Skin Tag Removal – Get the Facts About Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Skin Tag Removal – Get the Facts About Getting Rid of Skin Tags

What are skin tags? When you learn what they are and how they affect your health, only then will you be able to make a more informed decision on how to proceed with skin tag removal. I’ll show you what causes them and some of the methods you can use to get rid of them if you suffer from them.

A skin tag is just a small growth of skin that presents itself on your normal skin tissue. The medical term for this condition is acrochordons. The majority are harmless and non-malignant and usually appear without any symptoms that might be associated with cancerous skin abnormalities. A small tissue of skin called a stalk, also known as peduncles, are how they attach to your skin. These stalks are only a few millimeters thick.

Most of the time the colorization is the same or similar to your surrounding skin tissue, but it could be slightly darker in color. Usually you’ll see skin tags in armpits, near eyelids, around the neck, under the breasts, or in groin areas or skin folds where there might be frequent abrasion.

Although common, there are several factors that medical researchers have found that might trigger skin tags. In obese people, the excessive skin folds could cause an increase in the tags. The same reasoning applies to pregnant women. They are also found more often in older people as well as women more often than men. Heredity has also been associated with them as they could be passed down from one generation to the next.

Almost all skin tags are benign and they don’t affect most people’s health, so the majority of people just tend to live with them. In cases where a person has multiple skin tags, especially in one main area of their body, it would affect the appearance of the person and many times this leads to lower self-esteem and withdrawing from social interaction due to the embarrassment.

In addition to the aesthetic value of skin tag removal, there are other reasons for wanting to get rid of them. Since they often occur under folds of skin, whether on a neck, back, or other area where there are large folds of skin, the abrasion or friction from the skin tag can be irritating to the skin tag sufferer. If it interferes with normal functioning, then skin tag removal would be more of a necessity than just something nice to have.

Skin tag removal can be done in many ways. Your doctor should be able to provide several options such as freezing the tag and stalk, burning it off through cauterization, or even tying it off and cutting the blood supply to it so it will die over a matter of weeks. You can also have your doctor cut it off, but there is no guarantee that it won’t grow back. Most people opt for a more natural solution when seeking a cure, and these methods are usually painless, cheaper, and can be effective in just a matter of days.

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