Software Development

Software Development

Software development is a process in which companies in it provide services such as the development, maintenance, publication of computer software e.g. software services, training, documentation, consulting, etc. There has been tremendous changes in terms of software development languages and delivery as various new tools such as Microsoft .NET Technologies, PHP, MS SQL Server, AJAX, ATLAS, Silverlight, JAVA Technologies, J2EE, JSP, J2ME, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MySQL Database, ORACLE, etc. have come up over two decades of time.

Moreover, there is a structural method which has been in use for quite some in the development of software which is termed as Software Development Process which several methods of software development which again are termed as software development model by computer professionals. Computer engineers involved in the process of software development are called software developers. There are various models for software development and one of them is waterfall model which is considered best available model by software developers.

Generally, software development companies use typical process wherein a set of activities including of research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, etc. is done in cumulative manner. Though the process of software development is complex and requires various departments, the final solution is an outcome of efforts put by entire software development and allied team.

As has been mentioned, there are various models of software development which includes Agile, Cleanroom, DSDM, Iterative, RAD, RUP, Spiral, XP, Scrum, V-Model, FDD, etc. amongst others, the decision to use them specifically for a project is done on the need basis. Besides the selection of software development model, study of requirement analysis, specification, architecture, implementation, testing and documenting, deployment and maintenance, etc. too is done by a separate team.

A much heard term in software sector is SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) which in fact is a software development process wherein a logical process used by a system analyst so that development of an information system can be done. The information system thus includes requirements, validation, training, and user ownership of the developed software.

Notwithstanding, SDLC has become on standard which is seen as credibility of software development company. In order to show credibility and efficiency, companies stress on following SDLC.

The entire hoopla about SDLC is that it ensures that the developed software meets or goes beyond the specific requirement of client, is under the postulated time period, made cost-effectively, etc. amongst others. Popularity of SDLC can be attributed to the fact that it is efficient and effective in the current and planned IT infrastructure. Moreover, another USP of SDLC is that it is inexpensive to maintain and cost-effective to enhance.

Increasing number of software development companies in India can be attributed to the fact that India has sound pool of talented software developers who are able to deliver Quality and Reliability in their software development service. Moreover, with on time deliveries, domain expertise, cost effective solution, customer oriented service, Indian software development companies such HCL, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Patni, etc. are known globally among their clients.

software development Software Development

The Smart Strategic Step About Offshore Software Development During the Recession

The Smart Strategic Step About Offshore Software Development During the Recession

The present IT scenario is quite alarming, leading to cross cut, and to enhance their level of efficiency. It is the time of fight or flight for many companies. It is not unknown that employees are laid off to cut the budget. Irrespective of all these hurdles, companies have to move on to survive. The companies are shifting to offshore software development strategies into their business plan smartly, cutting the cost as well as accessing international software engineering skills.

The intention of offshore software development is to entrust the task of designing and developing with core competency. The base may be anywhere but the result is assured. This in return helps the parent companies to focus more on their core business processes and business development. Maintenance of their business processes will be taken care by offshore software development. In a way, this helps the parent companies in cross cutting making them hassle free in hiring skilled employees.

The software development outsourcing model has attractive and significantly beneficial features, helps the company to save on employee recruitment. Some of the functionalities and features are highlighted as below:

1) Software development at reduced costs and fixed price: It is well known factor that companies have to take saving seriously in this unfavorable economic condition. A specific project for a guaranteed fixed cost proves better in this context.

2) Minimal infrastructure expense: Apart from human resources, infrastructure costs play a major concern as the biggest expense in an organizational balance sheet. An outsourced business can be setup with minimal expenditure on infrastructure.

3) Resources on demand: It is becoming burdensome for the companies to recruit full time employees with thinner profits, where as the clients have all the freedom and flexibility to go for full or part time resource solutions. Clients can inflate or contract resources based on the needs of their project.

4) Jump at the forefront of the Competition: This is an ideal time for the company to think on how to move ahead where as others are still licking their wounds, or at least have put a break in the dealings. Outsourcing assures you to be ahead without disturbing the present staff assuming long term result oriented relationships.

5) Make changes in Technology: Make use of the slower economic times in acquiring new technologies so that you are empowered and well equipped when the market starts picking up. You will be ready to offer more than the client’s expectations.

Choose an Offshore Software Development Partner:

You need to be more strategic and meticulous in selecting your partner. The success of the project depends on the offshore software development partner. The selection process has RFP (Request for Proposal), responses on the RFP, and rounds of negotiations and fulfillment of other legal formalities. Once you are through with all these formalities then think that your business is on.

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Website Design, Website Development And Seo

Website Design, Website Development And Seo
If you’re looking for website design, I would say that this company is great as they have a vast experience in both website design and SEO, so know how to make them work together so you have a great looking website that is also search engine friendly.

