Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags

Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags
Businesses can use hang tags to help them achieve their marketing goals. When a company feels that their product line needs a little push in the right direction, project a certain image or they want to promote a special sale, hang tags are one of the tools that should come to mind. Done correctly, hang tags can help you to attract attention, inform your customer about your products and project your brand image all in a matter of seconds.

The success of hang tag marketing lies on the design. A good hang tag design can inform the consumers what they can expect from the product. Is the product made from quality material? Is it perfect for a certain demographic? Is there a special promo that comes with the purchase? Anything you want to tell your customers, you put it on the hang tag. To make the most of your tags, take into account the following design tips:


Utilize a concept for your hang tag. This will provide your marketing efforts some necessary focus. Are you promoting a type of lifestyle? It could be trendy or classy. For example, you could target upscale customers by emphasizing status or elegance in your marketing. Do you want to add value to your tag? You may incorporate a promotional idea into your tags by adding a tear-out portion that can be used as a discount coupon.


Make your logo shout! This is one of the most important elements in your hang tag design you can even have it use up an entire side. Ideal for branding, hang tags should put your logo in front of people. Even at a glance, your customers should immediately associate the image in your hang tag with your products. An attractive logo can help you achieve that effect.

Colors and typesets

Colors and typesets can help tell your story. But remember that your graphic elements should match the overall concept. For example, bright colors and cartoony graphics might work for effectively with children’s clothing. Avoid cluttering your design with lots of texts, otherwise your hang tags would only end up as unnecessary eyesores. If you can, design a folded hang tag if you still need to add more information and to make the layout more manageable


Remember to keep the copy simple and clear. A hang tag is not a brochure, it cant contain long-winded messages. Just include the most important things, like product information, care details, etc. Again, your hang tags should not be cluttered.

Your hang tags have three important goals to accomplish. First it should attract attention. Then it should inform the customer what they need to know about your product. And finally, it needs to project a brand image. Different kinds of products need different hang tags yet these goals are constant. Your challenge is to create an engaging design that fits whatever product your company is marketing. An effective hang tag design conveys your goals to promote your brand and drive your sales. Stand out from the competition by keeping in mind these tips when designing your hang tags.

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Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Introducing a new product to the market requires you to create appealing presentation materials, such as hang tags. The use of these print materials is actually a usual practice for many businesses. This is especially true if the products or items are apparel or accessories. Hang tags are attached to a product or item for the purpose of providing relevant information. These also contain the brand and logo of the manufacturer.

Usually, hang tags are tied on the products or items for sale. Inside a retail store, you can find different types of hang tags. These come with threading, ribbon, embroidery, yarns, and other accessories that add appeal to hang tags. There are even some hang tags that have big bows which grab the attention of people. If you are looking for understated elegance though, you can always go for simple threading tied to a knot. Your hang tags can also be attached to your products through the use of a safety pin or a tagging gun. You can also tuck a part of your hang tags into the product or item.

Hang tags have a lot of uses. Your hang tags can also be used as invites and discount cards, among others. Here are some uses for these print materials:

–  You can include promo or discount cards on the hang tags to give perks to your clients and customers. These can encourage them to be loyal to your brand.

–  Also, you can put invites on your hang tags if your business is fashion-related. You may have events that would need the participation of your target clients and customers.

–  You can also inform them about schedules for sales. Keep your clients updated. You will have clients lining up during sale season, and these hang tags can help spread the word around.

–  You may also want to include fashion tips on your hang tags. Include some tricks and techniques on how to mix and match the clothes with accessories and other apparel.

–  Do not forget to include your contact information on your prints. Always put the address of your physical store as well as how clients can keep in touch with you. Put your phone numbers, website and email address.
–  Always put your business or company logo to enforce your brand. If you wish to make your company known as well as the principles you uphold, also include your business or company slogan.

–  Add images on your hang tags. Make sure though that the images you use are striking and that these are a good representation of your products. Otherwise, your clients will associate your business with the low-quality images you use.

If your goal is to develop your fashion brand or want to improve your business image, invest on high quality as well as visually appealing hang tags. Have the designs custom-made. Get a graphic designer who you can work with. Brainstorm with your graphic designer as to how your design templates would look like. Get inspiration from existing hang tags. You can find design templates over the internet. Also, look for a reputable printing company. You can find local printers in your area or you can avail of services online. If you opt for online printing services, make sure that the one you choose can provide you with quality prints at affordable prices.

