Hang Tags For Jewelry

Hang Tags For Jewelry

Putting hanging tags on your handcrafted jewelry is a good way of showing your effort at making them, whether they are for selling or for giving to mates. You can put the name of your business, your complete name as its owner, contact information, and other vital details. This is one good technique for a potential buyer to contact you easily. Some hang tags that are frequently used are business cards, rubber stamps, computer cards, and printed basic cards. If you also sell jewellery supplies like handmade glass beads then put all the beads in a packet and tie your tag to the packet, that way you can still give your contact data to your customers. As a start up jewelry business finding a good sales rep might not be a concern now for you due to budget issues, so at this stage hang tags are your sales representative. If budget is a controversy they do not need to be fancy so long as you are getting you name out there as a jeweler.

Hang tag business cards are frequently utilized by beginners not only in the jeweler’s field but also in some other fields of home businesses. You can create your own hang tag business card by cutting a thick card stock into whatever shape you want to create. Paste your business card on top of the card and use needles to punch a hole. Some crafters punch holes immediately through their business cards and hang the jewellery from them. This is a good cash saving tip in customizing your little business.

Another option is to use rubber stamps. If you’d like to hang your handcrafted finished earrings from this rubber stamp, you can use a straight pin to punch holes through them. There are some very nice stamps that have different designs. However, be careful when using stamps to add designs on your tags because there are now tons of stamps that have copyright restrictions. However naturally there are still those that you can use for free.

you may use your PC to form a card from a word program. You’ll need some perforated business card paper. You can choose from a huge collection of designs and colors. Just obey the directions on your word processing program when printing out the cards. This can work out extraordinarily expensive if you’re going to be making hundreds of cards, the cost of the paper and ink will not be worth it. Printers offer extraordinarily cheap cards acquired in bulk.

If you want to make your work simpler and faster, you can try the printed basic cards. Just go to the closest printing press and have your next group of cards printed. However, before going there and having your cards printed, make sure that you have included all the obligatory info to prevent any delay.
Far too many people worry about the best way to overcome the downside of selling hand-crafted crafts, the major downside for most of the people is that they do not get enough sales to continue their business ; hang tags are an inexpensive acceptable way of guaranteeing new and repeat customers.

Being organized is important to the success of your business and if you are looking for help getting more organized then our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to help. We have some free jewelry business tools and a jewelry book book that will help you improve your jewelry business.