Personalized Hang Tags For Your Door

Personalized Hang Tags For Your Door

Hang tags are hanged from an item. You can find hang tags on doorknobs, clothes, or even walls. If you need the hand tags, you can create them by your own at home. You do not need go to the commercial copy shop and pay the cost.

Do it for free by creating the hang tags in your home. You just need the right programs on your computers, cardboards or the cover stock paper, and printer with good quality. You will not face any problem in creating the hang tags. Before you start the process, you can prepare some things like the layout or the graphic design program, glossy cover stock paper or the cardboard, and a printer.

The first thing to do is laying out the hang tag file in the program according to your choice. To create the hang tags, you can use the graphic program like the Adobe photo shop. Another program you may use is the Quark Xpress or the Microsoft word. Open the program and you can start the process by taking the size for your hang tag. You need to size the tag according to your needs. When you want to create the hang tags for the clothes, you need the size about 1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. For the door, you will need 6 inches wide and 1 foot tall sizes.

You have to draw the circle at the tag’s top where you can punch the hole for hanging the tag. The hole should be a quarter inch for the diameter if you use the tag for the cloth tag. On the other hand, for the door tag, you should make the hole with 3 inches diameter. It should be larger than the doorknob.

After you finish your design, you can save it as the TIF file with 300 dots per inch resolution. You can open the layout program and set your design so it will suit with the sheet ranges with the standard sheet sizes. Next, you should insert the TIF file to your document. Do not forget to add the thin gray border around the tag. You can copy the tag image and paste it to your document. It is better for you to fill the page with many designs so the sheet will fit on one sheet.

You need to double-check your design to find any errors. After you feel satisfied, then you can print the tags on 100 pound glossy cover stock or the cardboard stock paper. Use the cutting tools or X-acto knife according to the border lines.

The aspect which also affects the result of your printouts is the cartridge. If your cartridge is broken, you will not get good result. It is better for you to find the replacement. You can try refurbished ink cartridges. You may find other cartridges on computer ink cartridges