How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

Yes, well here we go again, another one of those, I’ve got  a list of over “9,000? Twitter followers so I’m a social media expert marketing forms has hit my desk today. Come along it says, “to my affiliate marketing driven roadshow and in 4 hours I’ll make you the expert, but there’s more, if you sign away your hard earned money right now, i have an e-book special for you, yes just for you, an E-Book that I didn’t write by the way,but I’ll pretend its mine, and all it will cost you is $ 89.00.”


I get emails like this every day, offering free product that I can sell or give away as my own, I get E-Books, money making ideas and lots of materials that I can re-brand, that’s not being an expert, that’s a faker.


These so called experts all have massive numbers of followers on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook and of course Twitter, and they fool you to part with your money.


Well don’t fall for it, because I’m going to tell you how to fake it, and then you too can be the instant social media expert, you know, the one who can’t get a job selling real estate so they opt for this easy money.


Ok this is how you do it, On MySpace and Facebook, you find as many people with similar names or interests as you and then send them friend requests, a lot will decline but you would be surprised at the number that actually come back and accept you, that way you build up your following very quickly, they never do anything with you but hey it builds your numbers. Next Twitter, there are a number of programs that will show you how to build big follower numbers and it’s funny but it’s nearly always around the 9000 mark. You can do the same with Twitter as you do with MySpace and Facebook, that is follow large numbers of people and I’ll guarantee you a fair number will follow you back, and you know the dead giveaway? look at the follower number next to the following number, that they can’t hide.


I know of one expert that actually sends out his flyers with “I have 9000 followers on twitter” so I must be good, well one thing he doesn’t tell you is he follows over 10,500. If you really want to get serious with this, have a look at the Twitter accounts with large followings, 99% of them are well known actors, celebrities or business people, so what does that tell you.


I have always taken the tack that to build a social media following you should earn it, build it on providing good quality information and advice and create the “Expert” tag through experience and generate your followers organically not by underhand means and faking it.


There are so many “snake oil” sales people out there you really need to hang on to your wallet.


So next time you get a flyer or an invite, stop and do some research first, the web and Google are a great place to find out information on your expert. How many articles have they had published?, where do they rank on Google?, What recommendations do they have and what companies have they worked with in designing and integrating a social media strategy. For example, I’ve just done a search on social media experts, and this person I’m telling you about doesn’t even rank on the top 20 pages.


Is this sour grapes? no, I just don’t like rip off artists who pray on people like you.


Mike Andrew owns and operates an Internet Marketing Consultancy on the Gold Coast in Queensland. To read more articles and get tips and advice on Internet Marketing visit

Facebook for Budget SEO and Internet Marketing

Facebook for Budget SEO and Internet Marketing

I can conclusively tell you that there are many people who use of the Facebook application, although it might not be for internet marketing purposes. And of course, this not just for any reason. Facebook is becoming one of the most popular websites, a large network through which you can reach out to many people on the online network. You can get to chat with friends, express your feeling to a lot of readers and generally stay in touch with your friends, family and loved ones. Some people, who own small businesses, might just hook up with the Facebook idea instead of going over the top in having their own domains for their own websites. However, did you know that due to this traffic on the Facebook page, you would have to do some optimization for people to be aware that you even have a Facebook page? I am going to give you a couple of tips and techniques that would help you out in getting the most out of your Facebook page.

First of all, you need to get the name right the first time.

Don’t screw things up at the first instant. If you are thinking of using some really cool keywords to optimize your page ranking, I am telling you to put a full stop to that idea. It would make you look like an everyday spammer. I know you might be waiting for my advice, just leave it as your business name, and stick with it.
Next stop, your URL (Full meaning: Universal Resource Locator)

Facebook has been gracious enough to allow its users make use of the URL creation option. Therefore, to allow for less complicated use and full access to your Facebook page, you are entitled to create your own personal URL as you wish. This has helped people as well as businesses who have above twenty five fans to be able to change their URLs. This is quite good, since it would be very helpful when it comes to internet marketing and all things SEO.

Did you know about the Static FBML application?

Sure you do. I bet you do not, since many people have not even heard of it. This application helps you in the creation of a Facebook landing page for your Facebook page. All you would need to do would be to add the static FBML application, and then determine which of the pages you would want to modify. Once you have gone through this first process, you can then edit the pages using the normal HTML tags.

Then you might also want to make use of the famous Backlinks

Of course you would have already heard of backlinks if you have been engaged in a little internet marketing and stumbled across SEO. The things here is this: offsite and offsite optimization is also something that works well on Facebook too.

Therefore, if you want to become a big name through internet marketing, these are some real hints you would do well not to ignore.

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Tags in Facebook Wall Posts – How to Make Them, When to Use Them and Why You Would Want to

Tags in Facebook Wall Posts – How to Make Them, When to Use Them and Why You Would Want to

“Tagging” is one of the most powerful tools on Facebook. A “tag” is basically a link you create to a person, page or group on Facebook that you place within your wall posts, photos or notes. When you “tag” a person in a wall post Facebook, your post will automatically appear on their wall as well as on your own. If you tag them in a photo or note, it will appear in their updates.

Here are some guidelines of HOW you put tags in a Facebook post:

When you type an “@” sign into a wall post, Facebook recognises that as a signal you want to tag someone. Let’s say you wanted to tag “Mary Jane Smith” in your post. You would start by typing “@Mary” (important: do not put a space after the @ sign) and then WAIT a second or two. Facebook will open up a window with everyone in your friends list whose names have “Mary” in them. When you see Mary’s name, CLICK on my picture, and she will be tagged. You will know the tag is activated because the full name “Mary Jane Smith” will turn blue, and it will turn into a link that takes you to my profile page.
You can tag a maximum of 6 names in a single wall post.
You can also tag PAGES or GROUPS. Just follow exactly the same steps as above.
As mentioned above, when you tag a person, page or group in a post, your post will appear on THEIR wall automatically. This is a great way to spread messages virally and it also means that the parties you are talking to or about will see your message without checking their updates.
The other advantage to tagging is that NEW people will see you who might not have seen you before, especially if you are tagging to a page or a group. Anyone who checks out the group or fan page will see your post.
You can also tag people in a note or a photo. There is a section on the right side of the note that lets you create tags exactly the same way as above. You can tag more people in a note or photo than in a wall post (Current limit is 30).
NOTE: You cannot put a tag in a comment. You can, however, put a web link in a comment.


Now here’s the obvious question: WHY would you want to tag someone?

One way to use tagging is to tag people, groups or fan pages to say something nice about them or to help spread some news that would be of interest to the people (or members of the page/group) being tagged. Here are a couple of examples of when you might use tagging to a page or group:

If you want to share some news about the page or group to you profile page (such as a new blog post, event, book, video, radio show or other news item THEY have posted). In this case, you might post the news to your personal Facebook profile, but tag the page/group in the post. That way, it will appear on their wall, and they will see you are helping to spread the word about their good work.
If you see or create a news item, tip, video, event, etc., you think would be of interest to the members of the group or fans of the page, but you also want your own friends to see it, you might post the news to your wall, and then tag the page or group. For instance, if I wanted to bring a post to the attention of a page I had called “Really, Really Good Authors Circle” (that’s not a real page, by the way), I might say, “All you Really, Really Good Authors Circle people, you might find this useful”, with the name of the business page tagged).


Below is an example of how I would create a post on Facebook about a new page one of my networking friends started. First, I would “share” the page use the “share” link on the home page of the fan page, and then I would write a tagged post to bring attention to it to other people (note: the names below are NOT real Facebook profiles or fan pages, and the underlined names below are only to show where the tags/links would appear):

Just discovered my good friend Mary Jane Smith‘s new page The Really, Really Good Book Marketer. She is a wealth of information. Fans of my Really, Really Good Authors Circle and members of John Jones‘s Great New Writers Group, check out Mary’s page and “Like” it for great tips.


Note there are fivetags in the post:
1) Mary Jane Smith’s personal page;
2) Mary Jane Smith’s business page “The Really, Really Good Book Marketer”;
3) My own “Really, Really Good Authors Circle” business page;
4) John Jones’s personal profile and
5) John’s “Great New Writers Group” group. Note I put a space after the tag when I am using an apostrophe. I did that to ensure the link doesn’t get broken (it has happened on occasion).

