Internet Marketing Course ? How to Get Unlimited Backlinks for Free

Internet Marketing Course ? How to Get Unlimited Backlinks for Free

There are many ways to get backlinks, and some of the most effective ones are unfortunately not free.  That’s why Google is making a very decent income out of its Adsense program. Apart from paid traffic though, there are other good and free avenues to generate backlinks that are essential for the promotion of your website or blog.

My way to go about getting free backlinks is by posting to high quality websites or blogs. Perhaps you may have already heard of this approach, but there are a couple of tips to consider if you really want this approach to work.

To begin, I want to introduce “PageRank” if you have not heard of this term. Simply Google this tool and have it added to your default browser. A PageRank is simply a tool that rates the popularity of the site. The higher the number, the more visibility the particular webpage has in the books of the Search Engines. When you make a post on a blog or website with at least a PageRank of 5 and above, you can be sure that the end result is a good surge of internet traffic over to your website.

Here are the steps to getting unlimited free backlinks:

Find high PageRank Blogs manually

First, download and enable the PageRank tool on your browser. Next, do a blog search on your particular niche. For example, do a search on “Blogger Search” to locate the search tools for Blogger, then enter your search that pertains to your niche, say dog training. A huge list of dog training related Blogger blogs will now appear, with their respective PageRank numbers.

Filter those related blogs with high PageRanks

Click and browse through those blogs with high PageRanks and check if you could post a comment on the blog. You may then repeat the same for WordPress blogs.

If you do not want to perform the above steps manually, consider a Blog search software called Blog Commenting Demon. This tool is not free, but it is a great software that searches through all the major blog providers like Blogger and WordPress and filter out all the related blogs pertaining to your niches with the PageRank numbers arranged from the highest to the lowest. This means you can let the software run through a few thousands (or tens of thousands of blogs) out there and filter out the most popular ones for the purpose of posting to those sites.

Leave your links

When you post to the top blogs you have selected, always leave your links. You can either do this by typing out your web address directly, or use a html coding. It really depends on the format of the particular blog you are commenting on to decide which to use.

A tactful way of leaving your link is to code it within your signatory.

Now, I am not asking you to waste hours upon hours to comment on hundreds of blogs. Specifically, I am suggesting that you leave your links only on related blogs with high PageRanks. This is a very targeted way of generating good backlinks to your website that are extremely valuable.

Get Educated. Market Smart!

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