Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Grab the Attention of Your Clients through Hang Tags

Introducing a new product to the market requires you to create appealing presentation materials, such as hang tags. The use of these print materials is actually a usual practice for many businesses. This is especially true if the products or items are apparel or accessories. Hang tags are attached to a product or item for the purpose of providing relevant information. These also contain the brand and logo of the manufacturer.

Usually, hang tags are tied on the products or items for sale. Inside a retail store, you can find different types of hang tags. These come with threading, ribbon, embroidery, yarns, and other accessories that add appeal to hang tags. There are even some hang tags that have big bows which grab the attention of people. If you are looking for understated elegance though, you can always go for simple threading tied to a knot. Your hang tags can also be attached to your products through the use of a safety pin or a tagging gun. You can also tuck a part of your hang tags into the product or item.

Hang tags have a lot of uses. Your hang tags can also be used as invites and discount cards, among others. Here are some uses for these print materials:

–  You can include promo or discount cards on the hang tags to give perks to your clients and customers. These can encourage them to be loyal to your brand.

–  Also, you can put invites on your hang tags if your business is fashion-related. You may have events that would need the participation of your target clients and customers.

–  You can also inform them about schedules for sales. Keep your clients updated. You will have clients lining up during sale season, and these hang tags can help spread the word around.

–  You may also want to include fashion tips on your hang tags. Include some tricks and techniques on how to mix and match the clothes with accessories and other apparel.

–  Do not forget to include your contact information on your prints. Always put the address of your physical store as well as how clients can keep in touch with you. Put your phone numbers, website and email address.
–  Always put your business or company logo to enforce your brand. If you wish to make your company known as well as the principles you uphold, also include your business or company slogan.

–  Add images on your hang tags. Make sure though that the images you use are striking and that these are a good representation of your products. Otherwise, your clients will associate your business with the low-quality images you use.

If your goal is to develop your fashion brand or want to improve your business image, invest on high quality as well as visually appealing hang tags. Have the designs custom-made. Get a graphic designer who you can work with. Brainstorm with your graphic designer as to how your design templates would look like. Get inspiration from existing hang tags. You can find design templates over the internet. Also, look for a reputable printing company. You can find local printers in your area or you can avail of services online. If you opt for online printing services, make sure that the one you choose can provide you with quality prints at affordable prices.