Music Duplicate Remover Will Find Duplicates By Comparing Id3 Tags And By “listening” To Your Music

Music Duplicate Remover Will Find Duplicates By Comparing Id3 Tags And By “listening” To Your Music
Music Duplicate Remover can find and delete duplicate files in your music collection. The program scans and compares ID3 tags and parameters of your files to identify duplicates. It can also “listen” to music to find file duplicates by sound. Combining these two different methods in one program turns Music Duplicate Remover into an extremely flexible and powerful duplicate cleaner.

The program works with most popular audio formats, like MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, APE, WAV, FLAC. It is possible to set the priority level for each format, so you can keep music in your favorite format and remove duplicates in all other formats. Music Duplicate Remover has no difficulty finding duplicates in different formats or with different properties. For example, suppose that there is a song in FLAC, APE, OGG, and a couple of MP3 files. Even if the files don’t have any ID3 tags and their names look like “track01.mp3”, “my_favorite.flac” and so on (which means they don’t have any similarities), Music Duplicate Remover will find and list all the copies. Having no hint that the files are duplicates, the program will compare the most important thing, their sound. Thus it won’t fail where other MP3 duplicate cleaner tools will just skip the files.

There are several inconveniences in having duplicate music files. First of all, such files occupy disk space that otherwise might have been used by other files or programs. An average music collection may have 1 Gb of duplicates for every 10 Gb of music. Removing these useless copies will make space for more unique and important files. Second, when creating playlists, you may want to populate them with unique files only. Several copies of the same file under various names will lead to the situation when the same song is being played over and over again, which may become pretty boring.

Music Duplicate Remover will cope with these inconveniences. After starting the program, you can choose one of 3 preinstalled duplicate search schemes: compare ID3 tags and properties of files, compare sound, or a combined scheme. Additional settings for experienced users are also available, it is possible to choose which ID3 tag fields are to be compared, or adjust the treshold value for the sound compare mode. However, these settings are optional, and one can simply use the preinstalled schemes.

Then in the folder tree on the left, select folders that you’d like to scan for duplicate files and click the “Find duplicates” button on the toolbar. Music Duplicate Remover will scan your collection and list all copies of your audio files. The resulting list can be easily sorted according to your preferences: specify important and unimportant folders, set bitrate and format priorities, and the program will automatically adjust the list, putting more important files as original files and their less important copies as duplicates. Then simply click the “Remove duplicates” button on the toolbar to delete duplicate files.

After scanning for duplicates the program shows a statistics window: how many file duplicates found on your computer, how much space they occupy.

Music Duplicate Remover is a powerful and user-friendly duplicate cleaner that will help you delete unwanted duplicates in a matter of just a few clicks.

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Critical Illness – Why Comparing Quotes is Not Easy

Critical Illness – Why Comparing Quotes is Not Easy

When looking for critical illness cover you would think that the UK’s number one price comparison website was up to the job.

Having completed my quotes on their website for life and critical illness cover I was disappointed as the UK’s number one price comparison website only provided critical illness quotes with 4 companies, Synergy, Aviva, LV= and Legal & General.

From a consumer point of view this is a disappointment especially as one of those providers offers below average cover, another two have more exclusions on their critical illness than the norm and the third is the only remaining worthy consideration.

However when you then factor in the price differences why would you accept inferior cover just to save one or two pounds a month?

We all know that we could save money when we buy insurance, by reducing the cover. But for most of us we don’t want third party cover on our cars, price is not the only consideration.

With all the main comprehensive major critical illness cover providers NOT quoting and with no indication that they have not quoted, which is not in accordance with their “Our Customer Promise” it shows that being number one does not mean you are offering the best consumer deal or choice.

Comparing critical illness cover has never been easy as the same condition for example “heart attack” have different definitions depending on the provider, so one you may have a valid claim the other you may not.

Where do you go to get a true comparison of the market?

Using a comparison website as we have found out is not going to give you the full choice of the market. This is mainly as some providers only offer cover via independent brokers. Also the tools available online are not as advanced to the comparison tools used by brokers to compare the cover, conditions, exclusions.

Research completed 1 July 2009

We understand critical illness cover, and will on your request provide you with a report and arm you with the information you need so you can make an informed choice on your critical illness insurance. Even if you are considering a few polices or the looking at the whole market we can give you the information you need.