The Forgotten Importance of Deep Links

The Forgotten Importance of Deep Links

A deep link is a backlink that leads to a page other than the home page of a website. Every time a new page is added to a website, that page begins its search engine life with a page rank of 0. In order to boost that page rank, the same attention had to be paid to the page specific URL as to the URL of the home page. When creating a new website or promoting an existing website, many marketers or webmasters give the home page much more attention than the underlying pages.

How big is your website? If your website already has a decent number of pages, building backlinks may seem like a daunting task. A website with 25 pages will need to have backlinks to each of those pages. While this may not seem like a difficult task to accomplish, there should be just as many deep links to these pages as there are links to the home page. If you have managed to secure 100 links to your home page, that means you are already 2500 links in the red. Catching up could take backlink building software and some great SEO.

Will Article Submission Help?

Taking a look at many article submitted to article submission websites, you may notice many of the links are leading to the home page URL. While these links will help give the website more clout in the search engines, they are not deep links. Article submission can be used for both home page URLs and deep links to the innermost pages of a website. The resource box can be changed to point the anchor text in the direction of the inner pages instead of the home pages.

Accomplishing a large number of deep links is not something that will happen overnight and it shouldn’t. Any service that claims to boost your deep links by the hundreds in 24 hours or less is not going to help the website in the long run. Building backlinks is an ongoing process that should be handled every day. Just like the story of the turtle and the hare, slow and steady wins the race every time.

So, How Do I Build Deep Links the Right Way?

Building deeplinks the right way is not hard, just time consuming. Quality backlinks can be earned from article submission websites of all kinds. For each of the pages of your website, writing an article for an article submission website can count as one or two deep links. Another choice is commenting on other website and relevant blogs. When commenting, use your anchor text as your name and the deep URL as the website. When the comment is posted, the name will be the anchor text for the deep link.

Your website pages each took research, time and dedication. The same research, time and dedication needs to be paid to working on building quality deep links to those pages. The more links, the more search engine love for your website.

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Three Meaningful and Deep Life Quotes to Change Your Life

Three Meaningful and Deep Life Quotes to Change Your Life

Lots of people think that Quotes are just few words. But that is not so true. Deep and meaningful Life Quotes are true words of wisdom which are very important to improving the quality of our life. They are quoted by famous personalities from all around the world on the basis of various experiences in their life.

The motto behind the creation of these life quotes is to inspire and motivate mankind on the path of success. Reading them gives us power to overcome obstacles and challenges that nay hamper the achievement of our life goals and success.

Here are Three most Deep and Meaningful Inspirational Quotes about Life to lift your spirit.

Meaningful Life Quotes # 1: “Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha

In this Quote Buddha cited the importance of keeping your mind focused on present moment. If you apply this simple thing into your life, your whole life will be changed. There are plenty of benefits if you concentrate your mind on present moment. You will enjoy more if you’re in present moment rather than thinking about past. It will reduce your stress because you don’t have any thing to worry about future. Also, you can get things done easily if you focus on what you are doing.

Meaningful Life Quotes # 2: “The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

This Quote tells you about the impact of our thoughts on life we live. It tells about the fact that what we think we be. This is true and I am certainly agreed with the author. We build our lives with our thoughts. Our thoughts are very powerful. They are key to your success or failure. Today, what you are and where you are is all because of your thoughts. So make your thoughts positive to achieve your highest goals in life.

Meaningful Life Quotes # 3: “Life’s ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.” Marsha Sinetar

This quote tells you that problems in life are opportunity to grow. Facing your problem makes you strong. This quote emphasizes that we should take our problems as an opportunity to be more creative and strive towards prosperity to make life meaningful.

Don’t just read these meaningful and deep inspirational Life Quotes, but apply them in your life to get best out of them. These Quotes will literally change your life and makes you the person you always want to be.

Collecting all type of famous quotes and sayings is my hobby. You can visit my website to read my Collection of Life Quotes and funny friendship quotes