Recently I wrote a similar post to the example above and, when you take all the tags into consideration, that single post was visible to over 5000 people, just about all of them authors. Within just a few minutes of sharing that post, I noticed the person whose fan page I tagged increased by 5 members. Not bad for a post that took a few seconds to compose.

In this post, I am not only helping the person who owns the fan page by sharing her page and saying something nice about her, but I am also helping the other people I have tagged in the post, because they are a targeted group of authors, all hungry for new information about book promotion. Furthermore, because I “shared” the “Really, Really Good Book Marketer” page, people will see the logo and description of the page, which makes the post far more visible and attractive than words alone, and makes people far more likely to check it out than if it were a simple link.

But the beauty of this is that Iam also gaining from this. How?

Because I am being seen as someone who likes to give value to others. And because of this, people enjoy staying connected to me. Furthermore, because the tags make the post appear on the other person’s profile and fan pages, new people might see ME and my business page on her page and check me out as well. If they perceive me as being someone who can offer good value to them, they are likely to seek me out as a connection or “Like” my business page. These days, I have more Facebook invitations than I can keep up with.


NEVER abuse tagging to SPAM your Facebook friends or Facebook pages. Spamming means that you just tag people for the sake of them paying attention to a promotion you are doing. Do NOT do this. If you want to invite people to a promotion, create an event, business page or group and invite them to join voluntarily. If you are running a promotion, go ahead and post it in your updates, but don’t tag people in the updates unless they have something to do with the promotion OR you know them very well personally, and they would wish to know what’s happening (e.g., if you are launching your book, and close friends and family would like to be informed).
Don’t be a Facebook “squatter” or “poacher” on other people’s pages. By “squatter” I mean someone who uses tags or hangs out on someone else’s business page ONLY to promote themselves. By “poacher” I mean someone who joins pages solely to find people to invite to their own pages. For instance, if I had gone to “Mary Jane Smith’s” page and said, “Hey all you Really, Really Good Marketer fans! I’m the best thing since sliced bread. Come on over to my page,” that would be pretty tacky. Now, if “Mary Jane Smith” said such a thing about me to her own fans, that would be completely different.


What I am showing you here are some of the fundamentals of social networking, and indeed what I call “spirit-based” marketing. Social networking is the cornerstone of my business and of all the promotional platforms I help authors create for their books. But even though it is a powerful tool for your book promotion, always remember that the key to spirit-based social networking is to help others, and to gain a reputation as someone who willingly and joyfully helps others, trusting that there is enough business and prosperity in the world for all of us.

Tags in Facebook are very powerful if you use them correctly. Use them with sincerity, creativity and generosity, and over time you will see your network grow and your business flourish.

Besides… I think they’re FUN.

Lynn Serafinn is a transformation coach, book promotion coach, radio host and bestselling author of the book The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. She also works as a campaign manager for mind-body-spirit authors and has produced several #1-selling book campaigns. She is the founder/creator of Spirit Authors, a virtual learning environment and community that offers training, coaching, business-building and inspiration for mind-body-spirit authors, whether established or aspiring. As part of her work with spiritual and self-help authors, she also regularly hosts large-scale online virtual events (usually free of charge) with world-class speakers on a range of mind-body-spirit topics. Subscribe to her Spirit Authors blog at so you can receive more useful tips and news about upcoming online events. While you are there, do check out the excellent and affordable online courses for authors available. If you are an author seeking 1-to-1 support or campaign management for your upcoming book launch, you are also invited to request a free consultation by filling in a contact form at

Google Losing SEO Focus For Facebook Rival?

Google Losing SEO Focus For Facebook Rival?

A now removed Tweet by Digg founder Kevin Rose suggested Google were developing a social network to rival Facebook.

I can’t imagine it being too much of surprise to most people seeing how popular Facebook is and how much data they have access to.

Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable and social networking blogger for CNN, brought up some interesting points regarding Google’s possible entry into the social networking game.

