How to Win Love Back – Do Not Follow Your Instincts

How to Win Love Back – Do Not Follow Your Instincts

One might think the natural thing to do when contemplating how to win love back would be to pursue the ex relentlessly, particularly if you are a man. Men have a natural instinct to catch the “one that got away” if, for no other reason that to assuage that primal hunter instinct. Prey that gets away must be recaptured.

However, this is the last thing the woman in this situation needs. Whatever the cause of the break up, the emotional roller coaster is a miserable ride for the woman and she needs time to calm herself. With calm comes rational thinking. With rational thinking will come the remembrance of what was good about the relationship.

Painful memories will not go away if you are constantly there, reminding her of what was wrong about the relationship. This is a tough concept for some men to understand, but hopefully, an evolved man who truly wants to win love back can grasp this concept and give the woman the space she needs.

When a relationship comes to a screeching halt, take care not to pester the woman, if you really want to get her back. Don’t call her, don’t use email or text messaging to try and keep in contact with her. In fact, wait for her to reach out to you.

You’re probably thinking there’s a chance she won’t ever call. This is not very likely, as women generally always need to get closure on strong issues. If you have been pestering her, she knows she won’t get the closure she needs because all you will want to talk about is getting back together. But if you do not contact her, she’s going to wonder what the heck you are doing. She will be fraught with the worry that you really don’t care and her need for closure will prompt her to make contact to find out.

When she does make contact, she’ll probably ask why you haven’t called. Let her know that you were trying to give her the space she needed to clear her head of the chaos you caused, that you knew she needed. She’ll be amazed at your thoughtfulness. Let her know that you greatest desire is to reunite with her, but that you want to do it on her terms. She’ll be dumbstruck because that is the last thing she will be expecting.

The act of walking out (assuming the break up decision was hers) was meant as a warning to you that something is seriously wrong. In all likelihood, she had been trying to tell you something was wrong beforehand, but, for some reason, you did not get the message. Her demonstration of walking out surely opened your eyes and ears. Now use your talents to really listen to what she has to say, that is, if you truly hope to win love back.

Sometimes, women do things like this for other reasons, and ones that are not so great. Some women like to mess with their guy’s head, playing games that unsettle him. If yours is a game-plting woman, you may want to really take sometime to consider whether this is a person from whom you really want to win love back. These kinds of antics are tiresome and will wear on you.

But, for whatever reason she walked out, it is still better to let her contact you when the time is right to start mending the relationship. You actually gain control in this way, because whe will be asking questions and you we have the opportunity to express exactly how much you wan to win love back withoiut chasing her away.

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