Website Design and Development Company is a must have for your online business. The company not only designs the website, but also develops it in accordance with the latest online trends. Whether it is static or dynamic website, a professionally managed Website Design and Development Company first takes the overview of your business strategies, and after discussing the strategies on an extended platform, the stage of designing is set into action.

Once the web designers have completed the design process, the Web Design and Development Company goes to next higher stage, which is the web development. However, there’s remarkable difference between designing and developing the business website professionally. A professionally developed website should take into various aspects in your mind that’d help your business to increase! These aspects comprise crisp and good flowing content; search engine optimization (SEO) and much more.

A professional Website Design Company would make use of advanced web development tools such as NET, CSS, ASP, HTML, Java-Script, etc. But, before any further strategy is designed, the most important aspect is Business itself.

An Affordable Website Design

There are many ways to get an affordable website design. There are few software which can create a website for you within fractions of time but you cannot take help of such software because you want unique and well functioning website not bunch of problems. You can get website development based on templates but it again is not unique in nature so only one best way is left for you and that is custom design. Always attempt to build website from the scratch and according to your specific needs of your business.

But here question is that how to make it affordable. How to reduce the cost? If you do it with proper planning you can save lots of money. See, time is an important factor in costing of any web development therefore, select the language which takes the shortest time for the development yet gives you ample satisfaction at other fronts. Their codes are compact so you can get your project done within shortest time.

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Content Development Within SEO, Pointers That 76% of SEO Marketers Miss

Content Development Within SEO, Pointers That 76% of SEO Marketers Miss

Within SEO, content is the only way that you will stay ahead of the competition. Look around any digital media product development website that has even marginal success, and I will be able to show you the keys to unlocking a wave of new customers and clients. There are some tips that any webmaster should employ when creating content for their SEO project.

* Don’t be afraid to get foul

Many people within the content sector or industry believe that this is the first and primary goal of any writer. This writer should not allow his or herself to remain shy when writing, but instead should get down and dirty with the audience. Instead of talking in the third person, don’t be afraid to tell the reader what YOU think. Opinions of yourself and others are foul, because they may or may not be true, but this creates a “bandwagon” for the reader to jump into. Everyone wants to be in the know, and everyone wants to be agreeable. SO why not use this to your advantage to create a foul experience where you tell the audience what is on your mind and what YOU think is foul. Don’t be afraid to tell them what is NOT foul as well, including your product while you’re at it!

* Be Direct, Be informal, and Don’t be a fool

Don’t waste your time trying to add random and nonsensical information to your website. Do spend time telling the reader exactly what you’re selling, and how this product will benefit them. If your website is purely content, then make sure the content is relative to the keywords, or the REASON WHY THE PERSON IS ON YOUR WEBSITE in the first place.

* Current Content Means Constant Revenue

Don’t be afraid to get foul. Remember that? Well when you get foul, you gotta stay foul. Keep the website up to date with new opinions on things that may relate to your keyword. Make sure to keep the reader coming back and getting them enthralled in the message that you are pushing.

* Keywords are the Key

Do some diligent research before you decide to put up a website. When you find the keywords that most likely relate to your product in a way that is popular, then make sure that your content is structured around the keyword. This is similar to being direct, in that you do not want to veer away from what your message is from the beginning.

* Quality Quality Quality

You remember how I said the first point was the most important? I lied. That’s because I was trying to tell you that everything I say is quality. My words are golden. This means that you should not be afraid to get across a message that gives quality, and do whatever you can to make sure that this message is in fact a quality message. People can easily sense when your content is in fact not reliable.

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Development Trend Of Automation Software Platform – Automated Software Platform – Electrical

Development Trend Of Automation Software Platform – Automated Software Platform – Electrical
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1, industrialization and background information 1.1, the integration of industrialization and informatization
Industrialization is an important driving force of economic and social development, and information technology has penetrated into production management, and economic life in all corners of the integration of information technology and industrialization of the future direction of economic development is the high ground occupied an important post-crisis era measures. By “two of integration”, using information to promote industrialization, promotion of information technology is to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, an important thrust, while industrial development related to new materials, new Energy Technology, energy conservation, smart logistics management, production services and other needs of the development process of industrialization and informatization of the joint promotion of traditional manufacturing techniques in order to speed up the speed to increase productivity.

And configuration software for industrial automation platform based on type tool is in the information society background, with the industry IT The constant development of technology was born, developed, because software is the core of industrial automation systems and soul, HMI / SCADA configuration software platform for industrial automation, information society impact is far-reaching, and some information and industrial automation-related technologies such as SOA, Web,. net, OPC, industrial network technology, to monitor the configuration software provided strong support for the development environment, fully integrated automation, The more powerful configuration software more able to reflect the value of the overall automation system.

