Gain Twitter Followers – Your Source For a Massive Following

Gain Twitter Followers – Your Source For a Massive Following

The newest trend in marketing is undoubtedly social media and more specifically Twitter. With droves of people flocking to this site looking to cash in and fill their pockets with money created by Twitter, the masses want to know the answer to the key question: How do I massively gain Twitter followers?

When Twitter first started its rapid growth to its now empire status, there were many programs that taught how to gain Twitter followers, market to them, and make good money doing it. Unfortunately Twitter slapped a lot of those products and forced them out of the market. As the dust settles we are left with only a few standing, for how long I do not know.

I was fortunate enough to buy a few programs that taught me everything that I needed to know about making money on Twitter. Unfortunately there is only one left that I can share with you.

First let me give you some pointers on how to massively gain twitter followers.

The basic idea is that the more followers that you can have receiving your Tweets, the more people that you can expose to your websites, articles, ads, blogs, facebook page etc. You achieve this by simply tweeting an interesting message and a link to where ever you want to send them and Bingo.. Free Traffic. I currently have over 5000 followers and can get 20 – 30 people to following a link with every tweet. There are a lot of websites that you can use in conjunction with Twitter to automate the process of following, tweeting, unfollowing those who do not follow you back and much more.

Simple and Effective Techniques

One of the simple techniques that I use to follow a lot of people is to find a person that is in my niche and simply following all of their followers. I wait 3 days and then unfollow the people that are not following me back. Wash, rinse, repeat, Another helpful tip is to Google “Twittertise” to schedule your Tweets in advance when you are not going to be around.

These are bare bones techniques that work and work well. I can’t possibly give you all there is to know about Twitter in one article but I can lead you to one of the last remaining programs that will teach you how to make a lot of money on Twitter and have fun doing it. You can waste your time trying to find all of the secrets for free but I guarantee you it is beneficial to take a look at my website for all your tips, tricks, programs and websites that help you make a killing on Twitter. Twitter Online System

How to Gain Quality Followers – Twitter

How to Gain Quality Followers – Twitter

One of the misconceptions of using Twitter for marketing and advertising for business is the thought that you need to add as many people to your list of followers as possible. When in fact you should be aiming for a larger number of quality followers that will pay attention to what you are putting out there. You can have 10,000+ followers on your Twitter account pretty easily. But would you rather have 10,000 followers that ignore your tweets and remain silent for you or 1,000 that follow your tweets, your links and tell all their friends about you?

Let’s face it. We all know the old saying that time is money. And how true that old statement is when it comes to marketing and advertising? Twitter can be a gold mine for the picking. The perfect customer base. If you have the right combination of people following your account. If those people are sorted out correctly, you have just hit the jackpot. If they aren’t, then you just wasted a lot of time and money.

So how do you acquire quality followers that are worth the time that it takes to find them and get them to follow you? It’s not as hard as you would think and I’m going to tell you what to do and what not to do to accomplish this.

Never, never, NEVER use a follower bot on Twitter! I can not stress this enough. These follower bots are never free and aren’t worth the money that companies are charging for them. Why? Because if you are looking for quality, a bot can not deliver, plain and simple. It is perfect for acquiring a large number of followers who will probably never read your tweets. But we aren’t looking for quantity. We are looking for quality that will result in sales and that are worth your time.

Follower bot users are people who are charging you for a shotty shortcut service to just add numbers to your account. If you are expecting real results, never allow the use a bot for adding on Twitter. If you are hiring someone to add followers, ask the bot question and if they do use one then don’t buy from them. Your account will be filled with you following an extremely large number of companies and spammers and your follow backs will be exactly what you are following. Junk followers.

To add quality followers you MUST do it by hand. It goes much quicker than you would think and gives you the opportunity to skip over undesirable candidates. If someone hasn’t tweeted in a month, more than likely they are an inactive account that you don’t want to follow. If you are wanting to market to people, you don’t want to attempt to add a big name celebrity, a casino or a Forex trader. Chances are that they either will not follow you back or if they do, they will pay no attention to your tweets because they are trying to do the same thing that you are.

The accounts that you do want to follow are those that have tweeted recently and appear to be interested in your niche. Go down the line and follow those accounts. Grab the ones that have a photo and engage others in conversation. Those are the people that pay attention to other’s tweets and that’s what you are looking for. That individual IS a quality follower and you want them following you!

Stay away from “Follow Back” titled Twitter accounts. These accounts are geared toward people who are just looking to gain followers. Quantity, not quality. And that’s not what you are looking for.

