Move Down To Clarify The Rumors Of The Acquisition Price Quoted Tencent Guess

Move Down To Clarify The Rumors Of The Acquisition Price Quoted Tencent Guess

Recently, rumors in the mobile market called Tencent Holdings senior short-term acquisition of the former high-level means that the latter triggered Wednesday Tencent Holdings shares rose 5.99%. However, this rumor to move fast the rumor that this is just a normal visit, visited the same period by other companies. The news was announced, 4, Tencent fell 2.73%.

5, according to Shanghai Morning Post reported that in China, Tencent QQ chat software in real time is known, while its core business also started around this software. September 2009 interim report in 2009 disclosed show, Tencent QQ and games in the field of value-added services to achieve 2.156 billion yuan of sales revenue, gross profit 1.491 billion yuan; with China Mobile and other telecom Cooperation Value-added services will co-operate to achieve 470 million yuan of sales income and 2.9 billion of gross profit, as QQ.COM portals, etc. Advertisement Income, creating a 243 million yuan of sales income and 169 million yuan of Maori.

Mainland enterprises listed on the Internet a lot, but Tencent is considered a very special one, not its core business as Sina, Sohu so large and the traditional gateway to the main portal, but also giants like later , perfect for a leisurely time and space-based online games, QQ that many Internet users every day to use chat software Tencent won a lot of loyal users, and derive a great deal of revenue. Such a real-time Communicate Software as the core of the diversified business model, is also Tencent is particularly special.

Is also why, given its very high market valuation premium. Statistical data, Tencent Holdings trades at 60.81 times, while the Internet leader in Sina’s only the 32.77-fold, while the same has a unique business concept of Baidu and Alibaba price-earnings ratio is 79.36 times, respectively, and 77.66 times.

Some analysts believe that such a high price-earnings ratio, is not only an “honor” is a kind of “protection.” Hong Kong shares close at 4, Tencent’s market value has reached 265.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, while China Mobile has more than 200 billion yuan in cash, but if the acquisition of Tencent, still need money in, not to mention huge amounts of money in exchange for, not only improve their own Main Internet business, it does not sound rational.

However, in recent years, moving from the layout view, it is noteworthy that in China Mobile Overall strategy, place it in a more important position is the mobile Internet, it will only last year, China Mobile and Vodafone, Softbank set up a joint laboratory. And Tencent is a tradition more Internet companies, many of its mobile Internet business is relying on China Mobile, a service provider’s identity to obtain.

Including the core business of Tencent QQ, China Mobile and learn from, the introduction of a flying letter, the end of 2009, flying the letter reached 56 million active users, growth fierce, if the next pre-installed with mobile OPHONE Fetion popular This block of business growth and new growth opportunities, but at the moment Fetion remained the second largest after the QQ instant messaging status. From this perspective, China Mobile and Tencent’s business and not much complement each other.

Although all data analysis, to prove the acquisition is just a rumor, but the other hand, the source of rumors that also has a policy of support for the triple play. This is not a new concept, in 1998, China put forward the concept the first time since the country has repeatedly been included in the five-year plan. January 13, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the decision to accelerate the telecommunication network, Radio and TV Network and Internet triple play. Makes this concept and rapid warming.

Addition of China Mobile has been to long for the Internet industry, and had it clear that Internet companies will be acquired, the performance of the mobile is the Internet’s ambitions, so there are many people in the trade said that if the policy support, there is no What is not possible, integrate the three networks accelerates, the system will not lead to changes in the industry are unpredictable variables, so if there are policy decisions will contribute to the acquisition of Tencent, has become a topic can be discussed . So in the end finally

powerful combination, or cooperate with each other conflicts, we will wait and see.

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