Rfid Temperature Tags To Solve The Problem Of Food Refrigeration And Heating

Rfid Temperature Tags To Solve The Problem Of Food Refrigeration And Heating

Altierre company located in San Jose, California, is committed to providing wireless solutions for retailers, today announced a new RFID Temperature detection tag, used to track store Food Refrigeration and heating conditions. The RFID system can be installed within a few hours. Typically, supermarkets temperature measurement system deployment costs about 15,000 dollars, including software, Tag And sensors. The sensor label to have installed Altierre wireless shelf label system can substantially reduce the cost of an RFID tag price is not more than 10 U.S. dollars.

According Altierre SunitSaxena Chairman and CEO said Midwest and Northwest regions of some food chains have begun to try Altierre developed RFID temperature sensing system. However, it did not disclose the name chain. Some shops have become Electronic Shelf label system (ESL) of the client. Other clients to the system as an independent solution, used in refrigeration systems, in which the installation Altierre sensor tags, readers and software, in order to obtain relevant data.

Ago, food retailers to send staff to record the cooling and heating system, the required time period, they manually record the temperature of notebook on the need to record every day 4 to 5 times. However, if the time outside the examination problems, such as the door is opened or equipment failure, staff can not discover.

Saxena said, Altierre’s new RFID temperature monitoring system to reduce the manual time-consuming to read the temperature and provide a high return on investment (ROI). In addition, a decrease of the loss items, such as stores find a freezer, refrigerator or heat the oven does not run properly, then the inside of the food on the need for timely treatment. The previous manual system can not discover the problem, resulting loss of food, resulting in loss costs. 60,000 square feet of local

usually need to install two Altierre reader, used to identify the retail outlets within the active RFID tags affixed Altierre2.4GHz, by special agreement between the data transmission, sensor size is 2.5 inches × tag 1.5 inches, 0.5 inches thick, can be placed directly inside the refrigerator or freezer. For example, the temperature sensor in a heating device chicken in full bloom, and in its external installation of RFID tags. The RFID tags continuously monitor the temperature, the code reader reads the tag and receives data in.

Install sensor tags, retail staff to use handheld interrogators to read the unique ID code, a label with the control of the heating or cooling equipment correspond with each other. If a device internal temperature of two degrees of change, the alarm transmitted to the store manager and maintenance staff to take corresponding measures. If the temperature is changing, then issue a second warning, the object is not only managers and maintenance personnel, as well as corporate headquarters, or other staff in the post, causing the problem seriously.

According to Saxena said, Altierre of RFID temperature monitoring system, other than the current temperature tracking solution to be outstanding. Although the hospital uses Wi-Fi or wireless ZigBee, RFID tags, the temperature tracking is common, but he said that Wi-Fi in some restrictions on the number of sensors, while a store may need hundreds or thousands of sensors.

Altierre companies release new products a week before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy And Commerce Committee issued a Food Safety Enhancement Act 2009 amendment, a vote by the full House of Representatives. The bill aims to improve food safety, the global market. Can be said that the company’s RFID system is Altierre came into being.

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quot;Appliances rental” market quietly heating up – Appliance Rental, fans – HC network appliance industry

quot;Appliances rental” market quietly heating up – Appliance Rental, fans – HC network appliance industry
Car Lease, rental brand clothing, jewelry leasing … … With the growth of people’s lives, the diversity of demand, rental industry deep into every corner of our lives. This summer, Home Appliances Wuhan extremely strong leasing business, university and some surrounding villages in the city, air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliance leasing the facade can be seen everywhere. Appliance Rental in bring people to enjoy convenient, quality second-hand home appliances worrisome. In fact, the “appliance rental” is not new, several large and medium cities in China, home appliance rental has been the rise for years, while in South Korea, the U.S. and other countries, household appliances leasing the consumption is very common, since the rental performance of the U.S. accounted for 30% of GDP. Hankou in Wuhan forward four, Wuchang Yuema Chang, etc. Electronic Flea market, a lot of second-hand shop owners are second-hand appliance rental appliances. Owner, said home appliance rental business this summer more than in previous years, especially in July when the continuous high temperature, air-conditioning leasing more popular. New job is “music rental family” Quietly rising despite lease appliances, but consumers have the response was different. Found in the market, many people never heard of home appliance rental, and some even asked: “appliances can also rent it?” There are other people that have heard of, but not lease appliances. Many people believe that rent appliances in use with the general feeling is that other people’s things, always to be worried about its security problems, it is not a sense of belonging, not the things themselves are not intimate with them. Now home appliance store in vigorously in all promotional activities, is actually quite cheap to buy new, not to spend some money. Should only buy new, can not afford do not need. , Of course, some people are authorized appliance rental. Xiaoxia is one of the representatives, “Take the rent air conditioning, the summer temperature is high, even with the house Fan Does not help, for those of us to work just for people who rent a used air conditioner cheaper than buying a new air conditioning and more, and so save money, and of resolving the hot issue, why not? ” It is understood that in the Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and some other large cities, every year a large number of local or foreign graduates come to find work, most of them relatively cheap rental houses in some years, but most of the rental rooms do not provide home appliances, which provide a great rental for the home appliance market. Market expectations “regular army” Present, growing demand for household appliances leasing, lease covers a refrigerator, air conditioning, Washing machine , Television. Households spend a lot of second-hand home appliances business acquired dozens of dollars from residents to Jiujia Dian, a simple shell cleaning and refurbishment of second-hand home appliances can be rented or sold out, which is worrying security issues. For example washing machines, washing machine too long after the use of body encourages the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, also use more than retirement age of household electrical appliances are prone to leakage and other safety incidents. Appliance industry, said China’s huge holdings of traditional consumer electronics market, second-hand appliance rental market must be a big cake. Currently, second-hand goods market is still in the stage of cohabitation, people used home appliances lease can be approved, but also need some strong enterprises to positive guidance, the key is that these companies can achieve a ” Service “First, to meet consumer demand. Increase in automobile production and marketing Driven engineering plastics market 2009 7 engineering plastics market, the relative dispersion of concern products, engineering plastics, PMMA, PET, PET, nylon, EVA, POM, PPS, PC, PA6, TPU, SBS, polyurethane, PPO, PBT resin, glass fibers, PU, EVA, etc. are subject to interest. The overall situation of concern increased from last month, the most concerned about product is 13% polyester (polyester 6% + PET6% + PBT1%), nylon accounts for 8%, PMMA7%, EVA5%.

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