It can be frustrating and confusing for beginners who are just getting into marketing and sales by using Twitter. For this reason, there are people out there who will do the follower building for you. If you decide to go this route, be sure to stay away from follower building services that use bots. Don’t be afraid to ask about the service because if you aren’t careful, you will end up paying for a lot of followers who never read your tweets. And that’s like paying to shout down an empty hallway. The message is there, but no one’s listening and your wallet is lighter because of it.

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How to Gain 1000 Followers Every Month For Free on Twitter Without Any Software!

How to Gain 1000 Followers Every Month For Free on Twitter Without Any Software!

Twitter is an excellent exercise for mind, you must focus on how  you can describe with 140 characters the ideas that you want to share with other Twitter users.

As for the Internet marketers, this is a huge advertising opportunity. Unfortunately, many of them doesn’t realise that a blatant advertising gives no result on Twitter. The best way to make business on Twitter is to find people which are interested in your niche, to follow them, to contact them when they follow you back, and to start building a relation with them, before trying to sell them something. Of course, this takes time, but nothing in this world is easy.

Back to the free method which helps you to gain 1000 followers every month without any software, the first solution is in your Twitter page. Log into your Twitter account, and on the top right of your page you have the option “Find People”. Click on it and a new window will open, where you have four options to find people. The last one is “Suggested Users”. Click on it and Twitter will show you various users which you can follow. Usually I find about 300 every week. You may select them one by one or you may check them all, and Twitter will charge to follow all of them in your name. Not all of them will follow you back, but we will talk later about this problem. Anyway, at least half of them will follow you back for sure.

The second free source to gain followers on Twitter is Twellow, the Twitter’s “Yellow Pages” version. Type in Google search “” and you will be pointed to their page. Sign up for free with your Twitter account, update your profile, specify your interests, and then type in the search box from the top of the screen the niche you are interested in. In the moment I am writing this article there are 613,7 million Twitter profiles and 5,1 million Twellow profiles in the Twellow’s data base. It is hard to believe that you will not find few thousands people to follow, no matter what your interests are. Follow about 300 profiles at one time. The “follow back” rate will be the same like in Twitter. I can guarantee you that you will gain at least 250 followers from the both sources every week. I have gained 300 followers in the first week and 400 followers in the second week.

Now you will say: “What about the rest?”. It’s true, Twitter gives a qualification degree considering the number of people you are following and the ones which are following you. The solution is simple, another online free tool, where you don’t have to open an account. Type in Google Search “Twitter Karma”, and the first option you will see is “Your Twitter Karma”. Sign in with your Twitter username and password, click the “Whack” button, and in short time you will see all your Twitter account, divided in “only following”, “only followers” and “mutual friends”. On the top of the page go to the option “Show all”, check “only following”, go to the bottom of the page, click on “Check all” and then click on “Bulk unfollow”. When the operation is done, go to the top of the page, check “only followers”, again, at the bottom of the page click on “Check all” and then “Bulk follow”, and that’s it. It takes some time for each of the two bulk operations, but you don’t have to wait there, you may do whatever you like and come back later to see if it’s done.

Repeat these three operations every week, and you will gain at least 250 followers per week without any doubt. I am doing it for two weeks and it works like clock. Not to mention that I have met few good friends on Twitter. This is how you can gain every month for free 1000 followers on Twitter without any revolutionary software and I see no reason that you can not do it.

More useful information you can get at the author’s website, Affiliate Marketing Step By Step and at his blog, I Am An Affiliate. There are also a lot of gifts for you there.

How to Gain More Followers from Your Social Media Profile

How to Gain More Followers from Your Social Media Profile

Social media marketing is an affordable and effective way of advertising your business to prospective clients. All you have to do is find those who might be interested in your products or services and add them to your network. What better way of building a huge network of potential clients. However, if your social media following isn’t growing as fast as you would like, maybe it’s because something is missing from your social media profile.

Here ATAK Interactive, a Los Angeles SEO company suggest what every social media page should have:

Get a Widget

One great tool to use is a widget that can be added to any online published blog post or article. Simply add this online tool to your web articles and blog posts and if your readers enjoy reading your post, they can link it to their own web page. When their site visitors see their page and click on to the link where your content exists, this is how more visitors start to trickle in to your site. Many businesses have gained a following of hundreds of new visitors just by adding widgets to their websites.

‘Completely’ Fill Out Your Social Media Profile

Many social media users fail to fill out their profile to its entirety. Remember, if you want to gain more followers, you have to make your profile interesting. Simply placing the product or service you’re promoting is not enough. People want to know more about you ‘the person’ first then more about your business. First impressions count, especially when it comes to social media advertising. If you don’t immediately capture the attention of your audience, they will get bored and leave your page.

