How to Gain Quality Followers – Twitter

How to Gain Quality Followers – Twitter

One of the misconceptions of using Twitter for marketing and advertising for business is the thought that you need to add as many people to your list of followers as possible. When in fact you should be aiming for a larger number of quality followers that will pay attention to what you are putting out there. You can have 10,000+ followers on your Twitter account pretty easily. But would you rather have 10,000 followers that ignore your tweets and remain silent for you or 1,000 that follow your tweets, your links and tell all their friends about you?

Let’s face it. We all know the old saying that time is money. And how true that old statement is when it comes to marketing and advertising? Twitter can be a gold mine for the picking. The perfect customer base. If you have the right combination of people following your account. If those people are sorted out correctly, you have just hit the jackpot. If they aren’t, then you just wasted a lot of time and money.

So how do you acquire quality followers that are worth the time that it takes to find them and get them to follow you? It’s not as hard as you would think and I’m going to tell you what to do and what not to do to accomplish this.

Never, never, NEVER use a follower bot on Twitter! I can not stress this enough. These follower bots are never free and aren’t worth the money that companies are charging for them. Why? Because if you are looking for quality, a bot can not deliver, plain and simple. It is perfect for acquiring a large number of followers who will probably never read your tweets. But we aren’t looking for quantity. We are looking for quality that will result in sales and that are worth your time.

Follower bot users are people who are charging you for a shotty shortcut service to just add numbers to your account. If you are expecting real results, never allow the use a bot for adding on Twitter. If you are hiring someone to add followers, ask the bot question and if they do use one then don’t buy from them. Your account will be filled with you following an extremely large number of companies and spammers and your follow backs will be exactly what you are following. Junk followers.

To add quality followers you MUST do it by hand. It goes much quicker than you would think and gives you the opportunity to skip over undesirable candidates. If someone hasn’t tweeted in a month, more than likely they are an inactive account that you don’t want to follow. If you are wanting to market to people, you don’t want to attempt to add a big name celebrity, a casino or a Forex trader. Chances are that they either will not follow you back or if they do, they will pay no attention to your tweets because they are trying to do the same thing that you are.

The accounts that you do want to follow are those that have tweeted recently and appear to be interested in your niche. Go down the line and follow those accounts. Grab the ones that have a photo and engage others in conversation. Those are the people that pay attention to other’s tweets and that’s what you are looking for. That individual IS a quality follower and you want them following you!

Stay away from “Follow Back” titled Twitter accounts. These accounts are geared toward people who are just looking to gain followers. Quantity, not quality. And that’s not what you are looking for.

It can be frustrating and confusing for beginners who are just getting into marketing and sales by using Twitter. For this reason, there are people out there who will do the follower building for you. If you decide to go this route, be sure to stay away from follower building services that use bots. Don’t be afraid to ask about the service because if you aren’t careful, you will end up paying for a lot of followers who never read your tweets. And that’s like paying to shout down an empty hallway. The message is there, but no one’s listening and your wallet is lighter because of it.

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