A Good Outlook For Building Backlinks

A Good Outlook For Building Backlinks

Poor quality backlinks is one of the hallmark mistakes that newer marketers tend to commit. So get as smart as you can about the matter of SEO and backlinks, and begin a solid and realistic plan of attack. Sure you can gain some traffic from the links themselves, but for the most part marketers only care about the backlink.

Google now places more relevance, and PR weight, to links that are one-way as opposed to the reciprocal kind from years ago. Here are some suggestions for building your links, and they are not rocket science either.

If you do this particular method the right way it will work well, and what you’ll do is find a way to create something like a widget or tool that other people will want to use on their websites or blogs. The net is just full of freelancing websites where you can outsource this task at very reasonably fees.

Start distributing this piece of code to other webmasters in your niche, with a credit link pointing back to your own website. The main reason you’ll do this is for the backlink from so many sites. There are dofollow and nofollow backlinks, the first one is best but it’s also best to mix them up. When you’re analyzing backlinks, it’s good to know that Google views some in terms of whether or not they pass more PR (page rank value) than others. The way it works is hyperlink code, created by the site owner or webmaster, will specifically state whether or not Google Page Rank is passed using dofollow/nofollow commands. Most marketers know those terms even if they don’t do SEO. Natural backlinking, or appearing to be natural, is more important than only getting dofollow links. You can find free tools that can check links for no/do follow.

The best backlinks are one-way with relevant anchor text, and just one method that some people use is to think of a really cool contest and announce it all over the place. It’s a remote chance, but if too many marketers pick this up, you may have way too many links back with identical anchor text, remote chance but possible.

So, if you want to rank in the engines, then just accept that you will have to do link building. Knowledge plus taking appropriate action is what will make the difference in your success.

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