How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Still Likes Me – 8 Signs

How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Still Likes Me – 8 Signs

How can i tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me? Many women who have went through a break up find themselves asking this questions. Usually is because they are still in love with their ex boyfriend or at least they care for him in some way. If this question happens to be on your thoughts some times, Then it is time that you to look for tale-tell signs that your ex man still does like you. It is hard to tell if someone likes you especially if he is the kind of person who wouldn’t normally show it. Some men can naturally do or say things that reflect what they feel or think about you. If a man likes you or is interested in you, especially an ex boyfriend, He may not show you directly.

Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You

He calls you more often than usual -An ex boyfriend that likes you will always keep in touch
He always wants to see you. If he still likes you, he can ask you to hang out with him or recommend you go to a favorite place that he knows you like
Often asks about your well doing -Watch out for this one. If he still likes you, He will often ask friends and family about you
He is concerned about you -This is a sign that he still cares about you. If he doesn’t like you, He wouldn’t be concerned about what is going on with you
Another way to tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you is if he is all of a sudden too nice and kind to you. This is especially true if he is the kind that used to be mean to you
Does he always talk positive about you? Does he give you compliments and tell you how a nice person you are? This may be a  sign that he still likes you
He flirts with you when he is around you or when you are having a conversation with him on the phone
He brings up up the sweet moments of the past that you used to have together

These are some of the signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you. Now I want you to be careful now to push him away if you are interested in getting him back. There are many other signs to look for but if he is portraying most of the signs mentioned above, Then he does like you. Get more information by visiting signs he wants you back.

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