Custom Name Tags To Encourage Networking

Custom Name Tags To Encourage Networking
Using the Internet to shop around or indeed source items for a party or an event is a really cost and time effective way of getting a good deal. You can spend about an hour online and get more information on the product or products that you require in that hour than you would from about six times that if you spent the time on the high street.

Therefore it’s a great place to source items; however there comes a time when you actually need to touch and see the product before you make the purchase. This generally applies to large-scale purchases or clothing, mainly because you need to have a level of confidence in your purchase when parting with money.

One of the items that you can happily pick up online is stationery and in particular small items for events, such as a pack of highlighter pens or markers. Then you can start to move into more customizable items such as custom name tags, these name tags are designed to allow the buyer the freedom to design and order a set of custom name tags that will suit their needs.

A perfect example of this would be when ordering a set of custom name tags for a networking event at a function room. Let’s say for example you are expecting roughly 350 guests, from 35 different companies within the same or from similar sectors. As you know from experience people from the same company tend to stay in their groups until after a few cocktails (or coffees) they venture into the crowd and start to chat with other guests. Sometimes it is better to let the mingling happen in a natural way, rather than force social interaction upon the group, however in this case you have chosen to do something different later on in the night once everyone has loosened up a bit. This is the reason that you have gone to so much trouble in sourcing and designing the custom name tags that everyone received on entry.

You specifically chose seven different colors to help separate out the groups from one another, taking five guests from each company and mixing them with another five. Using an additional numbering system that you added onto the custom name tags you were able to divide the groups up further to ensure that everyone in the room was talking to someone who they would not normally be in contact with, then you set them a task and allowed them the chance to get to know one another.

So, using the custom name tags allowed you to both break the ice but also establish new connections for the guests. Although it may have been a little forced, it was simply added in to make sure that people were pushed out of their comfort zones a bit more and actually got something more from the event itself!

So, a few simple clicks and 15 minutes online helped you to make the night a real success and the custom name tags provided the icing on the cake.

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