Memorial Inscription: Format, Ideas and Quotes for Urn or Headstone Epitaph

Memorial Inscription: Format, Ideas and Quotes for Urn or Headstone Epitaph

When suddenly faced with the death of a loved one and the myriad of decisions about final arrangements, memorial service details, burial or cremation, etc., it is often difficult to sit and think well about what to put on a memorial stone or cremation urn as an epitaph to commemorate a loved one’s life. Here are some standard formatting options and ideas for headstone and urn inscriptions to start you on the right track.

Standard Inscription Format:

In Loving Memory
John Doe
January 1, 1943 – December 31, 1999

Other first lines:

In Memorium

In Remembrance

In Fondest Memory Of

In Treasured Memory Of

In Honored Memory Of

In Cherished Memory Of

Happy Memories Of

Other epitaph date formats:

1/1/43 – 12/31/99

1/1/1943 – 12/31/1999

Jan. 1, 1943 – Dec. 31, 1999

1943 – 1999

Additional Lines:

Often a short epitaph, 2-15 words in length, will be engraved below the dates. See below for list of short epitaphs. The format would then look like this:

In Loving Memory
Jane Doe
January 1, 1943 – December 31, 1999
Faithful Wife, Loving Mother

Engraving a middle name:

John D. Doe

John David Doe

Engraving a nickname:

John “Jack” Doe

Bible Verses for Headstone or Urn Inscription:

(For more Scripture verses fit for an epitaph, click here.)

Love is patient, love is kind.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

God is our refuge and our strength.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (NIV)

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (ESV)

He gives His beloved sleep.

The Lord bless thee and keep thee;
The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace.

And so we will be with the Lord forever.

We live by faith, not by sight.

Short Epitaph Poems for Headstone or Urn Inscription:

You are not forgotten, loved one
Nor will you ever be
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee

Memory is a lovely lane,
Where hearts are ever true,
A lane I so often travel down,
Because it leads to you.

His charming ways and smiling face,
Are a pleasure to recall,
He had a kindly word for each,
And died beloved by all.

A silent thought, a secret tear,
Keeps his memory ever dear.
Time eases the edge of grief,
Memory turns back every leaf.

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art
Thou my best thought, by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

Be still, my soul: the hour is hastening on
When we shall be forever with the Lord.
When disappointment, grief and fear are gone,
Sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored.
Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past
All safe and blessèd we shall meet at last.

Though absent you are very near
Still loved, still missed, and very dear

There is a link death cannot sever,
Love and remembrance last forever

Remembered always with love sincere
Memories keep him ever near

You still live on in the hearts and minds
Of the loving family you left behind

Rock of Ages, cleft for me
Let me hide myself in Thee

Short Epitaphs for Headstone or Urn Inscription:

Loving Father, Husband, Brother, and Friend

Loving Mother, Wife, Sister, and Friend

Faithful and Loving Husband

Faithful and Loving Wife


Sadly Missed, Lovingly Remembered

Forever Remembered, Forever Missed

Safe In the Arms of Jesus

Asleep In Jesus

He, Being Dead, Yet Speaketh (Hebrews 11:4)

Absent From the Body, Present With the Lord

In God’s Care

I Know My Redeemer Lives

We Love You Always

He Loved and Was Loved

In the Cross of Christ I Glory

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Blessed Are the Dead That Die In the Lord

In His Keeping

In God’s Hand

Forever In Our Hearts

At Rest

At Peace

Though Gone From Sight To Memory Dear

Until We Meet Again

Safe At Last the Harbour Past

Forever In Our Thoughts

Rest In Peace

May He Rest In Peace

May She Rest In Peace

Much Loved

Peace At Last

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Hot Traffic Ideas ? Understanding the Anatomy of a powerful Backlink

Hot Traffic Ideas ? Understanding the Anatomy of a powerful Backlink

To be able to achieve a high ranking position with the Research Engines, it is without doubt today which you need backlinks. But getting low good quality backlinks isn’t going to assist you to significantly given the advanced techniques that Research Engines use nowadays. You ought to settle for nothing but powerful backlinks if you want to succeed with SEO.

Some Internet Marketers pay a meager ten dollars for a service that gets them a thousand backlinks. They rapidly learned that people links end up hurting their web page ranking much more than anything else due to the fact Search Engines are cautious about overnight increased in links pointing to your webpages.

It can be far extra advantages to have a single large excellent link coming from a recognized source than to have a hundred of individuals from multiple poorly graded websites.

To do so you would need to comprehend the anatomy of a powerful backlink:

Page Rank

A page rank is a web page positioning range ranging from one to ten that is certainly assigned by Google based on how highly it “qualifies” a web web page. The higher a page rank quantity, the far more valuable it truly is to possess a backlink coming from 1 of these websites.

