Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags

Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags
Businesses can use hang tags to help them achieve their marketing goals. When a company feels that their product line needs a little push in the right direction, project a certain image or they want to promote a special sale, hang tags are one of the tools that should come to mind. Done correctly, hang tags can help you to attract attention, inform your customer about your products and project your brand image all in a matter of seconds.

The success of hang tag marketing lies on the design. A good hang tag design can inform the consumers what they can expect from the product. Is the product made from quality material? Is it perfect for a certain demographic? Is there a special promo that comes with the purchase? Anything you want to tell your customers, you put it on the hang tag. To make the most of your tags, take into account the following design tips:


Utilize a concept for your hang tag. This will provide your marketing efforts some necessary focus. Are you promoting a type of lifestyle? It could be trendy or classy. For example, you could target upscale customers by emphasizing status or elegance in your marketing. Do you want to add value to your tag? You may incorporate a promotional idea into your tags by adding a tear-out portion that can be used as a discount coupon.


Make your logo shout! This is one of the most important elements in your hang tag design you can even have it use up an entire side. Ideal for branding, hang tags should put your logo in front of people. Even at a glance, your customers should immediately associate the image in your hang tag with your products. An attractive logo can help you achieve that effect.

Colors and typesets

Colors and typesets can help tell your story. But remember that your graphic elements should match the overall concept. For example, bright colors and cartoony graphics might work for effectively with children’s clothing. Avoid cluttering your design with lots of texts, otherwise your hang tags would only end up as unnecessary eyesores. If you can, design a folded hang tag if you still need to add more information and to make the layout more manageable


Remember to keep the copy simple and clear. A hang tag is not a brochure, it cant contain long-winded messages. Just include the most important things, like product information, care details, etc. Again, your hang tags should not be cluttered.

Your hang tags have three important goals to accomplish. First it should attract attention. Then it should inform the customer what they need to know about your product. And finally, it needs to project a brand image. Different kinds of products need different hang tags yet these goals are constant. Your challenge is to create an engaging design that fits whatever product your company is marketing. An effective hang tag design conveys your goals to promote your brand and drive your sales. Stand out from the competition by keeping in mind these tips when designing your hang tags.

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