Keeping Your Dog Safe With Identification Tags and Microchip Identification

Keeping Your Dog Safe With Identification Tags and Microchip Identification

Several pets each year find their way to shelters and without proper identification it is very difficult for the shelters to locate their owners. Supplying your pet with proper identification will enable shelter personnel to contact you and return your beloved pet to its home. Even the best trained pets can find their way outside to roam free. Open windows and doors offer a tempting escape to your pets outside surroundings.

Identification tags and Microchip identification registry markers are two ways of preventing loss or theft of your cherished pet. ID badges are easily obtainable, there are several identification vending machine located in popular pet stores that offer you multiple options in the material used to make your tag and the size you desire. You can also order ID labels online at various websites. Keeping in mind that these identifiers are not permanent, they can easily fall off and get lost or even be replaced by someone who has found your perfect pet.

Microchip Identification provides permanent record of your pet. Microchip registry markers are an electronic chip that is embedded under your pet’s skin. They are administered like a shot and are about the size of a granule of rice. Most Shelters and Veterinarians have scanners onsite, which will enable them to read your pet’s electronic microchip marker. Several companies offer you the opportunity to register your pet’s electronic microchip at a reasonable price. Additionally, there are several websites that offer pet owners the option to register their pet’s permanent microchip identification label online.

It is becoming more popular for dog breeders to place electronic microchip registry markers in their puppies before they venture to their new homes. It is essential to be proactive in making sure each puppy has a strong and secure future with their new families!

Ensure a long and happy relationship between you and your adored pet. Go the extra mile and have your pet permanently micro-chipped and provide them with an badge to display on their collar or harness. In the event that you move; remember to keep the contact information current. Taking a few extra minutes out of your day to update your pet’s information can make all the difference!