Use Parking Hang Tags to Keep Your Employees Happy

Use Parking Hang Tags to Keep Your Employees Happy

Posting a tow-away sign on your lot may be one way of trying to keep those looking for free parking at bay but what happens when the tow company employee turns up and takes the wrong vehicle?
You can simply and easily control your parking slots and who uses them by making sure they have an easily displayed and customized parking tag so no mistakes can be made.
Implementing parking control is not difficult though it is certainly not top of anyone’s agenda unless the issue has become blown out of all proportion. Thankfully, it does not have to be a major chore and here is a simple to follow, seven step process to resolve the problem.
Step One – Choose the Tag Product
You have three main choices available – a hanging tag (hangs off the rearview mirror), a bumper sticker or rearview mirror decal and finally, an inside window sticker.
No matter which you choose, it should be durable and easily identifiable; hanging tags are simple but some users don’t like something dangling from the rearview mirror but they are secure and cannot easily be interfered with. A rearview mirror decal does the job simply as does an inside mirror sticker.
One tip is to use whichever product you choose in a uniform manner so everyone has the permit displayed in the same location which helps avoids mishaps with the tow company.
Step Two – Choose Your Design
A simple design is best but do not forget to add your company logo!
You are looking for a design which is simple but stands out easily enough from outside or some distance from the vehicle – you are not looking to add to the aesthetics of the vehicle itself (that is someone else’s property remember), but it needs to be easily identifiable and visible.
Step Three – Ink Color
Choose the ink color and steer clear of multiple colors – a strong color and white are excellent but avoid jazzy, psychedelic combinations – it’s going on someone’s car and a customer or employee in an expensive vehicle may not take kindly to something they consider “trashy” or tacky being stuck on their vehicle.
Step Four – Text Addition
Use a font that is clear and readily readable – Arial or Times Roman for instance – again nothing jazzy or fancy.
What you are looking to add is simple; “Parking Permit” and date of expiry may be all you need but if you wish to control not just the drivers but also the vehicles parking in your space, you can add the license tag number to the permit as well.
It is simple to use a barcode which can be added to the tag and is easily scanned by whoever is responsible for controlling your parking spaces and lot access – a barcode also removes any privacy issues because there is no need for names, expiry dates or any information to be on display and a barcode needs a scanner to read the information.
It is a simple step to control access to your lot and your commercial property; parking in certain areas is at a premium and needs to be controlled and regulated to ensure the even flow of your business. Staff need to be able to park easily and get into work without the hassle while how many of your customers are not going to be impressed if they turn up at your premises but have to find parking several blocks away.
A parking permit is easily created and forms part of a manageable parking control policy which will ensure the smooth operation of your business without demanding attention out of all proportion to handling this straight forward situation. 

Mark Trumper, the president of MaverickLabel.Com, a company founded to meet the growing need for a label source utilizing the latest technologies blended with old fashioned quality and customer service. They specialize in custom label printing for custom roll labels and parking hang tags in their growing list of label products.

What Hang Tags Can Do For You

What Hang Tags Can Do For You

What’s in a hang tag? Well, a beautifully designed hang tag can grab anyone’s attention. Many companies use it to ingrain their corporate identity into the public’s consciousness. Others take advantage of its marketing capabilities to promote their brands. For a small piece of print, it does have a lot going for it. Yet, there are still many manufacturers that give little attention to hang tag printing. They treat hang tags as nothing more than just small cards attached to their products, where they can print their logo or company’s name on. For others, printing hang tags are mandatory accessories (the law requires certain businesses to print product details and composition in order to get their license to operate).

Seems like hang tags are just an after-thought for many businesses. But more than being a business name tag, do you know that hang tags have the potential to be extremely useful for your company?

If you think about it, a hang tag is a simple but powerful marketing material. You  promote your company through each tag you attached to your products. Now, what you print on those small spaces should really count – your hang tags can help you position your brand as long as you carefully plan how to take advantage of it. A well-placed logo and slogan can be a great start, especially if you are marketing fashion items and other related products.

Hang tags can also be a great customer assistance tool. Having your website address, toll-free number and other contact information printed on your hang tags is a way for you to let your customers know that you can be accessible any time. And making your company accessible is one significant step towards customer satisfaction. It also contributes to your credibility.

With a little touch of creativity, your hang tags can even help to increase your sales. For example, you can have your tags serve as discount cards – a marketing strategy that will surely get you repeat customers and result in improved sales figures. Another example: if you are planning to sponsor special events or holding one in your store, you may create hang tags that double as invitations. And speaking of events, if you are about to have your next big sale, you can make your customers anticipate it via printing its schedule on your hang tags. Although customers normally throw away these prints after purchase, making your hang tag functional gives it added value. A win-win strategy for you  and your customers.

