Link Building Tips – How Low Quality Link Building Can Hurt Your Quest For Higher Rankings

Link Building Tips – How Low Quality Link Building Can Hurt Your Quest For Higher Rankings

A lot of people don’t know the danger inherent to link building properly!  There’s so many ways to make all your efforts at obtaining backlinks amount to nothing gained for your sites rankings-wise.

First off there’s the over-linking factor which means that getting too many sites pointing back to yours in too short of a time span.  It’s far better to focus on the amount of content you publish on yours sites and also to spend more time producing quality content.  It’s the content that’s going to make people stay on your sites longer, and it’s the content itself that will convert your website traffic into buyers, subscribers, or loyal blog readers. 

The other danger is relying too much on getting backlinks from low-quality directories via site submissions.  Site submissions and directory submissions aren’t really going to provide wondrous results for your sites because those links are easily obtained via a bit of manual labor, and they’re all just basically link farms with tons of outgoing links on each page in their categories.  There’s no real link juice being providing by these directories and there’s definitely not much in the way of varying anchor text being provided either.

You have to remember the age-old rule to ranking well in the search engine.  If rankings are so easily obtained, then everyone would be ranking well, and that’s impossible to do, because there’s only a set amount of sites that get displayed on the front page of search engine search results.

As time goes on and technologies develop, the search engines change the rules to remain viable solutions to advertisers and search engine users, so they will change the rules frequently.  This is a good business practice for them because their business is in providing the best quality search results to their users, or those users will go elsewhere.

So it all comes back to providing the search engines and your web traffic what they’ve always wanted, and that’s good quality, unique content in volume.  To increase website traffic, you just need to provide more of what the search engines and target audience wants, and yes, it’s really that simple.

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