Dog Tags – Why the Military Uses Them

Dog Tags – Why the Military Uses Them

Dog tags are what the military uses to identify the soldiers. When a soldier is wounded or dies in battle anyone who finds the soldier knows who they are. If they are hurt then they are able to get the right medical treatment. There is no guessing on their blood type. On the dog tags not only does it state the soldiers name but it also has their blood type and the vaccines that they have had. When a soldier has a medical condition they also have a red tag. The red tag will state their medical condition.

The soldiers are required to wear the tags at all times. these tags are made so that they can easily be broken in two pieces. The reason that the military need them to break apart so easy is because one of the tags is left on the body. They might leave one on the body when they are not able to recover the body right away due to battle conditions. The other soldiers will bring the other dog tag with them. One of the dog tags is worn on a long chain around the neck. The second tag is on a much smaller chain and that one is attached to the first chain.

Another way that the military is able to identify the soldiers is with “meat tags”. Meat tags are dog tag tattoos that they tattoo onto their torso. This kid of identification is growing great popularity. This type of tags is a good way to identify the body when the body is unrecognizable.

Dog tags were not always used they really didn’t get used until World War II. Before that soldiers used to stenciled identification on their knapsacks or they scratched it into the soft lead backing of their Army belt buckle. They would also pin paper notes with their name and home address to the backs of their coats. They did this during the American Civil War.

Then manufactures saw a market in making identification badges. Those badges had pins on the dog tag lets you know what branch of the military that person is in. They would also engrave the soldier’s name and unit. The tags that were machine stamped are made out of brass or lead. They had a hole on one side that usually had an eagle or a shield and it also had a phrase. The different phrases were “War for the Union” or “Liberty, Union, and Equality.” and on the other side of the tag it would have their name and unit and sometimes it would list the different battles that the soldier was in.

Dog tags are very important in the military it comes in handy for many reasons. It can save a persons’ life.

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