How to Get Your Twitter Followers to Become Raving Fans

How to Get Your Twitter Followers to Become Raving Fans

With regards to Twitter, and other social media platforms, one thing that has been proven time and time again, is that raving fans will be interested in just about anything that you have to offer.

Fans are more likely to buy from you and most importantly of all, they will tell their friends about you.

There are some guidelines as to what you should not do on Twitter. If you do these things, you will scare followers away.

• Do not be a master pitcher where all you do is sell, sell, sell.
• Be sure to offer value. If you never give value you will lose followers.
• Don’t spam your followers’ in boxes with your products and services day in day out.
• Don’t be repetitive, talking about the same thing all the time.
• Religion and politics must be delivered in balance.

On a more positive note, the following methods will enhance your relationships with your followers, causing them to develop into raving fans:-

• Be interesting and engaging. Let your personality shine through.
• Give tremendous value every day. Use sites like Digg and How to do things, and post items that are interesting and helpful.
• If people find you amusing or entertaining this will cause them to want to hear more from you.
• Be enlightening, empowering and entertaining.

If you implement the suggestions above, your followers will become addicted to what you are going to say next and they will anticipate your tweets.

People will become your fans if they find that they have something in common with you.

Ultimately, there is an order of flow in every aspect of social media, and so this applies to Twitter as well.

To turn your followers, or connections into money:

• First, get their attention: write a catchy biography.
• Second, build credibility: by giving value, write Ezine articles, do videos and more.
• Third, bond and connect: direct them to your personal blog, photos and stories about you.
• Fourth, monetize and convert: sell them affiliate products, promote your business, make deals and find partners, connect with other leaders and top producers in the industry.

If you consistently adhere to these guidelines, you will definitely see results.

Melanie Phillibert
Internet Consultant and Trainer and Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant