How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

How to Promote Your Business Through Social Networking Sites

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking was born alongside Web 2.0, also known as interactive, dynamic websites that promote or operate as social networks. It consists of many types of websites-social and dating sites like My Space, interactive sites with games like Facebook, sites for photography and film-lovers such as Flickr, and networking sites like Multiply and Friendster, to name a few.

Social Networking also includes the use of bookmarking sites like, Digg, and Furl, which allow users to share their personal favorites or bookmarks with others. The users then attach tags to the sites that they have bookmarked, making it easy for other users to locate the sites that they would like to visit. All they do is use the tags instead of using search engines.

Other versions of Social Networking include blog sites such as LiveJournal, WordPress, and These sites, among many others, offer a launching pad for bloggers who wish to share their thoughts with the world.

Other sites such as YouTube and BlogTalkRadio offer streaming services for members who wish to share their skills, talents and stories with the world wide web.

How Useful Is Social Networking to Your Business?

Let me sum that up in two words-building networks. Essentially, it means that you can build up a client base simply by signing up for an account in these networks. You meet a lot of people, hobnob with them virtually in cyberspace, you get to develop business contacts and in the long run gain a client base that your competitors would envy, if they still haven’t discovered the many uses of Web 2.0. You get to do all that without leaving the comforts of your home or office.

These days, social and dating sites are no longer limited to personal relationships. Most of the time, people sign up to engage in business affairs and exchange contact details while marketing their respective products or services. People post pictures of their products and company-related brochures. They post videos from their video marketing campaign.

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