Removal of Skin Tags Got You Spooked? You Have Options!

Removal of Skin Tags Got You Spooked? You Have Options!

Skin tags are small protruding skin segments attached to your body that can grow anywhere with the most common areas being the chest, neck and armpits. Skin tags can show up on anyone but are generally found in middle aged women with weight gain and older geriatric adults.

If you have been thinking about the removal of your skin tag and the associated pain you may feel, you have some options to choose from.

Removing a skin tag can be accomplished by a physician using several options; freezing, amputation using a scalpel or electro surgery, which uses electrical current to burn the tag off the skin. In many cases individuals can remove the skin tag at home, but are hesitant to do so due to the perceived pain and bleeding issues that may arise.

Essentially the process for removing the tag yourself can be done in a few easy steps:

Tie dental floss around the bottom of the skin tag. You may have to pull it away from the body to get at the bottom of the stalk.
Clean the area sufficiently with alcohol or peroxide to minimize infection
Use Toenail clippers as the device to remove the tag. Clean this with alcohol as well.
Numb the area with a bag of ice or something equally as cold. This will dull any sensation prior to the surgery
Using the toenail clippers, remove the skin tag.
Have a styptic pencil or towel ready to apply if some bleeding occurs.

If you feel self surgery is not for you, another remedy may be more your style. Of course, it will take longer to see the reduction in size but does not require clippers.

A mixture of castor oil and baking soda can be combined together to make a paste. Apply the mixture to the site several times a day for 2 weeks. The tag will eventually begin to shrivel up and disappear. Using an over the counter wart or skin tag remover might also be an effective treatment but may take several days or weeks before it fully disappears.

As you can see, there are several options in the removal of skintags that you can choose from and truly depends upon your preference and amount of time you are willing to devote to the process.

Even though Skin Tags are not dangerous, they can be embarrassing to look at and get caught in jewelry and clothing. Removal of Skin Tags can be relatively painless and easy to do. Either way, you can take care of them through natural means or self surgery and move on from those awkward stares.