Subliminally, your hang tags can communicate valuable information about your brand and your company. Make sure that the content reflects your business’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In printing your hang tags, choose a printing company that can meet your demands promptly and provide high-quality prints. Search the Internet for online hang tag printers. You may be surprised that there are a lot of printing companies that offer their services online. Just ensure that you first check each printer’s background and track record before ordering your prints.

Personalized Hang Tags For Your Door

Personalized Hang Tags For Your Door

Hang tags are hanged from an item. You can find hang tags on doorknobs, clothes, or even walls. If you need the hand tags, you can create them by your own at home. You do not need go to the commercial copy shop and pay the cost.

Do it for free by creating the hang tags in your home. You just need the right programs on your computers, cardboards or the cover stock paper, and printer with good quality. You will not face any problem in creating the hang tags. Before you start the process, you can prepare some things like the layout or the graphic design program, glossy cover stock paper or the cardboard, and a printer.

The first thing to do is laying out the hang tag file in the program according to your choice. To create the hang tags, you can use the graphic program like the Adobe photo shop. Another program you may use is the Quark Xpress or the Microsoft word. Open the program and you can start the process by taking the size for your hang tag. You need to size the tag according to your needs. When you want to create the hang tags for the clothes, you need the size about 1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. For the door, you will need 6 inches wide and 1 foot tall sizes.

You have to draw the circle at the tag’s top where you can punch the hole for hanging the tag. The hole should be a quarter inch for the diameter if you use the tag for the cloth tag. On the other hand, for the door tag, you should make the hole with 3 inches diameter. It should be larger than the doorknob.

After you finish your design, you can save it as the TIF file with 300 dots per inch resolution. You can open the layout program and set your design so it will suit with the sheet ranges with the standard sheet sizes. Next, you should insert the TIF file to your document. Do not forget to add the thin gray border around the tag. You can copy the tag image and paste it to your document. It is better for you to fill the page with many designs so the sheet will fit on one sheet.

You need to double-check your design to find any errors. After you feel satisfied, then you can print the tags on 100 pound glossy cover stock or the cardboard stock paper. Use the cutting tools or X-acto knife according to the border lines.

The aspect which also affects the result of your printouts is the cartridge. If your cartridge is broken, you will not get good result. It is better for you to find the replacement. You can try refurbished ink cartridges. You may find other cartridges on computer ink cartridges


Create Hang Tags On Your Own

Create Hang Tags On Your Own
Hang tags are an important presentation material. When introducing and promoting your new products and items to the market, these should be well represented by your hang tags. Bear in mind that there are even businessmen who go to great lengths in making hang tags for what their business or company has to offer. If you want your products or items to bring in sales for your company, one consideration you need to focus on is the quality of your hang tags. Make sure that you get to produce hang tags that are of high quality and are cost effective. Nowadays, it is easy to find design and printing services that can say that they provide the services you need. However, it takes research as well as patience to find one that can provide you with the services you need. It is not advisable to settle with the first company that you come across. You need to know what your options are. If you are not familiar with what is in store with you though, you may want to start reading how to get affordable yet quality design and printing services for hang tags.

If you are familiar in making publications design though, you may want to take it on yourself to create your own hang tags. Through sheer creativity, resourcefulness, and hard work, you can be able to create hang tags which you can use for business and promotion. Hang tags can be easy to make – that is if you know what the steps and techniques are. At first, you may experience challenges with regards to design. You may encounter quite a few setbacks which can make you doubt yourself. Do not worry though. All these are part of the learning process. One you get the hang of it, making hang tags can be quite an easy task for you. As you know, creativity and patience are both important in the design and printing processes. Before you go and design your template for hang tags, you may want to know what these tips, tricks, and techniques are.

– Get the best possible materials. One, you should start with the paper stock. As you know, each paper stock has a different offering. A paper stock may have a different effect once printed on. Talk to commercial printers if these are located near you and inquire about the best paper stock for printing hang tags. You may want to get product samples, so you will get to compare each paper stock.

– With regards to the ink type you will use, you can go for monochromatic or full color, depending on your design template. If your design template, for example, has design elements, such as images and illustrations, it is best that you make use of full color printing. Otherwise, the print results may just be a little boring. Always consider the design elements you will use and if these will be more appealing when printed either in full color or monochrome.

– If you have already finished working on your design template and are now ready for mass printing, ask yourself this question: Are you sure that there are no errors in the design? For you to be able to answer this loaded question, print a sample for editing. If there texts involved, proofread!

