How to Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly Part 1

How to Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly Part 1

Creating a blog for a company or for search engine purposes can be a great way to start any webpage. In this article you will learn more about what it takes to create a blog that is seo friendly and attracts links. The first idea you need to consider is what blogging platform you will be using. Most people use WordPress to host their blogs, I would also recommend it. You can also use Joomla and a few other services. However, I always recommend using WordPress. WordPress is easy to install by hand or with some web providers you can use your cpanel and fantastic deluxe to install it automatically. Once WordPress is installed you will want to select a theme that reflects your style and message you are trying to portray. Right now in the blogosphere magazine style themes are extremely popular. If you are looking for this type of theme you can simply Google “free magazine style wordPress themes” and you will have a multitude of sites to choose free themes from. Once you select one of the themes simply install it onto your WordPress page.

Once you have your theme selected and your blog set up you are going to make your blog more search engine friendly. To begin this I would suggest you change your post categories to use the keywords in your post titles. Simply go into your first post and click edit or create new post. Once there you will see a little link below your title named “Permalink:” click edit just below that. You will then be brought into a new window where you can select how you want your url to look. I select the month/year/title one but it is up to you. Once you have your title url changed you are set to install the plugin “All in One SEO Pack”. Simply install this nice plugin and you will be able to change many other seo facets of your blog.

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How To Make Your SEO Blog Content Look Great

How To Make Your SEO Blog Content Look Great

If you are earning through your blogs or your blogs are a part of your business site, it is really important to Search Engine Optimize the content of your blog. This is to ensure better and higher traffic to your posts. Most people think that optimizing the content means making it very technical, not at all entertaining, stiff, and search engine oriented in order to get special favors from the search engines.

This thinking is not correct because such content will not be liked by the human readers and popularity of the post will automatically decrease. This is why it is important to optimize your posts in such a way that they are liked by search engines as well as the human readers. Here we’ll see some easy ways in which your blog posts will appear nice and will get equal favor from search engines as well as the readers:

– Create interesting and entertaining posts that will attract the attention of the readers. As far as possible keep it entertaining so that readers bring out time for your posts and moreover if your readers will like you and your posts they will themselves come back to you and will also ask their friends and associates to read you. It will be a kind of branding for your posts.

– Keep the content neat and easy to read. It should not appear like a complex detective story that readers do not gain anything and keep thinking till the end of the post. Well if you happen to make the content so complex, perhaps nobody will reach the end and will feel like going away rather soon!  Therefore, keep the length short. Everybody is busy today and nobody can think of investing al their time just reading a post from a blog. It is best to make it 250 to 300 words long. This will attract the readers as they love to read less and gain more and this length is also fine to let the search engines know about your presence. Also try to maintain uniformity of the length in all your posts.

– When you’re taking so much of pains to keep your posts short and sweet why making the headlines long and boring? Keep the headings/headlines smaller too.

– What kind of headline you choose also has impact on the performance of your blog-post. Sometimes you choose very commercial looking headlines like- “How to lose Weight in three day” or “Make a fortune doing online business”, readers take such headlines as spam and don’t try reading the posts with such headlines.

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Make Money With AdSense Working on Your Blog – Not in Your Blog

Make Money With AdSense Working on Your Blog – Not in Your Blog

When taking into account a blogging business model, the business model must be backlinks … that settles the story. It doesn’t matter whether you finally shift from AdSense into another way to monetize you site. If you focus on backlinks as your dominant business model, you’ll be able to shepherd traffic to whatever site or web page you want to, and there your targeted visitors will do the thing you want them to in very high numbers.

To hustle on a blog as a business is to hustle on backlinks. If all you do is blog super content, well, look at the New York Times and other newspaper properties if you think that business model has a future … even on the Internet.

There’s nothing else to say.

Just to give you an idea how strenuous it is to be freed from this way of thinking, I’ve been managing Internet businesses for about 7 years, and making a living blogging for the last four. Blogging is the exclusive income I make as far as from working.

Recently, right before writing this article, I was extraordinarily frustrated and debilitated, you know, that burnout experience. When that happens , you can briskly follow it back to a single thing: you’ve started to be a writer or blogger again, and forgot to work on the business.

A portion of backlinking is writing, but what happens is an progressively considerable amount of time can be done writing without you realizing you’ve moved toward that. Abruptly you’re burning out because you’re still hauling the backlink workload, while adding more writing duties.

