Link Baiting And Effective Link Building For Newbies

Link Baiting And Effective Link Building For Newbies
Link baiting is a feature or content on your website that is designed specifically to encourage or naturally attracts back-links from other website. Link baiting is method to create links from other websites to your website to improve your website rankings in search engine and increase your website traffic. This is done by uploading web content that people want to share with their relatives or friends of their site.
Here are some effective link baiting techniques.
1. Useful information – Do a strong research on your niche and offer a solid information or any other useful thing on your website that a reader may find useful. Some tips & tricks which is rare to find or anything in which you have excellent knowledge through which your website visitors can benefit and give them a reason to link to you
2. News – Do the hard work to uncover great content and be the first to write about the latest news under your niche. Online readers are very eager to share latest news with their relatives and friends.
3. Humor – Humor is appreciated by almost everyone worldwide. Jokes, funny images and videos or anything that can make your visitors laugh and share it ultimately.
4. Tutor or How to – Provide some tutor or how to do something to solve a problem, for example if your niche is Golfing, then provide a tutor about how to break 80 in Golf OR if your niche is weight loss so provide an information about how to get rid of fat fast or get six pack etc.
There are many ways but these are very simple to do. If you are little technical in nature or you are ready to throw money to outsource things like creating a software or setting up contests or competitions than you can research on more information on link baiting.
Also keep in mind whether you are a newbie or an expert in online marketing, you should avoid few things while doing link baiting like social bookmarking everything even if it is not socially attractive. Social bookmarking is good but only when whatever you are bookmarking is appealing. Keep your website simple and makes it easier to link to.
There is one more effective method of link baiting that is starting a controversial topic on your website, this method doesnt for all and also it can be difficult to produce controversial pages.

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