So You Have 10k Followers on Twitter – Now What?

So You Have 10k Followers on Twitter – Now What?

The idea for this article came to me when I launched my new blog. I thought that if I would ask some of my friends from Twitter to tweet something about my blog I would get some really good traffic. I don’t have to say it, because you probably guess: nothing extraordinary happen. Why?

I think that a series of events offered me the chance to understand that the social world of the Internet is no different than the real one. I realize that there are different ways to leverage yourself but in the end it’s all about influence. In that moment I realized that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Twitter.

Many users think of the number of followers as some sort of currency: the more you have the more power you have. Well, I think it’s true – in some aspects. What they don’t realize is that many of them are not holding the right currency. Just like in real life there is the mighty dollar and the euro or the English pound and then there are many others with less influence.

Many of us have 2k followers or 10k or 50k but if my 10k followers are worth 100 or 500 of Chris Brogan’s followers then what … You see, followers can leverage you but they can also mean nothing. It all depends on two things:

Either you are a well known person in your market
Or you work hard and constant to build trust and try to engage as many people as you can

My take on this: you won’t be able to interact with all your followers. You won’t be able to establish relations with them. It’s humanly impossible when you reach certain numbers. What you can do is start making some friends. And my advice is to start with the most powerful ones.

If you manage to get closer to Chris Brogan and he sends out a favorable tweet about you then be sure to receive some traffic or some clients. If Gary Vaynerchuk says you’re ok then you’ll probably get 1k followers. The thing is that you should concentrate more on creating trust and less on followers.

Believe me: if you have 500 followers and they all click a link that you tweet then that’s influence. Why would you need 20k followers to get 400 clicks when you can have 500 that you interact with and exchange ideas and that can really help you and your business.

Now, I can’t stop people from following me. But what I can do is build a list with those that I really want to interact with. This way I won’t miss their tweets and it’s also easier to interact with them. It’s up to you how do you choose to act on Twitter but if you are not a VIP in your field you’ll have a big job convincing everyone how great and trust worthy are you.

As a conclusion: I agree to plan what you’ll do on Twitter but I also say this: concentrate more on building trust and brand and awareness. Because it’s going to be harder to do it on Twitter where there are few hundreds if not more like you providing quality tweets related to your market.

Let me know what you think about this. What is your point?

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