All this is considerably easy to lose track of while you’re in the hub of laboring on your blog business, so take stock of things occasionally to see if you’re hanging on to your backlink focus, and aren’t blogging more without noticing you’re doing it.

I realized that was what I was doing recently, and when I diagnosed the difficulty, it was very easy to finish up and close down the blogging and start centering chiefly on building the blogging business via backlinking blueprints.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been doing this for awhile, this is the key to successfully being profitable in the blogging business. Just drop reasoning about it as writing and blogging, and stir yourself to recognize it as backlinkng and anchor text, and you should do radically good.

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Blog Commenting | Killer Tips Up For Grabs!

Blog Commenting | Killer Tips Up For Grabs!

Blog commenting is a great way to build backlinks to your blog, if you execute it properly. Well, today is your lucky day as I’m going to share with you some killer blog commenting strategies that you can implement right after reading this post… Comment starvation will be a thing in the past — guaranteed! Here are the killer blog commenting tips to driving traffic and creating backlinks:

Blog Commenting Tip #1: Find Blogs in Your Niche

This is really a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. What’s the point if people come to a blog which doesn’t cater for their needs? Furthermore, there will be no much SEO benefit for you commenting on the weight loss blogs if that’s not your niche market. Your goal should be to visit and comment on blogs with the same interests as yours. No, I don’t mean spending all day long commenting on blogs. The key is to pick a few top quality blogs.

Blog Commenting Tip #2: Use Your Keyword in the Name Section

When entering your name in comment section, use the primary keyword that you want to rank for, e.g. blogging tips, marketing training etc. Well, you can use your personal name if you want to rank for it.

Blog Commenting Tip #3: Link to Your Relevant Post or Page

A cool way to create backlinks with blog commenting is to use your relevant post and page links instead of your home page. If you have a post that is relevant or a money page that you want to rank for, then link to it. I see some new bloggers making a big mistake of not linking to their blogs at all — big mistake!

Blog Commenting Tip #4: Add Your Picture To Your Comments

One of the effective ways to build your brand online, is to use your own picture, preferably the same one. Now, what good is it if you use a default image and people don’t see your face next to your comments? If you really need to be visible and make a name for your self in the blogging arena, then you need to add your picture. And pictures of your pet, company logo and so on, will not help you to achieve this.

Blog Commenting Tip #5: Be Polite

How do you feel when someone leaves a comment on your blog without greeting or acknowledging you or signing their name?… When I reply to such comments I don’t really know how to address the commenter, I sometimes can’t even work out the name on the e-mail address.

Now, if you want to build a relationship with blog owners and their readers and attract some traffic to your blog, you have to do things right and show some respect.

It’s always great when people address you by your first name, isn’t it? It shows that they are interested in you. Another good habit is to be thankful and show some gratitude. You could say “Thanks for sharing your insights”, “Keep up the good work” or similar.

Remember that bloggers put a lot of effort and time into researching and creating valuable content, so encouraging and appreciative words don’t go unnoticed.

Blog Commenting Tip #6: Leave Meaningful Comments

The key here is to actually read the post… Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised… When you highlight some of the key points in your comment, you are showing the blogger that you have actually read the post.

“Great post.” – is not a meaningful comment at all.

Now, you don’t have to agree with everything the blogger says. Don’t be shy, feel free to voice your opinion on the topic, add value or controversy (if you have facts). Rule of thumb: don’t be rude and disrepectful.

So, how long should your comment be? There is not fast and hard rule on this one, as long as you are leaving meaningful comments. Personally, I’m not a fan of very loooong, essay-type comments.

Hot tip: if you have a lot to add to the discussion, you can create a post on your blog and expand on the topic.

Where allowed, you can add HTML link relevant to the topic in the body of your comment. If you abuse this, your comments will likely end up in spam.

Blog Commenting Tip #7: Create Curiosity

When leaving a comment, don’t give away all your “golden nuggets”… Hang on, are you not supposed to be sharing value? True, however you want people to click on your link to see what else you have to offer.

People will click on the link out of curiosity. And the blogger will approve your comment if it adds value to the discussion.

Blog Commenting Tip #8: Respond to Comments on Your Blog

When you start getting comments on your blog, be sure to reply to them promptly to keep the discussion going and to encourage even more comments. People want to be heard and appreciated. Now, you can go a step further and install a plugin called Comment Reply Notification, that notifies your commenters of your replies, adding a nice personal touch.

This plugin works particularly well for comments with questions. Do you think your commenters would like the answers to the questions delivered to their email inbox? You bet!

