Removing Skin Tags At Home

Removing Skin Tags At Home
Skin tags are little bits of skin that protrude from the surface. Made up of blood and excess tissue, skin tags often show up around the face, neck and upper chest, although they can appear anywhere on the body.

While skin tags are a nuisance and not very attractive, they are relatively harmless. Removing these unwanted skin protrusions can be done at home.

Most pharmacies sell over the counter skin tag remedies that you can apply yourself. These formulas dry freeze the affected area, killing off the tissue and stopping the blood circulation. After a few applications, the dead skin tag disappears. Using this type of solution is generally safe, but you should be careful not to get any of the freezing onto other areas of your skin, as it may cause discolouration, pain or damage to healthy skin.

Very small skin tags are often removed by accidental scratching. Scratching off a loosely attached tag isn’t recommended as it can be painful and the broken skin might become infected.

There is one folklore remedy that has been used for ages that is a highly effective method to remove skin tags. Much the same way that freezing formulas can stifle and kill off the tissue, you can do this yourself by tying off the tag.

Using a thin piece of clean string, tie it around the base of the skin tag, where the tag meets the skin. Pulling it as tightly as possible, this will cut off the blood flow the skin tag needs. Without the blood flow, the tag itself will die and simply fall off in a few days.

Skin tags can be an embarrassing and unsightly blemish, especially when they appear on the face. However, there is no reason you have to live with them. Removing these marks is an easy, quick and pain-free way to boost your appearance and your self confidence.

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