Hubpages Can Help Us Make Money – But By How?

Hubpages Can Help Us Make Money – But By How?

Hubpages is an online writing platform allowing you to make money from building back links to your main websites. This thing happens thanks to the high rate of Hubpages within the search engines, together with the higher ranking of any article called a hub.


There are several different ways that you can make money writing for them, and that is with Google AdSense, Kontera, eBay and Amazon. When you first start with them, your numbers may be small, but they will grow as time goes on if you do not give up.


Publish Great Content Regularly


In order for you to make a significant amount of money with Hubpages you will need to write a lot of high quality hubs that others will want to read. Otherwise you will not be able to make any money. Great content will help you to get a lot of subscribers. Hubpages sends out emails to all of your subscribers to let them know that you have published a new hub. Therefore the more subscribers that you have, the more views you will get, and thus the more money you will make.


You should get in the habit of writing and publishing a Hub on a regular basis, as this will ensure that you are climbing the ladder, even if only at a slow pace.


Building Back Links


Once you have published your hub, it is up to you that you get the word out and build some back links. Yes, hubs will naturally rank high in the search engines, but you also need back links if you want them to climb to the top.


Leaving Comments and Profile Page


Hubpages is a community of writers where you can interact with others, read their hubs and give feedback by rating the hubs or leaving a comment. Every time you leave a comment you are building a back link to your profile page. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you optimize your profile page.


Basically when someone comes to see your profile page, you want to send your reader to one of your hubs, your website or another piece of writing that you have online. In addition, any links that you have coming from this page will count as a back link, therefore if you do not optimize this page, then you are missing out on traffic.


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