for “intention.” Let’s say you sell a homeopathic head lice remedy. When people search your site, they may be looking for different things, i.e.

– Searching for a specific product
– Searching for product reviews
– Information on how to get rid of head lice
– What remedy will get rid of head lice immediately
– What’s the safest way to get rid of head lice

By optimizing your website for each problem that people are trying to solve, you will not only give them what they’re looking for, they won’t have to look elsewhere for more information. The longer they stay on your site, the more your chances increase that they will make a purchase.

The key is to grab the customer’s attention, give them the information they need, and the product/products they want. By providing relevant information, not only will they buy from you, but they will come back.

Jesson Preston is an internet marketing expert, specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. Mr. Preston is currentlybased in Baltimore, Maryland.

Customer Service Means Total Client Care.

Customer Service Means Total Client Care.
In a modern marketplace brimming with competition and no end of purchasing options, the smart investor needs to know that his telecommunications needs are backed by a complete customer service dedication that encompasses more than a remotely located help desk. AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. is dedicated to providing global clients with the confidence of a business model built on the concepts of an established worldwide dealer network, extensive personnel training, fast delivery, and on-site support.

Military and industrial operations depend on telecommunications equipment for survival in the field and for profitable operation. Every hour’s delay between order of new or replacement equipment and the delivery of that equipment can exact a cost in profits, materials, consumables, or even lives. AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. understands the immediacy of the need for radio and satellite communications equipment, and for the handling of data in the field or at base. Fast delivery is one of the core concepts in their business model, getting communications equipment into the hands of the client as soon as possible. This ability is supported by the worldwide network of distributors and supplier that make global communication possible, built on established relationships and proven capabilities. Unnecessary waiting is unacceptable.

On-site support and an extensive personnel training program go hand in hand, forming the basis for reliable operation and installation of telecommunications equipment in the field. Since AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. not only distributes, but also manufactures their own telecommunications products, the client is assured of professional technicians completely familiar with their own equipment. By effectively passing on that information, the technicians provide the client with trained personnel who are constantly available to operate and maintain expensive telecommunications equipment in the field or at base. By providing these trained personnel with the additional support of professional technicians and other on-site services, the client receives security in the continued operation of their equipment and a measure of protection for their investment.

The key to the this model of total client care customer service lies in the global network of dealers and distributors that AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. has established during their years of operation. By tapping into the local sources of equipment, logistics, and information, they can reliably draw upon professional personnel and standardized equipment from anywhere in the world. By vetting these contacts for established capabilities and discretion, they are assured of competent and secure cooperation able to mobilized quickly in response to a client’s needs. Their global network is constantly evolving and changing in anticipation of the world wide climate and the changing needs of the client base.

AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. takes customer service seriously. Their approach is a proven and reliable method that not only supports clients during unanticipated contingencies, but proactively anticipates the flexible needs of the client base in order to prevent loss of communications time and data. Constant training and continuing education are the hallmarks of the professional technicians tasked with maintaining on-site support and client personnel training. The global network of dealers and suppliers moves to provide clients with the fastest possible delivery and a reliable communications chain.

AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd is a global wholesale distributor and manufacturer of communication equipment. We carry satellite communications equipment, data communication equipment, radio communication equipment, wireless communication equipment, and more! Visit our website at and browse our huge selection of telecommunication equipment!