For more information and killer tips, be sure to click on the link in the resource box below.


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Blog Commenting, Competitor Or Niche Back Linkinghow To Create By Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting, Competitor Or Niche Back Linkinghow To Create By Blog Commenting
Back Linking through Blog comments

One of the most underutilized methods of backlink generation in the internet marketer’s stash today may well be blog commenting.. Thousands of backlinks can be developed in a short period of time, by basically spending ten or twenty minutes at the start of each work day employing this method..

It is an uncomplicated procedure to find blogs on which you can comment Just go to on the search page you will find a tab marked more, pressing this button gives a menu which you will ask for more options, sending you to a redirect where you will find the Blog search category, pressing on the blog search will open up millions of posts at the base page. Returning to the top of the search page will appear a box that is labeled search blogs, enter your specific search keywords in that box and it will yield information specific to your topic A search on the general keyword terms make money today gave me a list of over 72,000,000 posts as I was preparing to write this article. You can be as explicit or as general as you like, as your mission is to uncover blogs in your category which you can make comments on.

Okay, now that you have found a number of blog posts that are relevant to your group, you need to sort them out, I tend to separate by date of publication, that way I can work on newer blogs. The Blog tab on Google is in nearly real time, so you can actually get information that is right to the moment correct. In order to shrink the number of results google provides for you, you may wish to drill deeper into the topic by using a long tail keyword, for the sake of simplicity, in the above example I would use the word review. You can get more detailed results by using a longer tail keyword, in the cited example you may use something like make money with reviews. That will take you to a more precise grouping in google and make it a bit convenient for you to separate through posts to comment on.

Having produced a list that you want to avail yourself of based on a search term that delivers pertinent blogs to comment on, it is effortless to copy the task for daily reproduction by clicking on the blog alerts tab, and making an alert that sends the search results automatically to your email inbox once a day, giving you a brand new list of sites that mention the google search keywords

You can repeat this method for any number of search options or niche blogs, setting up alerts for each variant that you wish to explore. Spending a short time finding blogs that have unlocked comments is a very valuable way to give rise to backlinks. I run several blogs, and throw away more comments than I keep on by a large margin, because people misappropriate this method, either just spamming their links into the comment box, or posting comments that are totally unrelated to the topic. You don’t need to record a long or thorough comment, just be sure that it relates to the blog post, to improve your chances of having it accepted.
Provided you can discipline yourself to bring to bear this method on a methodical basis, spend 10 or 20 minutes a day in the method, you should be capable to initiate 8 to 10 links a day, up to 300 a month and 3600 a year, all while you are having your morning coffee.{Additional information on the art and science of free traffic generation will be on hand each day on|I will be providing additional information on the topics of free traffic generation {methods|techniques| each day, these will be posted on
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Seo ? Ideas On Producing Seo Blog Content Look Great

Seo ? Ideas On Producing Seo Blog Content Look Great

It is extremely suggested that you Search engine optimization your weblog content. It is not recommended nevertheless that you simply make your weblog sound stiff and technical for the sake of attracting search engines like google. When it comes to truly incorporating your keywords into your blog duplicate maintain in mind that the very best blogs would be the ones that sound informal. Nobody desires to examine a robotic repetitive piece of copy.

One crucial to maintaining your weblog looking neat and readable would be to keep the content much less than 300 words. 250 phrases per blog is notion. Preserving them looking reasonably uniform as well as the same duration can be extra visually eye catching and extra probably to maintain curious eyeballs on your web page and not an individual else’s.

Another factor you have to notice will be the way the headline of your weblog article looks. Shorter is virtually continually far better. Long search engine optimized weblog titles do not deliver the results if they are lower off with the finish. Make certain that any weblog headlines that you have are.

You ought to also be certain that your blog headlines aren’t also industrial or corny sounding. For instance a weblog title including “Make 1000′s a day making use of Seo!” just isn’t going to perform as well like a subtler phrase including “How Search engine optimization Let Me Quit My Day Task.” Corny headlines appear like spam to a whole lot of men and women when they get them on their RSS feeds so their eyes merely glaze more than when they see some thing like “Hoodia Miracle Weight loss Drug!” or “Grow Bigger Breasts in 3 Days.”

Unless the acronym is very well known you might be also meant to remain away from making use of them as headlines inside your weblog. However this is not suggested if your Search engine optimization title is simply too long as in “Valuable ideas for Making use of Search Engine Suggestions for Blogs.” It’s significantly much better to keep the language pretty simple as in “Top Search engine optimization Suggestions!”

