Equis Metastock Is A Simple Yet Powerful Trading Software

Equis Metastock Is A Simple Yet Powerful Trading Software

One of my favorite technical analysis software that I use on a daily basis is Equis Metastock. This is a pretty god, stable and decent software that does have its flaws, like any other software, but that I believe is a good choice and a good fit-all solution. The software is customizable to suit all your needs and to show you exactly what you would like to see not adding too much unwanted info on the same window.

I have tested many softwares and each has its own characteristics, advantages and flaws. I do believe that Metastock is not the best and most powerful software there is. I believe Metatrader, for instance, is much more powerful software that will allow top users to customize the software as much as they want it, create complex indicators and do some back testing on their systems. But all this powerful customization comes with a price: learning curve.

Metastock is limited in some ways but not as limited to not let you create a few indicator of your own. Besides that, if offers in one single and easy to learn programming language to create custom indicators, expert advisors, explorer runs (to search among various stocks which ones are behaving the exact pre-defined setup that you want to follow) and many more. In Metastock, you can create a simples moving average for instance, with a single command line and later embed it in any other custom indicator of your choice.

I have been using Metastock for quite a while now and like I said, this software has its strengths and its flaws. I believe that Metastock will fit your needs if you are searching for smart software that allows you to customize the interface, indicators, perform some back testing easily but with a limited array of options. Then later on if you feel that the software is hindering your progress, you might move on and buy a more specialized software.

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