Add Your Bio

When some people sign up for social media sites they become so anxious to post new content that they neglect posting a complete bio. You don’t have to post your entire professional resume; at least post detailed information about yourself. It doesn’t hurt to post a little info about your personal life as well. For example, you can post something about your hobbies or what you like to do when you’re not at work. If you like camping and hiking with your family, mention that on your profile page. You’d be surprise how many people will be interested in hearing about what you do when you’re offline. Don’t forget, the bio section of a social media page is usually the first page that people read. Make sure you include either a photo or a company logo to your profile page.

Other Important Things to Add to Your Profile…

Make sure you include your location. This will help people to easily locate you. To increase traffic to your official website(s) make sure you include relevant links. If you want to really impress your social media fans, add videos of your business to your website.

Although it is highly suggested to post personal information about yourself, don’t reveal too much information. Posting last Friday’s happy hour photos is not a good idea. You want to present professionalism on your social media site(s) …you don’t want to be viewed as a party animal.

Building your social media profile will help you to build credibility among your followers and it shows that you are an expert on what you’re trying to promote.

Here the author David Ephraim from Ecommerce Web Design company, explains how to make your social media profile more profitable. To learn more about social media and SEO visit ATAK Interactive, a Los Angeles SEO company.

Moles, Warts And Skin Tags Removal Gain

Moles, Warts And Skin Tags Removal Gain
Dr. Charles Davidson has produced a training course that helps to acquire rid of moles, warts and epidermis tags. This training is generally known as “Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal”; and it has been revised recently in 2010 edition with more updates. Dr. Charles was himself a sufferer of this disturbing trouble considering that young, and this was also the quantity a person motive that drove him to pursue the follow in pores and skin care.

According to Dr. Charles, the normal therapies encouraged with this program will not likely only help to remove any kind of moles, warts or epidermis tags, it truly is also confirmed for being quickly and supplying lasting success. Even though several times is actually a bit unrealistic, the treatment method works fast adequate in your case to find out improvements around the handled spots.

Is “Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal” a scam?

Quite a few, together with myself are skeptical about this holistic strategy of getting rid of moles, warts and epidermis tags. The initial factor that involves our mind when speak about removal of moles, warts and pores and skin tags; has to become the use of chemical of some kind or surgery treatment. Dr. Charles manufactured a breakthrough; he utilizes all-natural treatments that happen to be efficient for the infected area, but gentle on its surrounding skin.

This e-book consists of 7 sections that make up a entire of 106 pages. Listed here are some brief suggestions of what to be expecting in each area.

one. Dr. Charles Davidson shares his unique ordeals with warts considering he was youthful and also the different treatments he used to combat this skin tone condition. However this area isn’t going to offer significantly data pertaining to solving the problem, it can be fascinating to examine.

2. This part offers you concepts of how Dr. Charles formulated his remedy. You’ll get to be aware of where the thought came from and also the basics of your therapy. Within this area, you’ll also discover photos of all types of warts and also other skin tone difficulties. Warning – some of those pics are fairly gross; keep away from them if you might be squeamish.

several. Here is wherever you get the “authentic meat”. Dr. Charles gives you thorough info on a variety of sorts of warts as well as the diverse health-related treatments employed from cryotherapy to excision surgical procedure. Then he talks about his treatment method, a full phase-by-action explanation and methods on the way to utilize it with your warts. In this area, you will get a accomplish guidebook on what to perform, what to make use of and the best way to do it. It’s the coronary heart from the full process, wherever you receive a very well-explained procedure.

four. This section touches on pores and skin moles. Once More, Dr. Charles explains in depth and guides you through the hand on tips on how to use this treatment method to cure skin tone moles.

five. The concentrate right here is about the several varieties of epidermis tags and the way his treatment method assists in treating the sickness. Greatly like segment several & 4, Dr. Charles Davidson supplies step-by-step instruction on the best way to cope with skin tone tags.

half-dozen. This part covers probably the most complex warts – genital warts. This kind of wart is essentially the most tough to cope with. It isn’t going to only injure but also embarrass to treat this type of warts using typical clinical cure. Dr. Charles gives an effortless to understand, well-explained process that would make the process so straightforward however efficient to obtain rid of genital warts.

7. This is the FAQ segment, where it is possible to uncover answers to those widespread issues. This portion also involves a glossary with the frequent terms employed in this e book.

What I dislike about this e-book – “Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal”?

The preceding version in the e book that I reviewed was full of grammatical errors. I think inside latest 2010 edition, Dr. Charles Davidson could have improvised on this area.