Cashmore believes Google is growing envious of Facebook’s treasure trove of data it has collected (and continues to collect) from its users, especially since the ‘Likes’ feature was implemented into more than 50,000 websites. Meaning many users preferences are recorded allowing targeted and specific advertising.

As well as being envious Google is probably worried that Facebook could pose a threat to their own dominance/profit-margin.

The ‘Likes’ feature could form the foundations of a search engine, with ranking determined by the amount of ‘Likes’. It would only take a subtle change for Facebook to allow its users to search the Internet for relevant content from their profile or news page, more or less meaning people would be using Facebook for everything except shopping (which is bound to come).

Is there a demand for a Facebook rival? A little. Consumers like competition, it breeds choice, better service and cheaper prices and at the moment there is no real alternative to Facebook.

Within the next couple of years we will probably see Google jump into social networking and Facebook step up its SEO relevance. With Bing powering Facebook’s search engine it’s taken a small step but i


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How to Get Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers Fast!

How to Get Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers Fast!

Did you know that Facebook and Twitter get millions of visitors to their site each month? These two social network giants are in the top five most popular sites in the world. When it comes to an untapped market for advertising, these have to be the most underestimated sites today. Imagine what you could do with thousands of new customers. How much would your business grow? That is the beauty of social network sites and why many companies are turning to this potential gold mine for revenue.


If you need Facebook fans and Twitter followers, you might consider buying them. You can instantly increase the visibility of your company and promote your products and services. With the right ads, you can increase your company’s revenue, too. It takes a long time to get to thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers on your own. By contacting a company that specializes in getting you these fans and followers, you’ll see the potential of social network marketing.


In decades past, businesses had to rely on advertising through traditional mediums, such as print, TV, and radio. However, the internet has opened up an entirely new medium. Most companies today have a website and actively promote it. They spend thousands of dollars on promotion through banner ads, articles submissions, and pay per click advertising. The great thing about the social network marketing arena is the cost. It’s free to start and even buying Facebook fans and Twitter followers is very inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. However, you do need to find a company that specializes in providing targeted fans and followers.


If your company’s products are geared towards a specific demographic, such as men in their 20s, then getting Facebook fans and Twitter followers that are all ages and both genders probably won’t do you as much good. You’ll find there are one or two companies that can provide targeted Facebook fans and Twitter followers based upon your needs. Your needed demographics might include age, gender, location, interests, or industries. By limiting the results to these areas that match your needs, you’re going to see a much higher rate of visitors to your website that will really be interested in what you have to offer.


You want a company that doesn’t provide accounts for bots, spam, or fakes. You probably want to avoid the Farmville and Mafia Wars accounts on Facebook, too, unless your company specifically deals with gaming. This will help get you the Facebook fans and Twitter followers that will increase your company’s sales and revenue.


In closing, don’t let this amazing internet marketing opportunity pass you by. Your competitors are likely seeing the rewards from their fans and followers. You need to make sure you’re getting the same from yours. Locate a company that guarantees results in order to protect your investment. Target the accounts that will best work in your favor and remember not to overdo it with the advertising messages.

If you need Facebook fans and twitter followers , Guaranteed Fans N Followers can provide you with the targeted accounts that can increase visitors to your website. Your customer base can grow quickly, resulting in higher sales and revenue.

Facebook Photo Frames ? A Great Way to Share Photos

Facebook Photo Frames ? A Great Way to Share Photos

Recently, digital photo frames have taken a upswing in technology – turning to social media for inspiration.  These Facebook photo frames can display your digital pictures from a memory card, but they can also connect to Facebook, to Twitter, and other photo-sharing sites like Flickr or Photobucket.  They can now even take RSS feeds and send them to their photo displays as well.

The HP DreamScreen is a whole new way to picture everything you love.  Photos, videos, music, and more – it takes it online and uses realtime updates from your family and friends via your Facebook page.  It will play from its stored internal memory, stream from Facebook, or play off your hard drive.  This product contains an alarm clock and also can act as a radio device which will play MP3s.  It will also display images from SnapFish.
Developed by Hewlett-Packard, it is a 10.2-inch WiFi enabled display that is about $ 200 on  
With the DreamScreen 100, you can easily enjoy your music, photos, and videos with easy to use button and screens, and you can even control your digital entertainment in the palm of your hand.  Just use a simple, intuitive remove that was designed for ease of use and ultimate control.  The built-in Wi-Fi connects very easily to your home network and you can access content on your PCs through the internet and through the network.
The HP DreamScreen 100 ultimately is a useful connection to the internet which uses your wireless network to even update you on today’s weather!