Age of Web site

The age of a website linking to you is also an vital factor. If the Investigation Engines discover out that most of the internet websites linking to you might be newly constructed web-sites, it will not be likely to give you a large regard. The reserve is also true, so it truly is heading to do you beneficial if you’ll be able to get internet websites which can be at least a few years old to link back for you.

Variety of Additional Links on Site

This can be some thing you wish to contemplate. Even if you will be getting a link from an extremely ranked website, but if the same web page has fifty other links pointing to other webpages too, it just isn’t going to help you very a lot when the Research Engines analyze the supply.

Web page with Authority

You can find internet sites out there that Research Engines regard as top dogs, for instance people that are linked to government services or prestigious schools. Having a link from these sources is undoubtedly a powerful backlink.

Relevancy of content material

Last but not least, having a site linking to you with written content that is relevant to your niche is crucial. Obviously, a website that promotes satellite television has no relevance to yours if you are selling bicycle accessories.

With an understanding of how a beneficial backlink works, you really should be targeting quite particular sources likely forward to earn you that robust backlink that you simply deserve.

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Seo ? Ideas On Producing Seo Blog Content Look Great

Seo ? Ideas On Producing Seo Blog Content Look Great

It is extremely suggested that you Search engine optimization your weblog content. It is not recommended nevertheless that you simply make your weblog sound stiff and technical for the sake of attracting search engines like google. When it comes to truly incorporating your keywords into your blog duplicate maintain in mind that the very best blogs would be the ones that sound informal. Nobody desires to examine a robotic repetitive piece of copy.

One crucial to maintaining your weblog looking neat and readable would be to keep the content much less than 300 words. 250 phrases per blog is notion. Preserving them looking reasonably uniform as well as the same duration can be extra visually eye catching and extra probably to maintain curious eyeballs on your web page and not an individual else’s.

Another factor you have to notice will be the way the headline of your weblog article looks. Shorter is virtually continually far better. Long search engine optimized weblog titles do not deliver the results if they are lower off with the finish. Make certain that any weblog headlines that you have are.

You ought to also be certain that your blog headlines aren’t also industrial or corny sounding. For instance a weblog title including “Make 1000′s a day making use of Seo!” just isn’t going to perform as well like a subtler phrase including “How Search engine optimization Let Me Quit My Day Task.” Corny headlines appear like spam to a whole lot of men and women when they get them on their RSS feeds so their eyes merely glaze more than when they see some thing like “Hoodia Miracle Weight loss Drug!” or “Grow Bigger Breasts in 3 Days.”

Unless the acronym is very well known you might be also meant to remain away from making use of them as headlines inside your weblog. However this is not suggested if your Search engine optimization title is simply too long as in “Valuable ideas for Making use of Search Engine Suggestions for Blogs.” It’s significantly much better to keep the language pretty simple as in “Top Search engine optimization Suggestions!”

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Easy and Effective Design Ideas For Swing Tags

Easy and Effective Design Ideas For Swing Tags

The single most important factor in the creation of a brand is the atmosphere in a store. Advertisements can only go so far – it is the real, physical interaction that people have with your products and the space in which you sell them that goes furthest in creating a positive impression. One of the final steps in that branding exercise is the swing tags for your products! Today we are looking at design strategies for swing tag printing that can really individualize your store and set your brand apart from the rest.

Two Colour Printing

This design strategy offers maximum impact as well as maximum flexibility for placement. Keeping it simple ensures that your tags won’t clash with half your stock, while looking super-stylish on the rest. The two colours don’t have to be black and white – many printing services will offer you the choice of black and one other colour at a price below what would be charged for full colour work, The colour of the paper forms a third contrast colour that you can utilize in your design.

Unbleached Paper

Does your trade printer have an unbleached paper option? If not, you can quite easily source your own stock to have your swing tags printed on. The unbleached look is a very effective design strategy for businesses that use green principles and environmental friendliness as part of their market positioning.


No rule exists that states that swing tags must consist of a single, unfolded piece of paper. The swing tag is a great place to provide product information and start warm marketing, at a much lower cost than printing brochures. Using your product tags to start a dialog with customers about the product tells them that you care about them, beyond putting the cash in your register!

Macro shots

Macro shots are ten times better at creating an impression, and an atmosphere, than photos of an entire object. Photographers love macro shots because they allow you to get right up close to the soul of an object. The macro shot that you use for swing tag printing doesn’t have to be of one of your products. Either your marketer or your trade printing service can choose an image that is related to your business, but not necessarily belonging to it.

