Some Useful Tips on How to Remove Skin Tags

Some Useful Tips on How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are those brown, irregular small patches of loose skin that are an ugly sight and a cause of great embarrassment for many. What makes it worse is that these skin growths are often found on very visible parts of the body – which can’t be hidden or covered up with clothing.

People who are prone to this skin conditions tend to have it in more than one place on their body. Some also complain of irritating their skin tags due to clothing, wearing accessories or even shaving – since are mostly found in the parts of the body that rumple against clothing.

Although they are not considered dangerous to your health, they are still regarded as tumors. They are not cancerous and can be left untreated. However, in cases where a tag is repeatedly irritated by continuous friction or rubbing, some patients seek the help of doctors, more particularly, dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.

Skin tags are relatively easy to remove with very minor surgery. Some minor surgery processes that remove them from the body are: surgical ligation, cauterization, excision or cryosurgery. Treatment is easy as the patient can go home right after the minor surgery.

Others however, prefer more non evasive methods to remove it. Some turn to home remedies. Some patients use topical creams containing Dermisil as this has been proven to work quite well. Others make a mixture of baking soda and castor oil and apply it to the affected areas. Still, others use apple cider vinegar, but it has no real proven scientific value as a treatment.

Some do unusual remedies by applying nail polish to the skin tag twice or thrice a day to dry out the are of skin. Others tie a thin thread or even dental floss around the stalk of the tag to cut off the blood supply. Whatever treatment you seek, always seek the advice of the medical experts. Making sure that there’s no infection and that it’s safe to remove it is always a wise way to do it.

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