But the HD DreamScreen 100 by clicking below, which will bring you to – the world’s most secure and trusted online retailer.

Facebook Photo Frames – the eMotion Secial Connect Frame
Media Street has beautifully created a nifty little Facebook photo frame platform called LifeGoRound which is content portal for the eMotion Social Connect Facebook photo frame.  This is an 8-inch Wi-Fi enabled photo frame which is a bit cheaper than the DreamScreen 100 by HP – priced at only around $ 150.  The LifeGoRound platform easily creates a way for you to view photos that are stored and hosted on popular sites like Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, and Walmart.

You can also upload your images right onto the LifeGoRound site and e-mail photos to your own account – you can also email the images to friends and family.  It’s easy to create different groups for sharing different photos in different places.

We invite you to view more about Facebook Photo Frames by visiting our website. You can also click here to find out about a great Facebook Photo Frame called the DreamScreen 100


Facebook eBook – How to Increase Traffic to Your Website With Facebook

Facebook eBook – How to Increase Traffic to Your Website With Facebook

It’s really challenging to obtain some coverage to your business whether it is in the real world or on the internet. You also want those that are truly interested in purchasing your products or services. Maybe you have used all the conventional advertising and marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, publishing a few press announcements, article marketing, paid advertising such as pay-per-click. However have you thought about using Facebook ads to obtain prospective clients? If not then you’re really limiting your exposure because this could be a fantastic source of targeted clients. The kind that you just will not have by implementing typical advertising techniques. If you would like to give Facebook adverts a try now, make sure you read a Facebook eBook to get things right.

What is Facebook advertising and marketing and also why should you even bother with this? If you’ve been on Facebook then you’ve almost certainly observed the ads. These are generally the advertisements that you can locate on the right side of the Facebook web pages. And a lot of the advertisements which are submitted will generally be intriguing and pleasant to you. You will not see the same adverts as everybody else that’s using the website at that time. The advertisements you are seeing are the ones which are especially focused to the info that Facebook used from your settings and other different sources. You will find plenty of Facebook Advertising Tips online so make sure you search around the web just before you actually get started.

These adverts are straightforward but at the same time they’re extremely effective. Each one has a headline, text block and also an image of your choice. These elements will all match within a 110 by 80 pixel area so it can fit right in to the top to bottom right side bar of Facebook. So just what would be the benefits that you will get with Facebook advertising and marketing? The greatest advantage that you will get with Facebook advertisements is the social network element as well as the trending power. In the Facebook eBook mentioned earlier you will also learn that the actual mouse clicks are also cheaper once you compare this to more traditional paid adverts like employing Google Adwords for pay-per-click. There are also many horror stories in which newbies get burned because they are not careful with the cost-per-click of their pay-per-click campaigns.

However, this is not a recommendation to replace Google adverts and you truly should not think of that. Your Facebook ads can also be exposed in cell phones which is getting more usage as time passes by. An additional factor to consider regarding Facebook advertising and marketing is that you can bring in a graphic element to your ads. It’s clear that showing images or pictures can truly boost the attention of a reader. One last factor that’s a great advantage is that you can write longer text in your Facebook advertisements. In Google ads, you may only compose just over seventy terms. On Facebook, you are able to compose a subject that’s over twenty characters and over one hundred thirty words for the body copy.

I am an expert author with more than 10 years experience in internet copywriting. I have a wide range of interests varying from internet marketing to very specific niches like Facebook eBook.

Social Media Management Solutions For Facebook And Twitter

Social Media Management Solutions For Facebook And Twitter

Promoting yourself or your company could be quite time consuming specifically when it has to complete with social media. Two with the most heavily utilised sites on the internet are Fb and Twitter. Either they are being used or else you don’t. Numerous people who begin using these communication tools for organization don’t have any concept how to rely on them correctly after which quit as well rapidly. There is a way to aid in this area. It is straightforward to possess an individual handle your Facebook and Twitter accounts through social media administration.