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How To Create Hang Tags

How To Create Hang Tags
When introducing and selling your new products and items to the market, making them presentable and appealing is essential. Otherwise, you may not get the needed attention from your potential clients and customers. As you should know by now, this can equate to market sales and brand recognition. Worse, your business reputation may be put at stake if the materials are of low-quality. Hang tags, for example, should be made a priority. Hang tags are an important component of product presentation. You should work on the production of these hang tags and do not settle for anything less. If you are wondering how to create and where you can get hang tags, you may want to read on and be familiar with some important pointers:

– Create your own hang tags. If you have enough time as well as the creative skills, you can always make hang tags as a do-it-yourself project. A previous experience or basic background in making publications design can help you a lot in the design and creative process. Even if you are a newbie though, you can ace this creative challenge with flying colors. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

1. get hold of quality materials in print production. One of these needed materials is paper stock. Make sure that the paper stock you get is of high quality. You do not want to spend your money on paper stock that would easily tear after a one-time use, right? So, while preparing for your hang tags, know what the best paper stock for printing is. You may want to go for paper stock that has either matte or glossy finish. Aside from paper stock, you also have to get ink type. As you know, ink types vary. There are those ink types that give additional sheen to your prints.

2. Choose the design software that you are good at. You may want to choose from any of the publications software already installed on your computer. For example, you may want to make use of Microsoft Publisher which is ideal for design beginners. Anyone who has a basic technical knowledge can manipulate this publications software to one’s advantage. Aside from that, you can also make use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or even Corel Draw, among other applications. Lay out your planned design template using the publications software of your choice. Utilize different design elements to make your template unique. Go for full color printing.

3. Select a commercial printer that can offer you quality prints. Even if you have an appealing design template if it does not translate well on print, then you have got yourself a problem. You can find affordable commercial printing services that would not short shrift you when it comes to quality.

– If you want a convenient approach in designing and printing hangtags, why dont you get online companies to do the job? Once you place an order, expect the prints to be delivered to you at a set time. You would not have to break a sweat. Moreover, you can be assured of unique designs and quality prints. Do not worry about the costs. You can always avail of discounts and promos online. Get hold of discount cards and take note of their validity dates. On the dates that you can get percent cuts, make your online purchases and receive great incentives.

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Hang Tags For Jewelry

Hang Tags For Jewelry

Putting hanging tags on your handcrafted jewelry is a good way of showing your effort at making them, whether they are for selling or for giving to mates. You can put the name of your business, your complete name as its owner, contact information, and other vital details. This is one good technique for a potential buyer to contact you easily. Some hang tags that are frequently used are business cards, rubber stamps, computer cards, and printed basic cards. If you also sell jewellery supplies like handmade glass beads then put all the beads in a packet and tie your tag to the packet, that way you can still give your contact data to your customers. As a start up jewelry business finding a good sales rep might not be a concern now for you due to budget issues, so at this stage hang tags are your sales representative. If budget is a controversy they do not need to be fancy so long as you are getting you name out there as a jeweler.

Hang tag business cards are frequently utilized by beginners not only in the jeweler’s field but also in some other fields of home businesses. You can create your own hang tag business card by cutting a thick card stock into whatever shape you want to create. Paste your business card on top of the card and use needles to punch a hole. Some crafters punch holes immediately through their business cards and hang the jewellery from them. This is a good cash saving tip in customizing your little business.

Another option is to use rubber stamps. If you’d like to hang your handcrafted finished earrings from this rubber stamp, you can use a straight pin to punch holes through them. There are some very nice stamps that have different designs. However, be careful when using stamps to add designs on your tags because there are now tons of stamps that have copyright restrictions. However naturally there are still those that you can use for free.

you may use your PC to form a card from a word program. You’ll need some perforated business card paper. You can choose from a huge collection of designs and colors. Just obey the directions on your word processing program when printing out the cards. This can work out extraordinarily expensive if you’re going to be making hundreds of cards, the cost of the paper and ink will not be worth it. Printers offer extraordinarily cheap cards acquired in bulk.

If you want to make your work simpler and faster, you can try the printed basic cards. Just go to the closest printing press and have your next group of cards printed. However, before going there and having your cards printed, make sure that you have included all the obligatory info to prevent any delay.
Far too many people worry about the best way to overcome the downside of selling hand-crafted crafts, the major downside for most of the people is that they do not get enough sales to continue their business ; hang tags are an inexpensive acceptable way of guaranteeing new and repeat customers.

Being organized is important to the success of your business and if you are looking for help getting more organized then our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to help. We have some free jewelry business tools and a jewelry book book that will help you improve your jewelry business.