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Social Media Marketing Tip Improve Your Video Blog By Using Talent!

Social Media Marketing Tip Improve Your Video Blog By Using Talent!
Social Media Marketing is where it is at! Social Media Marketing through articles and videos makes businesses more accessible to their clients and prospects. Some sites like YouTube, Flickr, Multiply and Bedo only allow you to share images and video.

Many businesses use video blog as an affordable way to utilize video sharing sites which are an integral part of a social media marketing campaign. There are many different types of ways you can create video blogs but what is most important is the following:

-You have a professional setting to shoot it in.
-You have a camera, audio and editing equipment to ensure a professional result.
-You look comfortable and confident on camera.
If you fall short in one of these three areas, considering consulting a professional for assistance.

Here is the problem. If you put up your blog with poor audio, poor video quality or you look over scripted, uncomfortable or lacking in confidence; this can damage your brand, reputation and impair your marketing efforts. If you are in a business where your prospect would hire you as prospective representation this does not project a message of professionalism.

If you look uncomfortable on camera and you just cant help it or do anything about it, consider using talent in your video blog. We routinely hire professional talent and produce executive video blog and corporate video without the client even needing to go to the studio.

This is a great option because you can develop your script and content and leave the rest to seasoned professionals who can turn around a great result. You wouldnt believe that a few hundred dollars can result in a clean, professional, properly edited and produced video blog or video introduction; that you can be proud of.

If you decide not to go the route of talent, another option is digital video or corporate screen casts. You can use these to demo your product or service using effects, images and editing with professionally recorded audio as opposed to you or talent introducing your product or service.

There are so many different ways that you can embrace Social Media Marketing to enhance your companies online image and position in the market place. To learn more about improving your video blog by using talent please visit

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SEO Tips For Your Blog

SEO Tips For Your Blog

NOTE: Though the objective here is to increase traffic (and sales) via greater search engine awareness, always remember to write for the end user first. So if it comes down to using one of the keywords or techniques to make the post SEO-friendly at the expense of losing common sense readability, elect for readability every time. Really, along with links, content is king – so don’t forget about churning out regular, original content.

#1) Try to make each new post at least 250 words. This seems to be the threshold that Google likes.

#2) Use your keywords in your posts. Do your keyword research and create a list of your top 25 keywords and use them correctly (keep reading) to make your blog SEO-friendly.

#3) But don’t get too friendly…. Don’t go crazy trying to stay within this strict range, but TRY to have no more than 2%-4% of your blog posting as these keywords though. More than that and you may run into the keyword-stuffing penalty and Google may not like that. It is definitely OK to be 8% on some posts and 1% on others though. Variation is your friend here.

To view the number of keywords in your post, compose your post in Word (or copy and paste into Word) and click the “Review” tab at the top. Then you should see a “Word Count” button. Clicking this will show the number of words in your post. You can then multiply that times .02 and .04 (2% and 4%) to give you the number of keywords you should be targeting.

For instance, if your blog post contains 400 words. 400 * .02 = 8 Keywords. 400 * .04 = 8 or 16 Keywords…so you would try to use (again, there is some leeway here) between 8-16 keywords in this posting.

#4) When it is appropriate and when you can do it, you will want to sometimes bold or italicize the keywords that you are using. This tells the search engine robots “Wait a second, here is something to focus on within this page” – and will result in a higher SEO ranking for the emphasized term. Again, remember the NOTE above and don’t go too crazy with the bolding or italics though.

#5) Use keywords in the title of your post and at the beginning and ending of your post, where possible. This has a similar effect as bolding and italics – it makes the engine bots take note of those particular words in relation to your page. It is very important that the last paragraph also contain one of your keywords since some search engine bots spider the beginning and the last bit of every blog post. Referring (yet again) to the above NOTE, don’t do this (especially with the title) every opportunity or your readers might wonder what the heck is going on – for instance, why you are starting EVERY post off with “Baseball”.

#6) Use your keywords fairly abundantly in the tags of your blog posts.

#7) Use your keywords in naming your images if you can, using hypens between each word. For instance, instead of “baberuth.jpg”, name the image “baseball-great-babe-ruth.jpg”.

#8) Use your keywords in the “ALT” tags (or naming tags) of your images, where possible.

#9) Linkbuilding – This is not anything you can do within the blog posting itself, but it is uber-important. SEO-optimized blog posts will help a lot, but for true Google-power, you will need to build deep links that point to the blog itself.

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