A social media management business might be utilized to help your firm or personal identity grow on social media sites this kind of as Fb and Twitter. They are able to locate you a lot more followers or friends to communicate with. They’ll also assist together with your everyday communications of the fans and fans. This takes both hands off of making posts everyday and considering every day tweets. It truly is an excellent time saver.

A social media administration organization may also develop a marketing and advertising strategy that can aid your Fb and Twitter accounts explode into a viral realm of success. They may have ideas such as the best way to market your Facebook page and Twitter account in the offline world. They are able to come up with ideas such as printing your fb and twitter pages on your receipts to using posters on your own walls with the follow us sign on the bottom. These concepts are simple but a good social media administration firm can come track of even a lot more creative tips.

One from the most hard tasks of a Twitter and Fb manager would be to keep your fans happy and also interacting with them on a daily basis. A great social media administration firm will do far more compared to every day posts they may also get your followers to retweet for you to begin something viral and they may get folks answering posts on your company’s Fb wall. Social Media is all about establishing a partnership with your past and future consumers. The much more interaction your organization has, the a lot more your organization will likely be remembered.

Many marketing and advertising organizations state only 30% or less of tweets get study and a lot of people are ignoring pages they become followers of on Fb. The reason for this can be a large amount of tweets and posts are pushing as well several products or solutions that folks don’t want more than and over again. It is almost a kind of spam. A good social media administration firm will help converse together with your clients thus creating a relationship.

Overall, handling social media in your personal ‘s time consuming. You’ve got to visit by way of the daily tasks of discovering Twitter followers that may in fact study your posts and Fb fans which will much like your organization. Even should you possess the time to do it, have you been building the proper advertising strategy that has in effect in your bottom line. An excellent social media administration company will help you in amazing methods and increase your customer base by establishing a never seen prior to every day relationship.

Mel Olmst has helped numerous individuals become specialists with social media management services. She also had helped their enterprise increase on facebook and twitter. Her facebook management are second to none. She would enjoy to assist your company grow.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Using the family and friends model of business development makes good sense if you’re marketing your efforts on Facebook. Marketing strategies for Facebook include all the usual relational strategies, building a relationship first, before you bring the client on board, and driving traffic by finding common interests. These simple tools work best when you’re working with a warm market.

Turning up the heat for a successful marketing experience on Facebook means driving interested buyers to your website because they’re truly interested in what you’re selling. Try finding a source of niche interests for your buyers qualifies the market.

Source Niche on Facebook —

Pages. It’s that simple, invite interested parties to visit and “like” a page where your niche market can be represented. Create events where interested visitors can attent an actual event, either in person or online, and drive traffic to your events, with Facebook buzz.

Chatter on Facebook that brings interested people to your site to read about the topic is considered Buzz.

Social Network on Facebook —

Interlocking friendships are considered the social network. When your friends have friends who are also your friends, and their friends interact with your friends, the resulting social network brings connected clients to your business. Other business relationships benefit from the relationships because of their interactive resources. Friends refer friends to services they appreciate.

By generating productive service based organizations with quality products, you’ll bring more profit to your own business and the interactive referrals will bring business to others.

Brand Identification —

Facebook is the perfect place to identify your brand and claim it in your signature, in your posts, and in your info. By adding a brand to your information, you make it easy for your readers to find you elsewhere on the net.

Impact your bu


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Basic Facebook Marketing Strategies to Generate Endless Leads and Dominate

Basic Facebook Marketing Strategies to Generate Endless Leads and Dominate

According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular website next to Google. I researched more and found that around 30% of the global internet subscribers visit Facebook every day. Facebook currently has 300 million subscribers and is growing rapidly. 45 Million updates are made on Facebook every day and world wide users spend around 8 billion minutes per day.

What does it mean to you as an internet marketer? It is a large gold mine. Isn’t it? However, How are you going to position yourself uniquely and promote your business on Facebook considering the large volume of updates being posted on Facebook every day? How do you grasp the attention of the Facebook users? The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the basic Facebook marketing strategies and tools that you need to successfully generate leads and dominate.