Connection with the advanced IT technology, power control eForceCon configuration software factory model consistent with the technical design, support for Linux and Unix server operating system based on real-time and historical data management, consistent with B / S and C / S the management of mixed-mode to achieve with video surveillance, multimedia, large relational database, alarm management, large-scale GIS systems nested, advanced control, schedule management, ERP for seamless integration of information technology for the industrialization and integration provides a good application platform.

1.2, information and automation equipment
For equipment and product information, the embedded system has the information technology (mainly chips and software) work closely with the traditional industries, so that mechanical and electronic power equipment, automation products, digital, network, intelligent characteristics of the industrial transformation is to network, integrated and intelligent direction, support for embedded systems operating system platform HMI / SCADA configuration software and equipment in the integration of information technology will play a significant role.

Second, the importance of system integration and product selection
With the increasingly fierce market competition, driven in tapping the potential synergies, providing coverage from the bottom to the top management of manufacturing automation package to solve automation and production management, implementation and other information systems solutions are fully integrated enterprises direction, thus requiring different automation software platform vendors to meet market needs, the production standards of open systems IT automation hardware and software products (including architecture, platforms, components and tools, etc.). Introduction of cover from the bottom of the control integration platform, monitoring, software integration platform to support the process information to the MES, ERP system integration of all components and automation software suite of products is the direction pursued by platform vendors, so that can meet the SI system of information to establish the time Optimization of the different functional requirements select. Power control technology ForceCon series product family provides integrated automation enterprise total solution for enterprise integration projects preferred.

Third, automation software platform’s role in the integration

With the IT automation system for establishing the role of enterprise information more prominent, so easy and convenient unified development environment is essential to the integration project, all major automation companies in ERP, MES, PCS on the basis of three-tier structure integration of existing hardware and software products have to meet the integrated system architecture for the whole enterprise manufacturing, production management, automation and information to provide total solutions.

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Open source software development and offshoring ? What’s the dual benefit

Open source software development and offshoring ? What’s the dual benefit

Open source software development in offshore nations is offering the clients cost reduction in two ways, open source software development tools and resources at no extra cost and low offshore development charges. Along with this, it’s established now that this low-cost benefit comes without any quality compromise through a highly skilled community. That’s a win-all situation.

Open source software development has come of age in delivering solutions. Today when it is of a greater necessity, it also has built up a huge fan following among the developers and users. While software development itself has become a costly affair, many businesses are taking the route to open source software development and another branch is marching on the outsourcing or offshoring path for approaching it. The result of this is a dual cost-effectiveness.

Offshore countries like India have been receiving a great number of outsourced software projects, and over a good period of time catering to clients expecting a low cost of project development and high quality of software products, Indian software application developers have tremendously brushed up their skills of developing high-grade software performing some very critical business tasks for various industries and companies.

The new dimension of open source software and web development is picked up very well by the developing countries. The low cost of infrastructure and inexpensive manpower combined with a great expertise on the open source platform puts them at a greater advantage over in-house software development or local high-charging software development companies in the developed countries. To add to this, many governments have learnt to use their national skills to empower the country’s economical strength by bringing in and implementing liberal IT policies for software development and exports.

Open source software development services in the offshore industry constitute a wide range of customized software solutions, the current trend in software development. The idea is to cater to the client’s exclusive need and delivering a specific software application that no one else is using. This leads to maximum software usability and client satisfaction as the end result. Offshore web development expertise lies in web application development, graphic design, web design and development, Ecommerce websites, website maintenance, and internet marketing. Spanning over vastly varying domains from different sectors of the entire industry, the capabilities of offshore software professionals have grown enormously whether it’s meeting the deadline, providing round-the-clock real-time assistance, or delivering a quality product. Many organizations worldwide resort to them for their varying software needs, be it telecommunication, CRM, healthcare, financial, media, or Ecommerce applications.

Emphasizing again on the project cost, I would say when open source software development itself is an economical medium with free to download tools, the cost burden further slips down with clients having to pay only the application development cost. The cooperation of the custom software development companies extends a step further as they make themselves available as per your time zone and convenience. Their individualized, agile approach to open source application development projects is enough for you get a high functional advantage. And mind well, they are best known for their integrated and automated solutions which can be upgraded to your existing software. As far as customized applications are concerned, they have an entire range of flexible solutions to serve you that can be refined or evolved to your scalable needs.

Indian software developers are doing all important tasks for the business environment like creating Ecommerce sites using open source technologies that are extremely interactive and of the quality that brings the company in a professionally appealing light in no time. Isn’t that a welcome departure from the generic and mundane call center work done here!

Indian developers have brought on the rise the phenomenon taking on the most complicated software development jobs, which is not even affected by any Indian currency devaluation. It’s ongoing and flourishing with the help of web portals where these competent people can be accessed upon for their services. Many of the companies here are one-stop destinations for your open source software or web development needs.

The author, James John, an associate with Viteb which is an offshore software development company based in India and US, has written several articles covering open source software development and offshore web designing and web development to share his vast experience in this field working with some of the leading software development companies.