How to Get High Page Rank With Back Links – The Best Back Link is in Google’s Backyard

How to Get High Page Rank With Back Links – The Best Back Link is in Google’s Backyard

It is true that the paid per click advertising is the fastest method to get traffic to your website, but not everyone can afford that, not everyone can have success with that, the competition is very tight, (I know advertisers which are spending ten thousands dollars per day on AdWords campaigns and are using one million keywords in their campaigns), so, when you are new in town, you don’t have too much chances to succeed, unless if you come up with something unheard and unseen, and then nobody will look for it.

The free targeted traffic provided by the search engines is the most costless and the safest option for you to run an e-business. But, when you launch a new website, it is a little bit hard to get noticed by the search engines, and even then, it takes time to rank high, because one of the point of view of the search engines in categorizing a website is the age, and they are right, it takes time to gain popularity. So, one of your chances to gain popularity is to gather back links to your website. There are the well known methods, like article marketing, blogging, lenses in Squidoo, Hub pages, search engines and web directories submission, but I want to give you a tip about a special back link, which is right in the Google’s backyard. It’s called “Google Profiles”.

Type in Google Search “Google Profiles”, and you will be pointed at the Google’s page with the profiles of the owners of Google accounts. If you don’t have a Google account you can open one for free in few minutes, and in about ten minutes you can set up your Google profile. You will have to fill the form which is provided there, but you can give only the information you desire (I suggest you to give correct information, if you want to keep something for yourselves, leave the space blank, and that’s it, you don’t have to lie), and here comes the best part. Google will search all the websites which you own on the net, and gives you the possibility to add the ones which are not yet in his database. And here is your back link to Google and your way to notice Google that you have a new website.

More than that, although Google does not allow you to add tags to your profile, he invites you to post your profile in your “Google Readers” account, and there you can add all the tags you want. If you don’t have a “Google Readers” account, open one for free. It is very useful and you can post there bookmarks of all your published articles, blog posts, Squidoo lenses and Hub pages, gaining more exposure for your website. If you want more tips related to affiliate marketing, visit my site.

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Google’s Solution To Businesses

Google’s Solution To Businesses
Most people would never think of conducting bad business to produce poor online reviews and chatter to generate more backlinks. I never have, but I guess if you weren’t worried about sacrificing your personal integrity as well as your business’, the plan might have been effective. Until now…

It is the natural tendency of most people to take the time to place a formal complaint about a business when they have been mistreated. Sure, they might verbally express their satisfaction with a business’ exceptional service, but they usually don’t go the extra mile and publish these thoughts.

A New York Times story describing a woman who was terribly mistreated by a company that sells discount designer sunglasses, sheds light on businesses that use negative online publicity to improve their organic search engine rankings. This company consistently treated customers so poorly that the police even became involved, but the negative online chatter surrounding the company skyrocketed their site to the first page on Google.

After reading the story, Google immediately gathered a team to address this type of link building strategy. They brainstormed a multitude of potential solutions including:

* Blocking offenders
* Using sentiment analysis to turn negative comments about a company into negative “votes”
* Improving the sentiment analysis system to account for the negative comments
* Listing negative comments for merchants next to their results in Google

However, the first solution would not solve the problem for every offender using this type of strategy; the second solution could not properly attribute negative “votes” from large publications like The New York Times that simply mention the business; the third solution might relegate controversial topics in the results because of seemingly negative sentiment; and the fourth solution would not inhibit the ability of a company to use this negative strategy to increase their organic search engine ranking.

Google ultimately settled on a solution that changed the algorithm to detect poor merchants in various content types and reflect this negativity in their search engine ranking. Due to the fact that people are trying to manipulate the algorithm in their favor each and every day, Google did not reveal the specifics of the changes. However, with this algorithmic modification Google makes it clear that being bad to customers is bad for your business both offline and online.

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