Always remember Facebook is a social network and should not be used to pitch your business. Prosperity in your Facebook marketing is directly proportial to the number of solid relationships developed with fellow users.So, Lets gets started

Facebook Profile

– A picture is worth thousand words. Make sure to add a picture in your profile
– Fill in your past info such as schools went and make it public so that people can find you through search
– Fill in your interests and make it public so that fellow subscribers could relate to you
– Fill in all your websites such as a blog, Twitter, your capture pages etc on your profile. By default, only your primary website is displayed. I would highly recommend to display all your websites in your profile. Anyone visiting your profile page could click on your URLS and learn more about you

Add Friends

After creating a profile, do not wait for things to happen. Go ahead and find and add few friends a day every day. It is advised that you can add up to 25-30 friends everyday. Excessive adding of friends will result in removing your page by Facebook administrators.

Interact with friends through like and comment

Once you have added a few friends and see their content on your home page, start interacting with them by liking and commenting on their updates. Commenting on updates could have a viral effect. When you comment on an update, your comment will show up on the updater’s wall and is visible to all his friends. So, it pays to make intelligent comments and get traffic back to your page. Also, feel free to share quotes, posts, and videos that had a positive impact on you. Key is to interact with Facebook friends as much as possible.

Facebook Photo Albums

Feel free to share your pictures and videos with your friends on Facebook. People would love to know more about you through pictures and videos. If you have been to a networking event and have taken pictures with the leaders and fellow networkers, share those pictures with stories about the events and see the traffic to your website increasing

Facebook Videos

If a picture is worth thousand words, how much is a video worth? In 2009, video marketing has been growing rapidly and is here to stay. Facebook allows you to either upload videos or shoot a video instantly. More you share the videos, better it is. Do share your videos about networking events, funny incidents, achievements and any other video that could have a positive influence on others. I use the video feature of Facebook in a couple of ways and am seeing phenomenal results:

1. I introduce myself to recently added friends. A short video describing who I am and appreciating for friendship
2. I use instant Facebook video recording option to wish birthdays to friends

Facebook Groups

Group positions you as a leader and displays the value you can provide to fellow networkers. Facebook users who join your group can be converted to prospects for your biz by using effective attraction marketing strategies. It pays to establish a group and providing value to the members of the group through emails, invitations to an event etc. I also use groups in Facebook to identify like minded people and to promote my posts.

Facebook Events

Facebook allows you to create a public event ( viewable to all members of Facebook) and provides you URL that can be used to communicate on other social networks like Twitter, MySpace etc. I send an event invitation via email to all my group members. Event feature keeps track of the users status (attending, not attending, may be) about the event. I see an increase in numbers for the event when I blast a reminder email to people who were not sure or were planning to attend.

Facebook Wall posts

Evey user in Facebook has a wall where he posts messages and moderates the comments made. If you are a core Facebook user, I am sure that you must be posting and promoting your content on your wall. However, It is worth much more to learn how to post your content effectively on walls of the members having a huge number of friends. It can be done by giving a lot of value that could be beneficial to the users visiting the page. Facebook will disable your account if they see you spamming. So, be cautious while using this approach.

Facebook Notes

Do you have a self hosted word press blog? If no, I would highly recommend you to start blogging and provide valuable content. Facebook notes is an awesome feature you can use to make your valuable blog content visible publicly to all members of Facebook. Also, there are applications that imports your blog content into the notes in an automated way. Isn’t that cool?

This feature would increase your blog traffic tremendously and ultimately your sales if you are using the blog as central hub/nerve center as I mentioned in my Attraction Marketing Blueprint post.

Facebook Applications

I am not a big fan of applications on Facebook as I generate enough traffic using the resources mentioned above. However, there are couple of applications that I personally use

Vuyou (Video Email Application): If you are an internet marketer and are generating leads through various marketing strategies like PPC, classifieds etc, you already might know the value of connecting with the prospect. I use this FREE video email application to connect with my leads as soon as they enter in to my sales funnel.

Networked Blogs: I use this application to increase the visibility for my blog. This is a cool application which allows Facebook users to subscribe to my blog and access my updates regularly.

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