quot;Power Glass” All revealed inside story of power generation – power generation glass, power, Photovoltaic – Electric industry

quot;Power Glass” All revealed inside story of power generation – power generation glass, power, Photovoltaic – Electric industry

5 15, this newspaper to “Citizen Culture Center installed” power generation glass, “” as the subject, reported the public cultural center of Shandong Weihai roof installed “power glass” issue. Prior to this newspaper also reported, Marina Park green corridor has also installed this “generation of glass.” So, these “power glass” how the power generation, the generated power to the storage, power generation prospects for future development of glass … … with a series of questions, on the 15th, the reporter made a special trip to visit the production of this “generation glass” of Weihai Optical Co., Ltd. in the glass, the company Marketing Manager Xiu Peng explained in detail in our “power glass” mystery.

“Power glass” can power a cloudy day sunny

“These ‘power glass’ was able to generate electricity, because these coatings on glass.” Repair Peng pointed to “power glass” on a black coat, told reporters that the coating is actually a lot of blocks in series amorphous silicon thin film solar cells together, these coatings and the sun are in fact on the rechargeable battery and charging with the AC relationship with the same coating is like we usually use the rechargeable batteries, like the sun to charge the battery AC, the sun light shines on “Generation Glass”, the glass will start generating electricity. This and the plug Power supply After charging the battery charge is a reasonable start.

These “power glass” on the absorption of amorphous silicon thin film solar cells is mainly visible light. The sun the greater light intensity, light exposure to “power glass” perspective on the more vertical, “generating glass,” the more absorption of sunlight, the greater the power output.

Weather without the sun, “Power Glass” will power it? Xiu Peng said, rainy days or snow days, this “power glass” did the same to generate electricity, but power generation is relatively small.

“Glass electricity” the best end-result is a public network

Sent to the power of glass to use?

Taking over a repair Peng, “Power Glass” reporter explained that the “power glass” sent to the electric direct current, the power is either stored directly to the battery in; either through Inverter Converted to alternating current, according to a specially installed power detection system, converted into the AC and the public power grid voltage, frequency, phase and other parameters match, the directly into the public grid.

Repair Peng explained that the current situation, as long as close to public power grid, “generating glass,” which will be sent to the electric grid into the public and will not use battery storage. Because the batteries kept the same power as if the LAN can only meet their needs, power generation and even less time to meet their own needs are not. And into the public power grid is like using the Internet can work together to share “the fruits of labor.” And if then stored in batteries in power, but also to buy batteries, three to five years, to the useful life of the battery should be replaced abandoned secondary battery causes environmental pollution, the second investment needed to buy batteries, which and Environmental protection Contrary to the original purpose of energy conservation. Therefore, the “power glass” sent to the electric, the best “end” is incorporated into the public grid.

“Power glass” not afraid of hail Hail

afraid that the impact of the glass? Revised Peng told reporters that the roof installed public cultural center “power glass”, is a layer of glass and a layer of ultra-white glass to amorphous silicon solar glass, “Hamburg-style” after the formation of grip. This “generation glass” very firm, and several people stepped on it there will not be any problems. Even if the hail, snowstorms and other inclement weather, will not have these “power glass” constitutes a threat. If external shocks are strong enough to fracture, it will be like Car Like the adhesion with the windshield cracked.

Mention “power glass” in the energy saving advantage, Xiu Peng to the reporter cited the following example, he said, the public cultural center of Weihai, for example, is the use of their hands, “Power glass” construction the world’s largest amorphous silicon photovoltaic integration in buildings.

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Lead Generation through Social Media

Lead Generation through Social Media

Change is the only constant factor. As obsolete ways of conducting business gets buried under layers of new, emerging technology, it’s time to think differently as well. When you are embracing new technology, you have to make sure you are mentally attuned to the needs of the technology. Some similar disconnect is being witnessed by lead generation teams using social media marketing. Social media is a relatively new platform. It has its own set of rules, format and ways of functioning. When outbound call center agents use social media to make a promotion, they have to focus on some aspects before they hit the fourth gear.

Social media is different from other forms of media. Here people come to hang out and pass time without feeling a burden. The amateur lead generation team pushes across links to friends and followers randomly added on social media networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They hope that the persons they are sending the link to will click on it and they will be directed to the product/service webpage that they are selling. This is entirely wishful thinking. BPO agents who have done so have realized that things don’t work that way. No random add of significant number can be directed as healthy, productive traffic without a proper plan in place. And that plan is all about understanding the metrics of social media networks.

The first that lead generation executive have to understand is that pushing marketing links on social media is like calling people when they are partying or clubbing. They hate it. There is no dearth of spammers online and you are counted as one. To prevent that tag, your outbound call center agent has to take things easy. Get acquainted with them. Interact with them. Don’t let new additions to your page rot away in oblivion. They are your potential leads, treat them well. Find out about their lives, talk about yours. Just talking about your business products and services will bore them out. In other words, going on an overdrive to sell things will backfire and kill the lead.

Another mistake that lead generation teams make is look for instant results. If you are following the rules of social media marketing, you have to give it time to flourish. Only if you have an offline brand presence can your social media page take off instantly. In other cases, BPO firms have to bide their time. There will be no tangible results if your outbound call center team is just warming up to potential leads. Getting impatient at this stage will push the agent to hurry things. That will undo all the good work done. Admitted that this method is not very cost-effective and the money you spent to get leads may not look favorable in the ledgers. If instant profit is your business motto, better try telemarketing.

Social media creates a brand online. If done the right way, your lead generation team need not touch base with the potential leads on a daily basis. There is every chance to make your online marketing go viral. You may find your business being promoted not by the outbound call center agents you have hired, but by satisfied customers and fans of your social media page. Patience is the key to this wonder-world. Take it or leave it.

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Lead Generation- Seo And Sem Tips

Lead Generation- Seo And Sem Tips
At this present time, the trend across the board is changing your traditional media to evolving interactive media. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the recognizable trends today. Is your business firm presently doing everything it can to use effective search engine optimization campaign? If you are still unsure, these are five ways your business company can do to appropriately implement search engine optimization marketing campaign into your long-term marketing techniques.

You should create a game plan…

The biggest reason why a lot of lead generation marketing strategies of a particular business firm fail is due to lack of proper planning. All of the plans are usually the strategic ideas get implemented into action quickly without the right foresight to know if that particular idea is substantial or not. You should cautiously plan out a lead generation approach from the starting point up to end and you should try to come up with the probable problems that may arise. Now before you begin any actions, you actually need to visibly define your b2b lead generation objectives. What do you want SEO people to do for your business the most? Is it to generate leads? Is it to increase your online presence? Is it to create sales?

You should evaluate your resources truthfully…

Before you start with your search engine optimization marketing battler, you really need to be truthful in evaluating your business. If it is has the capability to perform the task. A lot of times, firms are willing sign up for the whole package but only to find that search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing and demanding course. You should ask yourself if you have those qualified personnel to handle the job correctly or if you will need an outsourcing company for the project. This usually requires content developers (writers), web programmers, good researchers and technical support personnel to handle code and server problems.

After your website is correctly optimized, it is going to take an ongoing team to promote your business site (link builders), you should keep it updated with fresh content and build a quality network through link building. Is your marketing knowledgeable with all important attributes of SEO? Once you have determined all of this that you have the necessary personnel and you have a good strategic plan, you now need to figure it all out if you have the budget to fully accomplish this task. Do you have the long term budget to do search engine optimization marketing campaign properly? If yes, god and meet with your goals.

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