Secondly, you may have observed the image of the youthful medical professional within the revenue page. This really is apparently a picture of the design. If Dr. Charles could have shown us his own personal photo – ahead of and soon after the treatment method – that will probably be a lot more convincing.

What I located worthy in Dr. Davidson’s “Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal” ebook?

1. The cure is useful as the ingredients utilized are proven to get effective in treating this type of skin problems.

a couple of. He employs entirely pure ingredients; you do not should worry regarding the side effects through the dangerous chemical.

several. The answer is low-cost as you may very easily get a copy of “Moles, Warts and Skin tags Removal” at a measly price of $ 37. Though you might have to have so you can get each of the ingredients your self, they value no in excess of $ 25. Furthermore, these ingredients can be applied for a lot of situations, which conserve you price tag from the long run.

4. The therapy is productive to indicate its success in the issues of weeks, although it really is not several days as claimed inside income web page. It is fully high-quality with me, as the more rapidly a treatment works, slightly more abrasive the ingredients utilised. I’m happy to find out improvements on my skin tone in about ten nights.

5. 60 nights money back again guarantee. Dr. Charles is so assured that his remedy will operate; he eliminates the danger available for you to just look at out his strategy. It is possible to request for the full refund from him inside the 60 times if you will be not satisfied or even the treatment method isn’t up with your expectation. No issue asked.

Mouse click right here to determine if this all-natural treatment for moles, warts and pores and skin tags worthy for your time and work.

What Celebrities Taught Me on How to Gain New Followers

What Celebrities Taught Me on How to Gain New Followers

Everyone wants more followers in Twitter.

I see it all the time in my followers timeline where people tweet “I need more followers!”.

What are some ways to get them?

How can you get tons of new followers following you? You see people with 1000’s, 10,000 and even more followers and I wonder how they do it? Since recently creating our new twitter, I also thought to myself the same thing. I looked at some top authority people in our niche to try and get ideas. Here’s what I came up with:

On getting more followers in twitter you can do 1 of the following 3 things, or even all 3.

However the first one is slow and very time consuming and the 2nd one attracts spammers and followers who know nothing of you.

1 Reach people one by one

Visit your followers friends list or timeline and follow there own friends or people they follow. Many people re-follow people that follow you. But again, this is very time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend it.

2 Use software or programs that say they can help you get followers

I’ve used them before. How they work is by creating a huge database of people who want followers just like you. By signing up, you must follow them, in exchange, they follow you back. Similar to #1 above however there database is huge so you will get followers back but these followers are people who know nothing of you. They just want to show they have a huge twitter following on there account. You want people in your niche following you. Real people in your industry to follow you. So this method isn’t the best either. If you just want to have a huge untargeted follower list you could try it.

3 Reach the top authority figures in your niche and have them re-tweet something of yours.

I thought of this idea to be the best. I got the idea viewing after view Kim Kardashian’s twitter. She currently has over 3 million followers. Not everyone in her list is real. She does have spam and fake accounts following her however this is normal since her account is in public viewing meaning anyone can follow her. But of the 3 million, I’m sure half or even 3/4th’s are real.

Let’s use my market as an example. Mine’s being hip hop music and artists. After viewing a top authority figure in my market, Chamillionaire, a rapper from Texas, which currently has almost 600,000 followers. I saw a re-tweet he did from one of his followers. I thought to myself, If I could get him to re-tweet a tweet from me, I’m sure I could get some followers from it depending on what the tweet would say. My point being is use this idea. Find top authority figures in your market and have them re-tweet something of yours.

But what can you tweet in the first place to have them do it?

I came up with the following 4 ways on what top authority figures in general re-tweet.

1. You mention something interesting

Tweet an interesting fact or news post that just happened dealing with your niche market that affects it.

2. You mention something funny

Maybe you mention a joke or something funny directed toward them. Something that they laugh about that’s funny related toward them.

3. You mention something informative that they feel there followers could benefit from.

4. Your Helping Them Out.

Retweet or tweet something about an coming project or show being released.

First find your niche. Whatever market you’re in and uncover the top authority figures in that area and go after them. Most importantly direct your tweet toward the person you’re targeting by using the “@” sign, (example: @kimkardashian) as the examples above do. You never know if you tweet something useful it could be re-tweeted by someone big in your market resulting in a huge amount of targeted new followers.



Eric Swanson discovered this technique on his own and gained more followers using these powerful methods. Eric also is one of the best mixtape designers designing mixtape covers for artists and dj’s across the country. Check out more of his work at