Multifold mini-brochures

One of the reasons that CDs have survived for so long in a digital-dominated age is the associated paraphernalia that comes with them. The lack of a cover insert is cited as being one of the main reasons that people still buy physical discs rather than automatically downloading everything. People WANT to connect with a brand… especially if they like it enough to buy products from within it. Multifold mini-brochures, even if they contain nothing more than extra images, are a great way to help them along. Ask your trade printer for a quote – they are surprisingly cost-effective.

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Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation Ideas
Home automation can encompass a variety of advanced features that you can add to your home. It can range from controlling the sound system throughout your entire home to controlling the electric blinds for every window. The ability to control or automate all the systems that make your house run can make your life easier. Home automation in Florida or any other location is a great idea for any homeowner.

Advanced Heating and Cooling
Imagine the ability to control heating beyond a simple thermostat. What if you could control the temperature of your home room by room? You might prefer a cooler temperature in your home office than in your bedroom.

Lighting Control
Many homes may have basic lighting controls for outdoor lights. Imagine the ability to adjust lighting anywhere in your home from a remote. Do you dread having to get out of bed and checking to make sure that all the lights have been shut off? You could easily grab your remote and turn off the light in the garage or the basement with a touch of the button. Lighting control could also save you money. You could consider motion sensors or timers for lighting in rooms that are not used as often and lights may be left on. You could control all the lighting from one source.

It can be beneficial to control electronics or appliances in your home. An automated sound system would allow you to control the sound throughout your home. You could also contact anyone throughout your home with an intercom system. Imagine setting your blinds to automatically close at certain hours or depending on the light conditions.

You may rely on different automation depending on where you live. Home automation in Florida may differ from home automation needs in other areas. Automating your home for weather conditions or to harness natural power sources are all possibilities that can make your home easier to maintain, regardless of where you live. Whether you are planning on adding a home theatre or full scale home automation, the possibilities are endless and only limited by the technology available.

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The Hottest Life Quote Tattoos And Quote Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

The Hottest Life Quote Tattoos And Quote Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

If you really are dying to get a tattoo that is rich, full of meaning and super cool looking then you probably should consider a life quote tattoo.  It might sound strange at first since tattoos are such a visual medium and a very artistic endeavor.  However, more and more people these days are getting written, word and quote tattoo designs then ever before.  if you have been thinking about a life quote tattoo but not sure how to go about it then this article will help you tremendously.

Benefits of A Life Quote Tattoo
A lot of people might not see tyhe benefits of a quote tattoo at first glance.  However, when you look deeper at the idea it become really appealing.  No more getting some tattoo design that symbolizes something you did not intend.  No more paying a huge extra fee to have the design done for you and no more long hours and multiple visits to your tattoo shop.  You can save a huge amount of time, money and headache by getting a quote and written tattoo while still ending up with a design that is very unique, original and best of all can be placed in so many different locations on your body the possibilities are endless.

Where To Find Life Quote Tattoos
No this is the only hard part of the process.  That is how do you go about finding the rigbht tattoo and the right quote or saying for your final design.  I have seen it numerous times people post on Yahoo answers and other social sites and ask what should I get tattooed.  However, this honestly is not a good way to go about getting a tattoo design if you want something you will truly love for the rest of your life.  Doing it the internet social network way will lead to a few years down the road wanting to get your tattoo removed.

So instead spend some time and search for your idea saying.  If you do not already have a saying you want you can look in your local library, online and everywhere for quotes.  Often it is super easy to find hundreds of quotes sites quickly on line.  You can even just type in something like quotes on life and you will quickly get an alphabetized list of quotes.  You can easily pick from these and find ones that rign true for you.  Once you find a few take some time to sleep on your ideas.  Even write your quote out in permanent marker to give it a spin on your flesh.  Look and think hard and if you still want to get it inked on your body go for it.

One of the best things about quote tattoos is they can be put just about anywhere on your body.  They are very flexible and small in design so there are a lot of possibilities.  Typically women love to get these on their foot, ankle, wrist, and back of the neck.  Men tend to go for the forearm, back, side rib cage area and even the calf.  Wherever you decide the cool thing is the tattoo will look great.  one last thing to consider if the font you want to use.  It really depends on your quote and what you are trying to communicate but the font is like the icing on the cake and it should be chosen carefully because it will really drive home the saying part of the tattoo in a visual way.  So you really want to match the over all font design and layout and even location on your body with the type of quote and the message you are after.

In the end the most important thing is to take your time.  Don;t rush the process of a great tattoo.  Instead think about it, look around and find all that is out there.  Consider your options and truly search around to find something you love.  Then do the same thing in finding a great tattoo artist that will work with you well.  Once you have done those things the rest should be a walk in the park.

For more great quote tattoo ideas and free tattoo designs check out

My Custom Tattoo